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FIVA World Rally 2011


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It is with enormous pleasure that Automobilhistoriska klubben has been given the honour to host the FIVA World Rally 2011. Automobilhistoriska klubben is the oldest veteran car club in Sweden, founded in 1950. It all started with a group of 18 enthusiastic gentlemen, who wanted to preserve and save distinguished vehicles for the future. More on

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FIVA World Rally 2011

  1. 1. Photo Sergiusz Lach
  2. 2. Photo Bengt Lidforss
  3. 3. Photo Göran Flank
  4. 4. Photo Jimmy Nilsson
  5. 5. Photo AHK-Eskilstuna
  6. 6. Photo Bengt Lidforss
  7. 7. Photo AHK
  8. 8.