Virtual Surveillance Case Study


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Virtual Surveillance Case Study

  1. 1. Sentinel HASP Halts an Attack in Progress, Protecting Virtual Surveillance’s Hardware and Software Systems from Reverse-Engineering and Theft Case StudyVirtual Surveillance is one of only six companies worldwide licensed to sell surveillance equipment to Las Vegas andWashington state casino markets. Competing in such a highly aggressive industry, it is vital that the company protects itsproducts from reverse engineering. Initially, Virtual Surveillance used an in-house protection method, however they realizedthe need for a more robust method when they learned of a hack in progress. The company quickly implemented SentinelHASP and foiled the attack.The Back StoryVirtual Surveillance understands protection. The company provides Challengehardware and software protection to industries that require the When their in-house solution was not able to protect an attack inhighest levels of security and confidentiality, including government progress, Virtual Surveillance needed a new protection solution.agencies, medical facilities, hotels and casinos. Their intelligentvideo surveillance program contains software that analyzes video Solutionin real-time and creates alerts that address security threats before Virtual Surveillance chose Sentinel HASP to protect their globalthey escalate. When their own security was compromised, Virtual surveillance equipment from reverse-engineering.Surveillance realized the need for a new protection solution.The Business Challenge ResultsOriginally, Virtual Surveillance produced their copy protection in- Sentinel HASP was able to halt an attack in progress and save Virtualhouse. Their homegrown protection made it difficult to move the Surveillance costly license to a different machine, or to copy it. For instance, ifsomeone were to use one of the readily-available tools to spoof theMAC addresses of network cards, they could continuously re-use asingle software license key. Their worst fears became a reality whenVirtual Surveillance discovered a breach in security. Someone wasattempting to reverse-engineer both their hardware and softwareproducts.The SolutionThis attack led them to Sentinel HASP. Virtual Surveillance’ssoftware is spread across many different applications, each ofwhich is dependent on an ASP.Net web service used for sharingVirtual Sureveillance Case Study 1
  2. 2. media, such as video and snapshot images. This method enables “In the course of two days, HASP was able tothe synchronization of media across various machines and users, provide a time-critical, turnkey solution to enablerequiring an access code to obtain the information. us to protect our multi-million dollar investment inDue to the security requirements for these applications, having aclosed network is an absolute necessity. Creating a system using the casino surveillance market. By enabling us toHASP keys to protect the access to the ASP.Net web service, Virtual protect our software against piracy andSurveillance is able to create a single point of failure, rendering the reverse-engineering, HASP has provided us withother applications useless. The web service performed real-time more time for solving our customer’s problems,checks to the HASP key during each call. If the HASP key were notpresent, the key would throw an error to the client application, rather best-in-class value and priceless peace of mind.”than fulfilling the desired request. -Eric Burcham, Chief Technical Officer, Virtual SurveillanceWith no established procedure for protecting a web service witha HASP key, Virtual Surveillance was primarily concerned with Benefitsfunctionality. With the imminent threat of a hack underway, speed IP Protection: Sentinel HASP prevents reverse-engineering of codein implementation was of the essence. Through the help of their and offers robust anti-debugging and code obfuscation technology.SafeNet account representative, Virtual Surveillance spoke with a Functionality and Customer Service: HASP support technician’sHASP technician, who provided quick and simple instructions, along work with the customer to deploy a solution that meets theirwith a sample C# code for a Windows application example which they specific needs.were able to modify. With the Sentinel HASP key on their side, VirtualSurveillance was able to protect their software before the threat could Quick and Easy Implementation: Sentinel HASP’s quick and easymanifest itself into actual theft. implementation enabled Virtual Surveillance to foil a hack that was already in progress.Virtual Surveillance was also concerned that they would not gettheir keys encoded and on-site quickly enough to counter the About Virtual Surveillancethreat. Through the efforts of their SafeNet representative, they Virtual Surveillance designs and markets digital video surveillancereceived their HASP master key overnight and were able to send systems used for the surveillance and protection of multi-sitethe user keys to the field site before the hack succeeded. The entire operations. These solutions include Digital Video Recorders, orprocess, including learning of the threat, speaking to the account DVRs. Replacing traditional VCR recorders, DVRs provide DVD qualityrepresentative and technician, receiving the keys in Dallas, TX, recordings, tremendous amounts of storage for long-term archival,implementing the protection code and shipping the updated product and the ability to provide certifiable evidence for courtand key to Las Vegas, NV, lasted less than 48 hours. room situations.The Rewards The company also produces motion analytics software includingAfter less than two hours of development time and a quick on-site motion detection, digital tripwires, object left-behind or removedupdate, Virtual Surveillance was able to completely protect their detection, and much more. In addition, Virtual Surveillance providesmulti-million dollar development effort from a known attack that was integration with existing alarm systems and alarm triggeringunderway. The cost to them, had the hacker succeeded, would have capabilities based on any motion event detected in a video feed bybeen incalculable. its software. To learn more about Virtual Surveillance, visit:“The keys themselves,” noted CTO Eric Burcham, “cost a thousandpercent less than the time and effort we would have spent coding About SafeNetour own equally formidable protection, and manually generating and Founded in 1983, SafeNet is a global leader in information security.keeping track of activation keys for our customers.” SafeNet protects its customers’ most valuable assets, including identities, transactions, communications, data and software licensing,As a small company providing a highly specialized turnkey solution for throughout the data lifecycle. More than 25,000 customers acrossa rapidly changing and elitist market, Virtual Surveillance needed to both commercial enterprises and government agencies and in overprotect their assets. Burcham further stated, “HASP gave us the tools 100 countries trust their information security needs to SafeNet.necessary to fully protect our software, so we could focus more timeon our customer’s needs. Our total cost in protecting our multi-milliondollar development effort from a known threat was less than $300,including development time and overnight shipping both ways.” Contact Us: For all office locations and contact information, please visit Follow Us: ©2011 SafeNet, Inc. All rights reserved. SafeNet and SafeNet logo are registered trademarks of SafeNet. All other product names are trademarks of their respective owners. CS (EN)-07.20.11Virtual Sureveillance Case Study 2