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  • The next 2 slides list some of our databases and the information they contain. There is much more information available to you when you know the right words to enter for the search. Our Librarians can help you learn fine tune your search criteria for each database.
  • With the right information your business has a much better chance to succeed. We can help you find that information.
  • Business outreach pp revised

    1. 1. Scottsdale Public Libraries Business Services
    2. 2. Business Resources @ Your Library • Service by phone or email • One-on-One appointment • Meet with a librarian • Online databases • From your home or office • Free Computer Access • Including MS Office • Free WiFi – bring your laptop or tablet
    3. 3. Business Resources @ Your Library • Meeting Rooms at all Libraries • Scottsdale new business listings • National & local business directories & databases • Business newspapers, books and magazines
    4. 4. We Have What You Need to Help Your Business Succeed • • • • • • Financial & Demographic Data Industry Trends Business Plan and Model Formats Local & Global Business News Competitor Information Databases to search for potential clients
    5. 5. Online Resources 24 Million U.S. Businesses 4 Million New U.S. Businesses 89 Million U.S. Residents 262 Million Consumers 45,000 Public and Private Companies 225,000 Key Executives Business Areas Industry Information by Small Business Type Business Basics Start-up Kit and Business Plans
    6. 6. Online Resources (cont.) Actual business plans compiled by, and aimed at, entrepreneurs seeking funding for small businesses. Scholarly Business Journals and fulltext bibliographic content back as far as 1886. Comprehensive full-text coverage for regional business publications covering all metropolitan and rural areas within the U.S.
    7. 7. Financial Information • ValueLine • Morningstar • Wall Street Journal • Hoover’s Company Records
    8. 8. Local & Global Business News • Full text articles via our webpage
    9. 9. Customers & Competitors • ReferenceUSA This national database contains information/ data profiles for more than 14 million companies and residences. • You can customize a search for clients by zip code & income, as well as other factors. • You can access this resource from home, office, or anywhere you can sign onto a computer.
    10. 10. Business Resources @ Your Library • Make use of library services online. • Find the Business & Finance Resources under the Research & eLearning Tab.
    11. 11. Eureka! Loft at Civic Center • Eureka! is a place for people to connect and collaborate with other inventors, innovators, problem solvers and entrepreneurs.
    12. 12. Library Cards • You can access materials with an online card today! • Permanent cards are available at all branches.