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Inea cs en__v4_web

  1. 1. INEA Looks to Sentinel HASP SL to Protect its KIBERnet Systems within Virtualized Environments Case StudyWhen their homegrown system could not scale to protect their software, INEA moved to software-based licensing,SafeNet Sentinel HASP SL.Based in Slovenia, INEA was established in 1987 by the Jozef StefanInstitute (IJS). The company was founded to further the transfer and Challengeuse of research achievements by the Institute in the field of internal • As the company continued to grow, INEA found that theirenergy system management and industrial process control. homegrown solution was not effective in protecting their software applications, including their high-value KIBERnet System, andThe Back story began the search for a stronger, more flexible solution that couldAs the leading company in Slovenia in the field of industrial accommodate virtualized environments.automation, process computer control and manufacturinginformatics, as well as the industrial energy sector, INEA needed Solutiona solution to protect their high-value intellectual property. The • SafeNet Sentinel HASP SL provides INEA with the security theyorganization has completed more than 750 projects in the energy require in order to protect their software across four continents,sector, and has sold more than fifteen thousand portable computers while also giving them flexible license deployment.and several thousand pieces of automation equipment. INEA suppliessolutions and products to the majority of large Slovenian companiesincluding: Gorenje, Sava, Goodyear, Union Brewery, Acroni, Kolektor RewardsGroup and many more. • Following the implementation of Sentinel HASP SL, INEA saw a dramatic increase of licenses sold, due to added security. TheyThe company’s KIBERnet Systems remotely manages electricity were also able to meet customers’ needs, due to the solutionsconsumption and distributes generations across a network of flexibility in offering custom license models and virtualizedindustrial and commercial customer/generator sites to enable a protection.more information-based and responsive electricity transmissionand distribution network. This system is highly effective for themanagement of arising challenges in balancing supply and demand inthe electricity sector.INEA Looks to Sentinel HASP SL to Protect its KIBERnet Systems within Virtualized Environments Case Study 1
  2. 2. The Business Challenge “After evaluating several vendors, we foundAs INEA continued to expand into foreign markets, such as South SafeNet to have the most reliable solution withinEastern Europe, Japan, Austria, and Germany, it became moreapparent that their homegrown solution was not capable of virtualized environments, possessing the greatestprotecting their software applications. Meanwhile, looking to reduce number of features. With Sentinel HASP SL, we getcosts associated with purchasing and maintaining multiple physical the best licensing solution with the world’s bestmachines, the company sought to make the transition to virtualized protection against fraudulent use.”servers. However, realizing that virtualized environments areespecially susceptible to license tampering, INEA sought a third party -Aleš Bertalanič, Head of IT, INEA.licensing vendor. “After evaluating several vendors, we found SafeNetto have the most reliable solution within virtualized environments, About INEApossessing the greatest number of features,” said Aleš Bertalanič, The company INEA was established in February 1987 by the JozefHead of IT at INEA. Furthermore, the organization suspected that Stefan Institute (IJS). The company was founded as one of theit was losing revenue due to an insufficient level of protection, and Institution projects for furthering the transfer and use of researchbelieved that the Sentinel HASP SL solution would increase revenue, achievements of the Institute in the field of internal energy systemby increasing license compliance. management and industrial process control. The group of Inea’s workers has had references and market experiences ever since 1979. INEA was set up with the intention to operate as a permanentThe Solution partner of the Institute in the field of industrial process control andINEA made the decision to implement Sentinel HASP SL into their industrial energetics, however, the company has been in privatesoftware applications, including KIBERnet, for its robust level of property since June 1991. The present program of company’sprotection. With the ability to support virtualized hardware, INEA operations substantially exceeds the primary specifications. Theknew that software licensing keys were the perfect choice to scale of operations is increasing rapidly, and today INEA is the leadingprotect their solutions, while still supporting end users who did company in Slovenia in the field of industrial automation, processnot have USB ports. In addition, the Sentinel HASP SL solution computer control and manufacturing informatic, as well as in theprovided INEA with the flexibility to create custom licenses for industrial energy sector. For more information on INEA’s products,their customers. visit About SafeNetThe Rewards SafeNet has more than 25 years of experience in delivering innovativeSentinel HASP SL provided INEA with the highest level of protection and reliable software protection, licensing, and managementwithin virtualized environments, while still allowing for a flexible solutions to software and technology vendors worldwide.licensing model. Currently, INEA utilizes a perpetual licensing model Easy to integrate and use, innovative, and feature-focused, thestructure with additional checking of source code available with HASP company’s family of Sentinel® solutions are designed to meetRun-Time API calls. However, Sentinel HASP SL makes it easy to offer the unique license enablement, enforcement, and managementadditional licensing options in the future. requirements of any organization, regardless of size, technicalWith the many features that Sentinel HASP SL possesses, the requirements or organizational structure.organization received the protection they needed, while increasing Only with SafeNet are clients able to address all of their antipiracy, IPrevenue due to higher levels of license compliance. The ability to protection, license enablement, and license management challengesupdate licenses remotely was also an asset to a company with while increasing overall profitability, improving internal operations,customers located across the globe. maintaining competitive positioning, and enhancing relationships with their customers and end users. With a proven history in adapting to new requirements and introducing new technologies to address evolving market conditions, SafeNet’s more than 25,000 customers around the globe know that by choosing Sentinel, they choose the freedom to evolve how they do business today, tomorrow, and beyond. To learn more, visit: Contact Us: For all office locations and contact information, please visit Follow Us: ©2012 SafeNet, Inc. All rights reserved. SafeNet and SafeNet logo are registered trademarks of SafeNet. All other product names are trademarks of their respective owners. CS (EN)-03.08.12INEA Looks to Sentinel HASP SL to Protect its KIBERnet Systems within Virtualized Environments Case Study 2