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Xcitex Inc.

  1. 1. Xcitex Inc. Deploys SafeNet Sentinel HASP Case studyFrom Lab to Field Sentinel HASP Gives Mobility to Motion Capture & Analysis TechnologyBackgroundA leader in motion capture technology, Xcitex, Inc. needed secure Challengeprotection for their Emmy Award-winning motion-analysis software. • Ensure license compliance by protecting their high-value softwareFor the past six years, HASP has been securing Xcitex’s intellectual from piracy and unauthorized useproperty and enabling Xcitex to engage in vigorous try-before-buy • Maintain competitive market position by protecting their valuablesales and marketing strategies. intellectual property and trade secrets from reverse-engineering • Implement new business models and easily update softwarethe Business Challenge licenses in the fieldXcitex produces some of the world’s foremost motion capture andanalysis software. Xcitex products are used by research facilities,sports and biomechanics engineers, military test ranges and solutionautomotive crash facilities worldwide. In 2006, Xcitex engineers won • SafeNet Sentinel HASPan Emmy Award for Outstanding Innovative Technical Achievementfor their work with CBS Sports to analyze specific aspects of golftournaments: ball speed, club speed, ball spin rate, launch angle and Rewardsother parameters, which were then overlaid onto CBS’s video signal. • Increased sales: Protection against illegal use translates intoMore recently, the LEGS charitable organization selected Xcitex’s increased sales through legal useage.software for research on sophisticated prosthetic limbs. Sought • IP Protection: Sentinel HASP prevents reverse-engineering of codeby motion research institutions around the globe for its innovative and offers robust anti-debugging and code obfuscation technology.approach to motion analysis, Xcitex needed to protect its software • Multiple licensing options: Enables multiple licensing options,from piracy, theft or improper licensing, while still allowing customers allowing software vendors to hone their sales models to meetto move the software from the laboratory to the field. market-specific demands.Xcitex Case Study 1
  2. 2. the Journey “Sentinel HASP hardware keys are an effectiveAfter carefully evaluating the leading software rights management mode of providing security without lockingproducts, Xcitex chose Sentinel HASP for its excellent reputationand exhaustive list of flexible product features. “Sentinel HASP is a applications to specific computers. Our businesscomplete solution that was easy to implement,” said Peter Carellas, model integrates many of the advantages of thepresident of Xcitex. “The Sentinel HASP brand had a good reputation HASP key – time verification, string checkingin the industry and we were able to study technical papers that and runtime counting –into our marketing andexplained the company’s security testing protocols, which assuredus of the quality of product we were buying.” sales plans. And because we can strategically expire access to our applications, it has eventhe solution minimized our need for credit verification duringXcitex integrated Sentinel HASP into their motion analysis software the purchase cycle.”and has secured thousands of software packages with Sentinel HASP -Peter Carellas, President of Xcitex, Inc.hardware keys, which secure Xcitex’s valuable software withoutlocking it to a specific computer. This allows Xcitex’s customers about Xcitex, Inc.flexibility of use on multiple computers, in the laboratory and in the Xcitex is an innovator in the industries of video-based motion capturefield. It has lived up to Carellas’s highest expectations. and motion analysis. Its engineers introduced the first synchronized“The key ingredient for any security system is trust that the high-speed video/data systems in 1998. Xcitex followed with newsystem is tested and bulletproof,” he said. “Certainly, we had initial technologies for controlling high-speed cameras in a motion capturequestions about the resistance of the Sentinel HASP key to hacking, environment and revolutionary motion analysis software products.but these concerns dissipated over time as we gained both mass Today, Xcitex provides its industrial consumers an array of technicallyendorsements from our customers and the endorsements of their superior, affordable and easyto-use products. For more information,respective IT departments.” visit: www.Xcitex.com. about safeNet Founded in 1983, SafeNet is a global leader in information security.the Rewards SafeNet protects its customers’ most valuable assets, includingSentinel HASP has allowed Xcitex to branch out with their software identities, transactions, communications, data and softwarein ways that would not be possible without the rock-solid protection licensing, throughout the data lifecycle. More than 25,000 customersthat Sentinel HASP ensures. By far the greatest benefit to Xcitex is across both commercial enterprises and government agencies and inthe flexibility of software deployment with complete assurance that over 100 countries trust their information security needs to SafeNet.their software is secure. “It allows us to execute licensing we justwouldn’t be able to accomplish without such a robust solution,” saidCarellas. “We wouldn’t be able to totally execute plans for softwaredistribution. It gives us portable security, which is important to ourcustomers.”The Sentinel HASP hardware key’s onboard memory, time verification,string checking and runtime counting enable Xcitex to create feature-rich pre-sales packages of their motion-analysis software for highendconsumers to try before purchasing.“High-end users want to see and touch software before theypurchase it, not just buy it from a spec sheet,” Carellas explained.“Sentinel HASP allows us to put copies of our software in our dealers’and potential customers’ hands for demonstrations and trials.We would not feel comfortable sending out our software withoutthe key’s time limit feature. And because we can strategically expireaccess to our applications, it has even minimized our need for creditverification during the purchase cycle.”“The Sentinel HASP security has been reliable and robust, and we’revery pleased,” Carellas said. Contact us: For all office locations and contact information, please visit www.safenet-inc.com Follow us: www.safenet-inc.com/connected ©2010 SafeNet, Inc. All rights reserved. SafeNet and SafeNet logo are registered trademarks of SafeNet. All other product names are trademarks of their respective owners. CS (EN)-12.26.10Xcitex Case Study 2