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Presentation about peripherals and ports.

Published in: Technology, Business
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  1. 1. Lucía Aparicio y Lidia Navarro.
  2. 2.  Definition  Output peripherals  Input peripherals  Communication peripherals  Storage peripherals  Ports  PS/2  USB port  Printer port  VGA port  Game port  WLAN port  Speakers, headphones, and microphones ports  Bibliography
  3. 3. In informatic , we called peripherals to auxiliaries devices and independent conected to central processing unit of one computer. The peripherals of a computer are these parts of hardware that may be inside of a box, and stored information as an auxiliary memory from main memory, or comunicate with other things. It is known to all peripheral devices that do not belong to the core of the computer (formed by the computer and the main memory) allow input and output operations , complementary to the data processing performed by the computer .
  4. 4. An output peripheralsis an electronic device able to print, display, or output signals that are easily interpretable by the user. Basically, an output device has the function to show the user the result of operations performed or processed by it. This means that by using the computer output device communicates and shows us the result of our work, and can easily observe through the monitor or printer, the two most commonly used output devices. There is also other output device, known as speakers or headphones. http://
  5. 5. The input peripherals are system components responsible for providing data to the computer, and without them it would be impossible to attempt any operation with it.        While today we can find many attempts to replace these devices, it is certain that the ease that these offer us for entry and manipulation of data are practically inimitable, and we have become so accustomed to its use will be impossible to dispose of them easily.
  6. 6. Its function is to enable or facilitate the interaction between two or more computers or between a computer and other external peripherals to the among them are the following: fax Modem, network card, wireless card, Bluetooth Card computer.
  7. 7. The storage peripherals are devices used to store data from either a temporary or permanent, which is to manipulate the computer and can not contain the main memory. In course of the last few years technology has evolved very quickly and there have been mass storage devices data.   External hard drive, CD-ROOM, DVD-ROOM. http://
  8. 8. Often referred to as the mouse port or keyboard port. The PS/2 port contains six pins and is still found on all computers today, however, is starting to be replaced by USB.
  9. 9. Unicommunicate and transfer information between electronical devices and you introduce it into the USB port to do it. The picture is an example versal Serial Bus, USB is an external device that of a USB cable being connected into the USB port.
  10. 10. A printer port, also known as a parallel port, is a hardware interface that hooks up peripheral devices, such as printers, to a central computer system. These ports were originally used to attach many different types of external devices to a computer, although the technology has largely been replaced by the universal serial bus or USB. Before the invention of USB devices, this port was the main form of parallel data transmission to peripheral components.
  11. 11. It is used between a computer and monitor for compatibility with earlier monitors and data projectors, laptop computers often include a VGA port, which was widely used on PCs. Is an analogic interface. VGA port VGA cable
  12. 12. The Game port is a port that is present on some PC hardware, and hardware similar to it. This port lets the connection of analog devices used to control computer games, such as joysticks.
  13. 13. Is a device that allows computer to connect to a wireless local network thought a router. You connect the wlan cable to the router and to the computer. Router Wlan port in a router
  14. 14. Speakers port: It is employed for various purposes, but is mainly used to increase and extend the reproduction of low frequencies. Also called loudspeaker port. Headphones port: is the receptor on an audio device that accepts the headphone plug. Its purpose is to provide an electrical contact between the media device and the headphones for transmitting an audio signal. They are output devices, meaning that the signal will only flow from the media device to the headphones. They cannot be used to transfer an audio signal back into the device. Microphone port: is a small port piece where the microphone jack is inserted. In most PCs, it located at the rear, next to the audio piece or in the front.
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