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LibertyLink Liberty Integrated Pest Management_2013 Seed Trait Technology Manual Part 4


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LibertyLink corn hybrids paired with Liberty Herbicide delivers effective weed management and enables nonselective herbicide rotation, as well as excellent crop safety. Both LibertyLink and Liberty is the only nonselective alternative to glyphosate-tolerant weed systems. LibertyLink Corn Hybrids have built-in tolerance to Liberty Herbicide, while maintaining crop safety, performance and yield.

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LibertyLink Liberty Integrated Pest Management_2013 Seed Trait Technology Manual Part 4

  1. 1. LI B E RT Y LI N K CO R N THE LIBERTYLINK TRAIT IN corn All LibertyLink corn hybrids have built-in tolerance Where to Find LibertyLink Corn to Liberty herbicide, while maintaining excellent • wide selection of LibertyLink hybrids are A Herculex hybrids come stacked with the LibertyLink trait and consist of: crop safety, performance and yield. These hybrids available from elite germplasm providers, • erculex I (HX1), which provides protection against European corn borer, H are fully approved for food, feed and cultivation in including all Herculex®, SmartStax™ and Agrisure® Southwestern corn borer, black cutworm, fall armyworm, Western bean cutworm, the United States and Canada. LibertyLink corn is lesser cornstalk borer, Southern cornstalk borer and sugarcane borer. hybrids with corn borer protection, as well as approved for export to many countries around the • erculex Rootworm (HXRW) protects against Northern, Western and Mexican H in-bag refuge products Genuity® SmartStax world. Today, this trait is widely available in high- corn rootworms. RIB Complete™, Refuge Advanced® powered by yielding hybrids from elite germplasm providers. • erculex XTRA (HXX) is a stacked trait that combines the aboveground insect H SmartStax and Optimum® AcreMax® 1. protection of HX1 with the belowground protection of HXRW. LibertyLink corn is ideal for U.S. growers, whether • omplementary residual herbicides C on rotated acreage or in aggressive corn-on-corn Optimum AcreMax 1 products stack the LibertyLink and Roundup Ready® (such as atrazine, Laudis and Capreno), production systems to meet new demands. herbicide-tolerant traits with an in-the-bag solution for corn rootworm refuge. Products in addition to timely applications of Liberty, consist of a blend of two different insect-resistant trait combinations (HXX and HX1) from the same genetic family. are strongly recommended in a LibertyLink LIBERTY UTILITY IN Bt CORN REFUGE • Only Optimum AcreMax 1 products have the LibertyLink trait in all components in weed control program. To preserve the efficacy of Bt corn technology, the bag. Optimum AcreMax RW products do not have LibertyLink in all components • sing Liberty herbicide on LibertyLink corn U in the bag and should not be sprayed with Liberty herbicide. government regulations require growers to hybrids delivers effective weed management • ptimum AcreMax Xtra offers growers an option for a single-bag integrated refuge O implement an Insect Resistance Management solution in areas needing both aboveground and belowground insect protection. and enables nonselective herbicide rotation, (IRM) plan. A proper IRM plan includes a non-Bt Optimum AcreMax Xtra products do not have LibertyLink in all components in the as well as provides excellent crop safety. refuge planted in conjunction with Bt corn acres to bag and should not be sprayed with Liberty herbicide. • he LibertyLink trait with Liberty herbicide T prevent insect resistance to the technology. Agrisure hybrids with corn borer protection also come stacked with the LibertyLink is the only nonselective alternative to When selecting a Bt refuge hybrid for any of the trait and consist of: glyphosate-tolerant systems. previously mentioned LibertyLink Bt hybrids, • Agrisure CB/LL protects against European corn borer and Southwestern corn borer and provides suppression of corn earworm, fall armyworm and Southern cornstalk borer. • iberty kills weeds in days vs. weeks. L choosing a LibertyLink hybrid will allow you to use • grisure CB/LL/RW hybrids combine the aboveground insect protection of A Liberty herbicide across the entire area, enabling Agrisure CB with the belowground protection of Agrisure RW. • iberty has a unique mode of action L you to obtain the full value and convenience of the • grisure 3000GT is a quad stack that combines the aboveground insect protection A (Group 10) that offers a nonselective choice LibertyLink trait. If a suitable LibertyLink hybrid of Agrisure CB with belowground protection of