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E commerce and postal services


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E commerce and postal services

  1. 1. International Scientific ConferenceFrom Global Crisis to Economic Growth Which Way to Take? Slavko Đumić , Lidija Gligorić Republic Agency for Postal Services Republic of Serbia 20 th -22 th September 2012, Belgrade
  2. 2. The Trade Strategy of the Republic of Serbia key question “Does this mean only designing a framework for the development of electronic commerce in the country… …we trying to create special conditions for the dynamic development of electroniccommerce as an important factor of economic development in the future?”
  3. 3. Phase of electronic Phase of delivery ofordering and electronic ordered goods payment ESafety procedures, Guaranteeing delivery, C data protection... integrity of goods, Reverse goods flows O M M E - Law on electronic R commerce - Postal Services C - Law on Law electronic - Consumer E document Protection Act... -Law on electronic signature... TRUST IN E-COMMERCE
  4. 4. Action plan of European Commission on support todevelopment of electronic commerce from 11.01.2012 Present share of e-commerce of 3.4% in retail activities, should be doubled until the year 2015 BARRIERS TO -Prices for packages RECOMMENDATION!!! E-commerce: 2X higher than real; Regulatory pricing -For small and of deliveryUncertainty about laws medium enterprises even higher Suspicions about the reliability of payment system Prices -Responsibility for damaged, stolen or lost packets; Quality of service -Accessibility of services in delivery rural and remote areas
  5. 5. Universal postal service – services of public interest =set of postal services which are provided permanenty throughout the territory of the Republic of Serbia, within the prescribedquality, at the affordable prices and under equal conditions for all users, without discrimination... Postal items E – COMMERCERecorded postal items = Parcels up to 10 kg in SERVICES OF PUBLIC INTEREST domestic trafficParcels up to 20 kg in the international postal traffic State as the guarantee of Letter-mail in continuous and legally electronic form?! regulated performing
  6. 6. The network of public postal operator = PUBLIC GOOD!1500 facilities, all inhabited settlements in Serbia Solution for missing commercial,covered, linked by transport purchase-selling network... and information E-commerce = only effective “Network practical access”=everyone has the framework right to use public good= prevention of monopoly with stimulation of competition
  7. 7. UNIVERSAL POSTAL UNION – a specialized UN organization E-COMMERCE – essential component of the global strategy Over 70% public For development of postal operators e-commerce innovativeconsider e-services potentional is more as strategic important than economic wealth! E-commerce: 1.Belarus... Examples of e-commerce impact on 5.Tunisia.... packet delivery...Brazil, Ukraine... Australia - 36% profit increased in 2010. Germany - 70,4% profit increased in the third quarter in 2011. compared with the same period in 2010.
  8. 8. The problem of trust in e-commerceMost of the people SERBIA 15,3% The world average 26,4% can be trustedMost of the people The world average Western Europe SERBIA 14,6% want to use you 10,7% 5% Postal Services take the Fransis Fukuyama: Lack of social 4th place according to the trust of citizents, capital (trust) requires state just after the intervention in terms of regulation, firefighters, doctors even financial support sometimes and teachers PROMOTIIONAL CAMPAIGNS, BUT WITH E-COMMERCE - CREATION OF STIMULATING SERVICES OF INSTITUTIONAL FRAMEWORK PUBLIC INTEREST
  9. 9. Regulatory Body in Charge of E-commerce RATEL Concuil for the RAPUSRepublic Agency developement Republic for Electronic of E-commerce Agency for Cominications Postal Services The point is that such organization in one state agency would include all the regulatory (and we also suggest some surveillance) services related to e-commerce- starting from the phase of electronic ordering and payment through to final delivery of goods to the consumer
  10. 10. Slavko Đumić, Vice Chairman of the Board, Republic Agency for Postal Services,Republic of Serbia, e-mail: Lidija Gligorić, Senior Adviser, Republic Agency for Postal Services,Republic of Serbia, e-mail: