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What is a Respiratory Therapist


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A Respiratory Therapist is someone that is able to help patients in a medial setting. The job involves determining if someone is breathing inadequately due to some type of problem.

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What is a Respiratory Therapist

  1. 1. What is aRespiratoryTherapist?
  2. 2. -Part of the role of a RespiratoryTherapist involves being able toeffectively test and assess whatsomeone needs.
  3. 3. -There are various needs that people will have when it comes to their breathing. Sometimes the problems are temporary due to trauma or even surgery, other times though they are a bigger part of ongoing health problems. -In many instances the therapy offered by a Respiratory Therapist can prevent ongoing health problems from getting
  4. 4. irespiratorytherapist.comThey have to: - be able to successfullyread doctors orders so thatthey can do what is neededfor a patient. - be able to evaluateinformation, document filesand convey informationback to medical staff as wellas patients. - be able to evaluate thequality of the processsomeone is making too.
  5. 5. - Being able to make quick decisions and feeling confident in that role is very important.- The ability to work well with various patients is also important: there can be anyone from a brand new baby to an elder that needs help.
  6. 6. The quality of life can be severely diminished whensomeone is having a hard time breathing normally. -One of the common forms of therapy that a Respiratory Therapist will offer is oxygen.
  7. 7. -There are many scenarios that can play out and the training a Respiratory Therapist has will allow them to handle whatever comes along.
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