Agrisure RW, plus resistance to both for Integrated Weed Management plans. is not available, configuring the refuge area in a glyphosate and glufosinate herbicides. • iberty is a nonselective contact herbicide that L separate field, or a contiguous block within the • nly Agrisure CB/LL, Agrisure CB/LL/RW and Agrisure 3000GT hybrids come stacked O provides postemergence control of broadleaf with the LibertyLink trait. Agrisure RW is not stacked with the LibertyLink trait. same field as the Bt hybrid, will allow Liberty to be and grass weeds, including weeds resistant to used for weed control in the Bt hybrid area. It is SmartStax hybrids also come stacked with the LibertyLink trait and consist of: glyphosate and multiple herbicide classes. imperative that the location where each hybrid is • erculex I Insect Protection technology and VT PRO, a second-generation, two-gene H Lepidopteran-control product contained in Genuity Triple PRO, providing aboveground • iberty can be tankmixed with most other crop L planted is clearly documented and marked, either insect control for protection against corn earworm, European corn borer, Southwestern protection products labeled for use in corn. on a GPS map or with flags or markers in the field corn borer, sugarcane borer, fall armyworm, Western bean cutworm and black cutworm. to help ensure that Liberty is sprayed only on • ieldGard® VT Rootworm/RR2 technology with Herculex RW Insect Protection Y fields planted with LibertyLink hybrids. technology, which provides belowground insect control for protection against Western, Northern and Mexican corn rootworms. For more detailed information on refuge options and • oundup Ready 2 Yield® technology as a part of the Herculex system includes Liberty R acceptable configurations for specific Bt products, herbicide tolerance, providing broad-spectrum broadleaf and grass weed control. consult with your seed seller or Bt trait provider. • enuity SmartStax RIB Complete Corn has the broadest spectrum of insect control G on the market—with Roundup Ready 2 Technology and Liberty herbicide tolerance for broad-spectrum weed control. • efuge Advanced powered by SmartStax contains the Roundup Ready and LibertyLink R herbicide-tolerant traits, making them tolerant to over-the-top applications of Roundup and Liberty herbicides.21 22
  2. 2. LI B E RT Y LI N K CO R N APPLICATION INFORMATION BEST WEED MANAGEMENT PRACTICES 5. aximum Seasonal Use: Up to 44 fl oz/A M KEY APPLICATION POINTS of Liberty can be applied on corn per TO REMEMBER growing season. RECOMMENDATIONS FOR weed management in LIBERTYLINK corn • niform, thorough spray coverage is essential U 6. Additional Use Directions: to achieve consistent performance. 1st Post Application a. iberty herbicide can be applied broadcast to L Weed Control Program 2nd Post Application • se nozzles and pressure that generate a U (Emergence to 10 days) LibertyLink corn from emergence to V7 growth medium-size spray droplet. stage (seven fully developed leaf collars). • se 15 GPA (for dense canopies, increase U Post corn emergence If needed, Liberty at b. iberty herbicide should be applied when L water volume). (all Liberty applications 22 fl oz/A or, if sequential winds are less than 10 mph, and not during Liberty at 22 fl oz/A Scenario should be made before applications planned, periods of temperature inversions. • aximum performance is achieved when M plus residual herbicide weeds reach 3 inches apply 10 days after first applied to actively growing weeds. to 4 inches tall) application c. aximum season use rate: 44 fl oz/A. M • pply from emergence to V7 growth stage. A d. Do not apply within 60 days of harvesting corn forage or 70 days of harvesting corn • equential applications should be made at S 1. Start Clean. Start with a clean, weed-free field 4. Additives: Ammonium sulfate (AMS) can be grain and corn fodder. 10 days after the first application. by using an effective burndown application or used at a rate of 1.5 lb/A to 3 lb/A. Rates are conventional tillage. dependent on temperature and potential for e. Consult product label for full use directions • iberty is rainfast in four hours. L leaf burn. and restrictions. 