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Four Point Persuasive Blog Rubric


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Rubric for persuasive blog post

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Four Point Persuasive Blog Rubric

  1. 1. Language Arts Persuasive Essay & Blog 1/08/2009 4.0 In addition to score 3.0 performance, the students has no omissions or errors and demonstrates applications that go beyond what was taught. 3.5 3.0 ORGANIZATION WRITTEN EXPRESSION USAGE/MECHANICS DIGITAL CITIZENSHIP  The post title includes  Facts and examples are  Consistently uses  Blogger has posted at the reader’s first name used as evidence to complete and correct least 1 persuasive post and matches the support the opinion sentence formations  Blogger has posted 3-4 content of the essay.  Facts and examples are (avoids run-ons and comments in response  The thesis expresses a supported by credible fragments) to peers definite opinion. sources using hypertext  Capitalization is  Blogger’s comments are  Logical organization  Incorporates a variety consistently correct planned, thoughtful, moves the reader from of sentence structures  Punctuation is and appropriate one point to the next. (beginning, type, and consistently correct  Transition words length)  Spells frequently used connect paragraphs  Uses language that is and common words and ideas. precise and engaging correctly  Concludes in a manner with an awareness of that leaves the reader audience and purpose thinking about the essay’s topic 2.5 2.0 ORGANIZATION WRITTEN EXPRESSION USAGE/MECHANICS DIGITAL CITIZENSHIP  The post title is simply a  Facts and examples are  Inconsistently uses  Blogger has posted 1-2 label sometimes used as complete and correct comments in response  The thesis is present evidence to support sentence formations to peers but not focused the opinion (avoids run-ons and  Blogger fails to post  Organization moves  Facts and examples are fragments) planned, thoughtful, the reader from one not supported by  Capitalization is and appropriate point to the next with credible sources and inconsistent comments some digressions. hypertext may not be  Punctuation is  Transitions are used but present inconsistent do not help the flow of  Some sentence variety  Misspells frequently the essay is present (beginning, used and common  An attempt has been type, and length) words made to conclude the  Uses language that is essay precise with an awareness of audience and purpose 1.0 With help, the student demonstrates partial understanding of some of the 2.0 elements and some of the score 3.0 elements.