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V. Mažeikienė "Media Literacy in Higher Education"


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Author: Viktorija Mažeikienė, Mykolas Romeris University

Published in: Education
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V. Mažeikienė "Media Literacy in Higher Education"

  1. 1. Media Literacy in Higher Education Viktorija Mažeikienė Mykolas Romeris University
  2. 2. Composite concept of media and information literacy (UNESCO Global Media and Information Literacy Assessment Framework)
  3. 3. Media literacy and media education Lithuania  Education Development Centre (Ugdymo plėtotės centras) projects, development of materials and teacher support  Integration of MIL elements in school programmes (Information Technologies, Ethics, Civic Education, Languages, Literature, Economics, etc.)  NGO Meno avilys (Media Education Centre) initiative Film at My School Spain  Explicit philosophical and conceptual foundation (endogenous and multidimensional education vision following P. Freire, A. Toffler, etc.)  Regional programmes and projects related to media education by regional governments  Joint initiatives among journalists and primary and secondary school teachers  Courses and seminars focusing on the development of media literacy at universities  The Spanish Open University UNED initiatives
  4. 4. What does it mean to be literate in contemporary society?  Changing preferences: Are books dead? Will image overcome text? Linear traditional texts vs. fragmentary multimodal new media texts  Informational overabundance: how does it affect our perception of the world and our learning?  Is there an inconsistency between knowing about the need for critical thinking and our practical use it of under the pressure of information overload? Why?