2. Stay Clean. Be aggressive with early season weed management to avoid yield loss and weed escapes. Residual herbicides applied at TANKMIX PARTNERS FOR LIBERTY burndown, pre-emergence and/or tankmixed ON LIBERTYLINK CORN in the first post application help ensure optimal 2,4-D (4*) Lumax®*** (5, 15, 27) “You have to keep the seed bank as low as possible in order weed management, particularly if environmental acetochlor (15) metolachlor*** (15) to be successful with glyphosate-resistant weeds at this conditions delay timely post applications. Aim™*** (14) nicosulfuron (2) level. My take-home point is this: proactive resistance Consider expected weed species and Atrazine (5) NorthStar™ (2, 4) management. Anything you can do to delay resistance populations as well as environmental variables Callisto™ (27) pendimethalin** (3) in the area when selecting a residual herbicide. Camix®*** (15, 27) Permit® (2) on your farms, do it by all means necessary.” Distinct™ (4, 19) Python® WDG (2) -Larry Steckel, University of Tennessee 3. Scenario — Post Corn Emergence: Guardsman Max® (5, 15) s-metolachlor*** (15) a. pply Liberty at 22 fl oz/A over the top of A Hornet® WDG (2, 4) Spirit® (2) LibertyLink corn when weeds are no more IMPACT® (27) Status® (4, 19) than 3 inches to 4 inches tall. Laudis (27) Yukon® (2, 4) b. pply Liberty at 22 fl oz/A on an as-needed A Lexar®*** (5, 15, 27) basis following the first application at * umbers in parentheses denote herbicide MOA as designated by N the Weed Science Society of America. 22 fl oz/A. Planned sequential applications ** ankmixing with pendimethalin may result in reduced control T should be made 10 days following the first of barnyardgrass, fall panicum, field sandbur, yellow foxtail and volunteer corn. application of 22 oz/A. ***t is recommended that these products are tankmixed at half the I recommended use rate with Liberty herbicide to reduce risk of crop response.23 24
  3. 3. LI B E RT Y LI N K CO R N BAYER RESIDUAL Postemergence Herbicides: top 10 most frequently sprayed YIELD LOSS DUE TO COMPETITION HERBICIDE OFFERINGS Bayer CropScience also offers effective weeds in CORN Research indicates that delaying a postemergence postemergence herbicides for a conventional Bayer CropScience provides strong residual herbicide application until weeds are 6 inches program or as a tankmix partner in a herbicide- Max. Weed Confirmed herbicide options—both pre-emergence and Height with Glyphosate- tall results in a significant yield loss. Many tolerant system. Postemergence residual postemergence—to complement Liberty Liberty at Resistant factors come into play, such as weed species and options to consider: herbicide in a LibertyLink corn program. 22 fl oz/A Weeds the density of the plants present. • apreno (2, 27) post-applied corn herbicide. C Pre-emergence Herbicides: Foxtail The bottom line is that not controlling weeds early Capreno has the longest-lasting residual 6”-12” • orvus (2, 27*) provides great flexibility and C (giant, green) in the season costs growers at harvest. available in a postemergence herbicide and can be used in traditional herbicide programs combines two active ingredients for complete Lambsquarters 4” as well as in a program that pairs trait technology YIELD LOSS EXAMPLES control of more than 65 grass and broadleaf with a nonselective herbicide, such as Liberty Velvetleaf 3” weeds, including those resistant to glyphosate, Early season competition from a heavy waterhemp or Roundup® . with just 3 fl oz/A. Apply Capreno early (V1-V4) infestation (more than 30 plants per square foot) Ragweed • alance Flexx (27) pre-emergence corn B with Liberty to get the full benefit of a season- 6” ✔ reduced corn yields 15 percent by the time the (giant, common) herbicide is an excellent setup product in a long residual. waterhemp was 6 inches tall. With lower waterhemp sequential program with Liberty herbicide. Pigweed, redroot 3” densities (less than 10 plants per square foot), • audis (27) postemergence corn herbicide, L Using Balance Flexx as the foundation for yields were reduced by only 1 percent when with its powerful weed control and unsurpassed Cocklebur 6” a two-pass herbicide program gives corn waterhemp was controlled at 6 inches.7 crop safety, provides in-season, residual control growers an excellent combination of tough in a tankmix with Liberty. Waterhemp, weed control and weed resistance 4” ✔ $/Bushel common management with crop safety and flexibility. $4 $5 $6 Kochia 4” ✔ Lost $/A* from Vs. $81 $242 $264 Product Segment Benefit Competitive Product Sunflower, waterhemp Competition 6” common Lost $/1,000 A* $8,100 $24,200 $26,400 Corvus (2, 27) Pre one pass Consistent one pass Superior Lumax/Lexar (5, 15, 27) Morningglory 2”-6” from waterhemp *Based on average yields of 135 bu/A, controlled at 6 inches tall. Harness® Xtra (5, 15), Balance Flexx (27) Pre setup Reactivation ability Differentiated Bicep II Magnum® (5,15), Integrity™ (14, 15) Capreno (2,27) Post one pass Longest-lasting residual Equal Halex® (9, 15, 27) Residual post Liberty and Laudis (27) Post tankmix Equal Callisto (27), IMPACT (27) glyphosate tankmix partner *Numbers in parentheses denote herbicide MOA as designated by the Weed Science Society of America. 7 See page 36 for source information.25 26