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Top Books


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The top 50 books borrowed from our library since September 2009

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Top Books

  1. 1. Title Author Number of issues Top 50 Most Popular Books (Fiction and Non Fiction) Over the Moon Ure, Jean 7 Big Book of Bart Groening, Matt; et al 7 Simpsons Comics Belly Buster Groening, Matt; et al 7 Simpsons Comics Beach Blanket Bongo Groening, Matt; et al 7 Big Bad Book of Bart Simpson Groening, Matt; et al 7 Simpsons Comics Barn Burner Groening, Matt; et al 7 Girls Under Pressure Wilson, Jacqueline 6 Emily Windsnap and the Castle In the Mist Kessler, Liz 5 Eclipse Meyer, Stephenie 5 Simpsons Comics Spectacular Groening, Matt; et al 5 Twilight Meyer, Stephenie 5 Love Letters Cassidy, Anne 5 Girls in Love Wilson, Jacqueline; Sharratt, Nick 5 Artemis Fowl and the Lost Colony Colfer, Eoin 5 One and Only McKenzie, Sophie 5 Stolen Christopher, Lucy 5 Woman In Black Hill, Susan 4 Demon Apocalypse Shan, Darren 4 My Sister's Keeper Picoult, Jodi 4 New Moon Meyer, Stephenie 4 Escape Velocity Walden, Mark 4 Percy Jackson and the Titan's Curse Riordan, Rick 4 Lord Loss Shan, Darren 4 Girls in Tears Wilson, Jacqueline 4 Rise of the Heroes Briggs, Andy 4 Just Listen Dessen, Sarah 4 Love, Stargirl Spinelli, Jerry 4 Makeover Petty, Kate 4 "Knocked Out By My Nunga-nungas" Rennison, Louise 4 Love is Forever Ure, Jean 4 Way of the Sword Bradford, Chris 4 Malice Wooding, Chris 4 Big Beastly Book of Bart Simpson Groening, Matt; et al 4 Chocolate! : Rich and Luscious Recipes for Cake Hawkins, Kathryn 4 Tackling Life : Striving for My Type of Perfection Wilkinson, Jonny; Black, Steve 4 Animal Farm Orwell, George 3 Stormbreaker Horowitz, Anthony 3 Eye Tricks : Incredible 3D Stereograms Priester, Gary W; Levine, Gene 3 Prey Cole, Stephen 3 Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging Rennison, Louise 3 Icefire d'Lacey, Chris 3 Blood Beast Shan, Darren 3 Evil Star Horowitz, Anthony 3 Spook's Apprentice Delaney, Joseph 3 Death's Shadow Shan, Darren 3 City of Secrets Hoffman, Mary 3 Sleepovers Wilson, Jacqueline; Sharratt, Nick 3 Black Rabbit Summer Brooks, Kevin 3 Postcards from no man's land Chambers, Aidan 3 Point Blanc : The Graphic Novel Horowitz, Anthony; Johnston, Antony; Kanako; 3 The Dixie Grammar School Report 82 Printed: 10/02/10 1