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Iritech Inc.

  1. 1. Iritech, Inc. Protects with SafeNet Sentinel HASP CASE STUDYIritech increases sales, secures its competitive edge, and expands into new markets using Sentinel HASP to protect the valuableintellectual property in its highly sensitive biometric identity matching software.BackgroundIriTech, Inc. is a global manufacturer of biometric authentication Challengeequipment and software based on iris recognition. Its biometric Protect the company’s valuable Intellectual Property investmentequipment and identity matching software are used by corporations, against theft and fraudulent use, while providing legitimate users withnational security agencies, and other organizations for access flexible, no-hassle access.control to buildings, computers – and even cell phones. To protect itshighly sensitive software, IriTech uses Sentinel HASP. SolutionBusiness Challenge SafeNet Sentinel HASPAs one of only two manufacturers of both the biometric equipmentand the identity matching software, IriTech knew right away thatpreventing reverse engineering of its identity matching software Rewardswould be an integral part of its business plan to maintain its unique Increased security and flexibility to deploy their biometrics softwareposition in the biometrics market. with hardware keys or soft keys. Ability to issue trialware to“We are one of only two companies who make iris biometric prospective from input to identity matching – meaning we make thecameras and the software to verify the person’s identity – softwarerights management is very important,” said Travis Jaeger, directorof business development at IriTech. “We didn’t want someone “With respect to ROI, we had the confidence tostealing our algorithm.” expand into new markets, knowing our products and our trade secrets could not be stolen. WeThe JourneyIriTech spent several months researching software rights needed to be extremely confident before wemanagement solutions in order to find the one that met their needs. could widely release our software, and HASP“We wanted to be able to lock, unlock and keep track of the software gave us that assurance.”we were sending out,” said Jaeger. “We looked at a lot of software -Travis Jaeger, Director of Business Development,protection solutions, and it looked like Sentinel Hasp was the clear Iritech, Inc.leader in the software rights management market.”Iritech Case Study 1
  2. 2. Benefits Sentinel Hasp software protection keys we could do everything from• Maintain Competitive Edge: HASP prevents reverse engineering our headquarters in Virginia, even if it meant activations in Korea or of code and offers robust anti-debugging and code China,” explained Jaeger. “We started with the hardware keys, but obfuscation technology. the software license is nice because if someone needs to purchase• Multiple licensing options: HASP enables multiple licensing quickly we can do that instantaneously. We can renew and cancel options, allowing software vendors flexibility to meet market- licenses, as well as monitor time licenses from one central server.” specific demands. Instantaneous licensing has helped IriTech maintain a good• Increased Sales: Protection against illegal use translates into relationship with its customers by providing one-step electronic increased sales through legal use and the confidence to expand into activations of the biometric software and the Sentinel Hasp high-piracy markets. protection key at the same time. “They noticed the hardware• Ease of Implementation: The HASP Envelope’s wrapping technology protection keys because they had to actually plug them in,” said makes protection implementation quick and easy. Jaeger. “But when we went to software-based keys to license our• Remote Updates: HASP makes it easy to update software software they just needed to call and say ‘Ok, I want this software,’ license terms on keys in the field. and we could activate the Sentinel Hasp license along with everything else. They don’t have to wait on shipping to receive the actual key.”The Solution “We’ve received excellent customer service for Sentinel Hasp. We gotSafeNet Sentinel HASP gives IriTech the security and flexibility it all the help we needed and everyone responded very quickly,” saidneeds to deploy its biometrics software multiple ways – fitting the Jaeger. “I’m glad we didn’t go with another vendor.”needs and wants of individual customers. Because HASP offers bothhardware and software protection keys, IriTech was able to evaluate “We are able to increase sales and marketeach and choose the one that best integrated with their software as penetration because we now have the confidencewell as their sales and marketing plans. to sell our product on a wider scale. Before, weAfter using the hardware keys for a few months, IriTech migrated basically had to look over their shoulder as theyto the software-based protection keys and hasn’t looked back. In were using the software. Sentinel Hasp really gaveaddition to IP protection and prevention of reverse engineering, us the confidence to expand and grow.”HASP enabled time-based licenses for trialware. This was easilyintegrated into IriTech’s software without affecting the software’s -Travis Jaeger, Director of Business Developmentperformance. “HASP offered the full feature list we were looking for, Iritech, Inc.especially once we started using the software licenses,” Jaeger said. About Iritech Inc. Based in Herndon, VA, IriTech Inc. specializes in highly advanced algorithms and software systems that enable accurate irisThe Rewards recognition, a key component of biometric identification. IriTech isSince deploying Sentinel Hasp, IriTech has seen tangible benefits currently licensing its iris recognition software and offers its ultra-to using Sentinel Hasp beyond the awardwinning IP protection. “We small iris camera modules to various customers. IriTech is activeare able to increase sales and market penetration because now we in developing iris recognition standards in partnership with thehave the confidence to sell our product on a wider scale,” said Jaeger. American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the International“Before, we basically had to look over their shoulder as they were Organization for Standardization (ISO). IriTech has regional offices inusing the software. Sentinel Hasp really gave us the confidence to Seoul, Korea and Hayward, California, and has grown to be a worldexpand and grow.” class leader in Iris Identification and related Iris and Pupil ImagingExpansion and growth allowed IriTech to increase revenues from Technology. For more information, visit software sales. “With respect to ROI, we had the confidenceto expand into new markets, knowing our products and our trade About SafeNetsecrets could not be stolen,” Jaeger explained. “We needed to be Founded in 1983, SafeNet is a global leader in information security.extremely confident before we could widely release our software, and SafeNet protects its customers’ most valuable assets, includingSentinel Hasp gave us that assurance.” identities, transactions, communications, data and software licensing, throughout the data lifecycle. More than 25,000 customersNow, Sentinel Hasp allows IriTech to sell its software globally, even across both commercial enterprises and government agencies and inin areas that are known for extremely high software piracy rates. over 100 countries trust their information security needs to SafeNet.Sentinel HASP gives IriTech the flexibility to deploy its software ina multitude of ways, including time-based licenses for trialware. Italso allows Iritech to manage its global customer base remotelythrough web-based orders and activations. “Once we updated to the Contact Us: For all office locations and contact information, please visit Follow Us: ©2010 SafeNet, Inc. All rights reserved. SafeNet and SafeNet logo are registered trademarks of SafeNet. All other product names are trademarks of their respective owners. CS (EN)-12.26.10Iritech Case Study 2