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Irondequoit Library Proposal Presentation for December 11, 2013


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Presentation on December 11, 2013 by the Irondequoit Public Library Board of Trustees on the proposal to build a new central library on the Town Hall campus. Irondequoit voters will vote in a public referendum for a new central library on Saturday, December 14, 9am-6pm, at Christ the King School.

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Irondequoit Library Proposal Presentation for December 11, 2013

  1. 1. Irondequoit Public Library Proposal Presented by Irondequoit Public Library Board of Trustees December 11, 2013 Vote Saturday, December 14
  2. 2. Why are we voting again? • After voters overwhelmingly approved the referendum in April, 7 residents sued the town • To avoid a long and costly lawsuit, the town’s attorney advised the town to re-do the environmental review • The residents then agreed to end the lawsuit • Another vote was not required, but all town bond resolutions are subject to a permissive referendum • A petition was filed to force a second vote, so the town scheduled new referendum for Saturday, December 14 Vote Saturday, December 14
  3. 3. Has anything changed? • After receiving feedback from residents at 21 public information sessions in the spring, the building was scaled back to 40,000 sq. ft. • This single change will: – Create a smaller foot print – Preserve more green space – Allow for additional parking • Nothing else has changed Vote Saturday, December 14
  4. 4. A New Central Library • • • • A new building with up to 40,000 sq. ft. Will complement the Town Hall architecture Larger spaces for library operations Flexible meeting room space for: – Library programs – Programs by other town departments – Community organizations • Possible revenue producing operations Vote Saturday, December 14
  5. 5. Not Meeting Library User Needs • • • • • • • Last major renovation or expansion was 1985 Inadequate space and facilities Cosmetic improvements do not address the issues Renovations are not a long-term solution Lack of space affects operations and public use Upkeep for current buildings costs $44,000 per year Two out-dated library branches still require duplicative services for janitors, trash collection, snow removal. Vote Saturday, December 14
  6. 6. Years Since MCLS Libraries Built New or Completed Major Renovations 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 Brighton Chili Fairport Gates Vote Saturday, December 14 Greece Henrietta Irondequoit Penfield Pittsford Webster
  7. 7. Town Library Sizes 50,000 43,000 45,000 38,200 40,000 Square Feet 35,000 28,100 30,000 25,000 24,000 24,700 30,000 24,000 20,000 20,000 15,000 10,000 5,000 0,000 Brighton 35,588 Fairport 46,090 Greece 94,141 Henrietta 39,028 Irondequoit 52,354 Penfield 34,645 Pittsford 27,219 Webster 37,926 Town and Population Vote Saturday, December 14
  8. 8. Why Town Hall Campus? • • • • • This is the central location Saves the cost of purchasing land Avoids removing land from property tax rolls Can be safely reached on foot or bicycle Parking, traffic and festivals are not a problem: – – – – Adequate parking per SEQRA study done this summer DPW parking is moving, freeing up more spaces Traffic studies will ensure safety and easy access Fourth of July celebration will still be at Town Hall Vote Saturday, December 14
  9. 9. Vote Saturday, December 14
  10. 10. Vote Saturday, December 14
  11. 11. Vote Saturday, December 14
  12. 12. A Central Location Vote Saturday, December 14
  13. 13. Library and Services are Improved • Evolving to meet the community’s needs • Leading shift from content storage to creation • Providing adequate space for: – Access for patrons with mobility difficulties – Modern and handicap accessible restrooms – Dedicated teen and children’s areas – More seating, computers and workspaces – Enforced quiet areas for serious study – Community meetings, teaching and programming Vote Saturday, December 14
  14. 14. Survey Says: Libraries Matter 2013 Pew Research study finds: • Top reason people visit libraries is to borrow materials • Second highest answer is to use the Internet or Wi-Fi • 60% of young adults still visit the library often • 80% of Americans say borrowing books is important • 80% say reference librarians are an important service • 77% say free access to computers and the internet is a “very important” library service Vote Saturday, December 14
  15. 15. Libraries Aren’t Going Away Coffee makers haven’t put coffee shops out of business Vote Saturday, December 14 iPads and e-books haven’t made libraries obsolete
  16. 16. Libraries Mean Business “The Irondequoit Chamber of Commerce recognizes that a 21st century central library will offer the types of valued services and amenities that attracts home buyers, retains homeowners, and keeps the business and spending power of residents in the Irondequoit community…for the good of our merchants and the good of our residents, the Irondequoit Chamber of Commerce endorses this long overdue plan to improve our town with a new central library.” Vote Saturday, December 14
  17. 17. Cost of a New Library • The bond will be for up to $13 million dollars – This costs less than expanding both branches • Passing the bond would equal an increase of less than $29 per year (including interest) for the average $100,000 home – 29 cents per $1,000 of assessed value – $2.42 per month • Figures are for a 30-year bond with 3.8% rate • This takes advantage of very low interest rates Vote Saturday, December 14
  18. 18. Additional Funding Resources • Fundraising committee with library trustees and community members has been established • 1st Annual BBQ & Blues for Books fundraiser was a major success • Grants are available and will be applied for to reduce costs • Evans Branch (Cooper Rd) likely reverts back to the West Irondequoit Central School District due to deed restrictions – Eligible to be sold by the district • McGraw Branch (Ridge Rd) will be sold and proceeds will help pay costs above the bond (current assessment is $1.1 million) Vote Saturday, December 14
  19. 19. Doing Nothing Isn’t Cheap • Existing buildings desperately need updating • Making a few of the most-needed repairs and upgrades costs $2,230,140, but adds no space • Long-term improvements, such as electrical upgrades and better restrooms, costs $6,169,020, but adds no space Vote Saturday, December 14
  20. 20. Meets community needs Plans for our future Puts property back on tax rolls Central location Smart size based on studies & need Build a new central library YES YES YES YES YES Upgrade our 2 old branches NO NO NO NO NO Flexible and adaptable space for enhanced services YES NO Expanded parking Better facilities for individuals with mobility difficulties YES YES NO NO Expanded hours Drive-up book return Potential for a coffee shop Meets green building standards Eligible for NYS construction grants YES YES YES YES YES NO NO NO NO NO Requires duplicate materials and operating costs to maintain Average cost per household (base on $100,00 house) NO YES Less than $29 per year $22 per year Side-By-Side Comparison Vote Saturday, December 14
  21. 21. Why Not Expand Both Branches? • $13.7 million to expand both library branches, per 2012 report by Passero Associates – It would cost nearly $1 million more than building a new central library – Existing branches were not designed for expansion • Maintaining both branches makes taxpayers pay for duplicate services and materials • Building a new central library is the most fiscally responsible decision Vote Saturday, December 14
  22. 22. What if the Bond is not Approved? • If the referendum does not pass, the Library Board will be forced to make difficult decisions about the future of both branches • A “No” vote does not guarantee both branches will remain open Vote Saturday, December 14
  23. 23. We Want You To Decide  • Vote Saturday, December 14 – Polls are open from 9am-6pm • One polling place for all residents – Christ the King School, 445 Kings Hwy S • You must be a registered voter – You will be required to provide ID • Absentee Ballots are available – Request one form the Town Clerk, 585-336-6045 Vote Saturday, December 14
  24. 24. Get Informed Information: • Held 23 public information meetings this year • Videos, questions & answers posted on website • Also available in print at each branch Online: • Visit for info • Follow on Twitter @LibraryProposal • “Like” New Irondequoit Library Proposal on Facebook Contact: • Library Board, • Library Director Terry Buford, or call 585-336-6064 Vote Saturday, December 14
  25. 25. Please write questions on a card an hand to a volunteer THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME, INPUT AND QUESTIONS Vote Saturday, December 14