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The roleofthechair


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The roleofthechair

  1. 1. - THE UBERTARIAN PARTYS SUCCESS 99 2600 Virginia Avenue, NW, Suite 100 * Washington DC 20037 * (202) 333-0008 * How to be a more effective state or local Chair The job of Chair in the LP is very tough. Proposals should be well thought out prior to presentation and implementation. This mean The Chair needs organizational and talking ideas over with as many people asadministrative skills, diplomacy, sales ability, possible and listening to what they have to say.people skills - while understanding what It means being flexible enough to change theLibertarianism is all about. The Chair needs plan when good suggestions are made.patience, self control, and an ego capable ofdealinq with criticism and abuse without "lheChairshould encourage participationresentment. and seek the input of others before decisions are made. People work harder for proposals they Beyond this, the Chair needs to have good helped to develop.judgment and be an effective listener. It takescreativity to deal with grossly inadequate The Chair needs to understand thefinances and far too few effective volunteers. "business" of running the organization. ThisThe Chair should get as much help as possible. includes fund-raising, budgets and finance, database management, inquiry processing, This combination of traits is rare. newsletter publishing, etc. These "details" can It is easy to get frustrated. Inevitably, the destroy the organization if they are not handledChair discovers the job has far more correctly. And beyond all of this, the Chair mustresponsibility than authority. The Chairs real understand libertarians."power" comes from the personal respect he/shereceives from the members and the Board orCommittee. This respect must be earned. TIPS ON BEING A BETTER gI!~ keyrole of the Chair is,toresolve STATE/LOCAL CHAIRconflict and find ways to get people to work >- Like most people, Libertarians want courtesytogether effectively. In many cases, this means and respect.mediating disputes. In other cases, it means » Libertarians want to know "why" somethingfinding ways to work with the Chairs critics to has to be done.find reasonable solutions. In all cases, it meansstaying calm and making sure people focus on » Libertarians resist "taking orders" and alwaysthe issues and not on personality clashes. respond better to being asked to do something than being ordered to do The Chair has the responsibility to make the something.first move when a problem comes up, and bewilling to admit he/she may be wrong. » Libertarians are very independent and may require being "sold" on the worth of the The Chair must be thoughtful and avoid activity.acting rashly.
  2. 2. >- Libertarians need to feel that their efforts are appreciated and their ideas valued.>- Libertarians respond better to encouragement and recognition than to criticism and "guilt trips.">- Since there is no patronage and little money, success will come only from the energy and creativity of the volunteers. The Chairs role is to find ways to make it easier for people to be more effective. This means finding ways to make activism fun and rewarding.»- The job of Chair is not suited to "prima donnas." The effective Chair does not seek recognition, but instead seeks to recognize the accomplishments of others. The Chair will accept the blame for failures, even those of others. Loyalty starts from the top.>- No one is perfect, so it makes sense to make effective use of many different kinds of people. The Chair needs to know his/her strengths and weaknesses, and recruit people with complementary skills.>- Finally, the Chair needs a sense of humor. Without it, the job will drive him/her crazy.Few people are ideally suited to being Chair,but most people can be effective if theyunderstand what needs to be done and whatbeing Chair means. [By George OBrien]