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Presentation made by a 1st ESO student. They have studied where animals live, what they eat, etc.

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  1. 1. Pandas By Noa
  2. 2. The giant panda or simply panda is a bear native to central- eastern China and southeast . It is easily recognise by its characteristic large black spots around the eyes , ears , and throughout his body.
  3. 3. Although the panda is considered a normally docile animal , are known attacks on humans, presumably because of irritation rather than predation. But that does not mean they are bad
  4. 4. PANDA ENDANGERED ▪ The panda is an endangered species that need protection. A 2007 report proof that there are 239 pandas living in captivity inside China and 27 others outside the country. The estimated wild population varies greatly ; an approach calculates that there are about 1,590 animals living in freedom.
  5. 5. DESCRIPTION The giant panda has a body typical of bears. The giant panda has black fur and white. The giant panda lives about 20 years in the wild and 30 years in captivity .
  6. 6. NUTRITION ▪ Although it belongs to the carnivore grup, the giant panda's diet is 99% bamboo shoots . The other 1 % of its diet include honey , eggs, shrub leaves(fulles d’arbust) , oranges and bananas.
  7. 7. This is the panda
  8. 8. END