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Using other people’s ideas!


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Presentation to CLIC libraires in Cardiff on 29th May 2012

Published in: Business, Technology
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Using other people’s ideas!

  1. 1. Using other people’s ideas! Jane Purdie Libraries Inspire Marketing Officer
  2. 2. How do you like your eggs …?• A simple 7 step toolkit for creating strategic marketing plans that really work• Kay Grieves Customer Services Manager University Library Services University of Sunderland
  3. 3. Meet the Biblis
  4. 4. Refurbishments
  5. 5. Training• Innovations, mentioned earlier• User focus training• Change Management• Bringing Marketing to Life• Academic Marketing Day• Social Media Training
  6. 6. Strategies & Plans• What we are doing?• What has been done in the past?• What the big picture is?
  7. 7. Photobank
  8. 8. Reading & Literacy• Reader Development Grants
  9. 9. e-books• Railway stations• Posters• Leaflets• Pop up Banners• PR• Online• Social Media
  10. 10. Helping each other!• Press releases• News stories• Facebook/Twitter• Marketing champions• Sharing ‘best practice’ (and worst practice)
  11. 11. Check us out… Welshlibraries @WelshLibraries LlyfrgelloeddCymru @LlyfrgellCymru librarywalesorgPassword: 01staff
  12. 12. Thank 298862