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Handout for Exploring Science Fiction


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Handout used for 7th grade Science Fiction Unit

Published in: Education
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Handout for Exploring Science Fiction

  1. 1. Exploring SciEncE Fiction “At its best, science fiction has no peer in creating another universe of experience, in showing us what we look like in the mirror of technological society or through the eyes of a non-human.” - Dick Riley “Science fiction is the very literature of change. In fact, it is the only such literature we have.” - Frederick Pohl “It may be far in the future, but there's some kind of logical way to get from where we are to where the science fiction is.” – Elizabeth Moon  Before you read: Study the book cover and back and read the first few pages. See if you can identify the major ideas in the book. Is the story about alien encounters? Current technology with future consequences? Life on a different planet? Life in the far future?  As you read: Keep a list of questions you have about the characters, events, or problems in the story. Focus on those issues that reflect current scientific, societal, or cultural trends. What “thought experiment” was the author using as a premise for the story?  After you read: Identify at least one issue for further exploration and thoroughly research it. Investigate different sides or facets of the issue, and examine the project ideas below. Choose one that best fits your learning style and the ideas presented in the book.
  2. 2. Visual-Spatial Naturalistic Intrapersonal Interpersonal Logical- Bodily- Verbal- Musical Mathematical Kinesthetic Linguistic Create a Make a map Keep a Choose a Present a Dress as a Write an Design a board game of an journal as if controversial report about character editorial or cover, liner complete with imaginary trip you are one issue in the the scientific from the book opinion piece notes and the dangers or hike of the story and or and act out a that takes a song lyrics for and conflicts through the characters in present both mathematical conflict or stand with a musical CD faced by the world or the book. sides, pro premise of problem that regard to a based on characters in setting of the Describe your and con, to the story. the character controversial characters the book. story. Include reactions to the class as a Cite faces. Be issue in the and events in The game “must see” the events as lesson. After examples and sure that the story. Be the book. must be sights with they unfold or the data from dialogue sure to have The cover playable by informative write a series presentation, current expresses the factual should have people who explanations of letters to a take a vote or research in character’s support for titles for at have not read as well as character conduct a science and position on your position. least 8 songs the book. travel expressing survey to technology. the central Or write an and complete warnings of your opinions determine issues in the alternate lyrics for at dangers and of their how the story. ending to the least 2 songs. potential actions and majority of story based threats. offering the class on your own advice. thinks. “thought experiment.
  3. 3. Rubric for Science Fiction Book Project 4 3 2 1 WOW! NICE! HUH? YIKES! Project shows Project shows Project lacks Project shows little evidence of a evidence of a clarity in the understanding of thoughtful, creative focused approach presentation of the the central themes approach in the in the presentation central themes and and problems in presentation of the of the central problems in the the story. Ideas central themes and themes and story. Ideas presented are very problems in the problems in the presented are incomplete or Quality of story. Ideas story. Ideas are relevant, but are disorganized. Ideas presented are clearly presented, not fully developed provocative and contributing to or well organized, challenging, knowledge in a leaving questions contributing to focused specific in the audience’s knowledge in a area. mind. focused specific area. Project shows Project shows Project shows Project shows no evidence that evidence that evidence that evidence that student gathered student gathered student gathered student gathered information from a information from a information from information from variety of quality variety of limited or few reliable sources. electronic and print electronic and print sources. resources. resources. Some of the Research Project shows Project shows research is not evidence of evidence of relevant or the research that is research that is project fails to relevant, balanced relevant and show how the and related to the related to the research is related central issues and central issues and to the central themes raised in themes raised in issues and themes the story. the story. raised in the story. The project shows The project shows The project is The project is of evidence of evidence of somewhat poor quality and exceptional organization and disorganized shows evidence of organization and craftsmanship. and/or lacks last minute work or craftsmanship. Text is either typed craftsmanship. carelessness. Text is either typed or professionally Mechanical errors Mechanical errors or professionally lettered with few or detract from the and/or illegibility lettered with no minor mechanical meaning of the text detract Product mechanical errors. errors. Graphics Graphics and significantly from Graphics and and images are images are the presentation. images are clear, clear and present, but do not compelling and effectively add to the effectively contribute to the understanding of contribute to the understanding of concepts understanding of concepts presented. concepts presented. presented.