State chair's quarterly status report


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State chair's quarterly status report

  1. 1. Appendix 4: Sample Survey of Affiliate Regarding Core and Critical Activities State Chairs Quarterly Status Report . Date of this report: , , __ State: --- Checklist•• My state has a written strategic plan for the next 1-2 period.·. My state builds an annual budget and manages revenues and expenses according to it.•• My state has an official web site•• The web site can accept donations•• The web site lists Libertarian candidates•• The web site presents Libertarian news and opinion•• My state has a newsletter published __ times per year•• My state has a toll-free number: _-:-:--:-:-:--_--:-:- _•• My state tracks state legislation and lobbies on it• • My state maintains email lists for activists and announcements•• My state government treats the state LP as a recognized party, legally on a par with the Democrats and Republicans•• My state has anti-takeover provisions in its Bylaws and/or charter•• My state performs new member prospecting on an ongoing basis•• My state contacts new inquiries and asks them to join•• My state contacts lapsed or lapsing members to ask them to renew•• My state can put candidates (including President and VP) on the ballot without external assistance.Appendix 4: Sample Survey of Affiliate Regarding Core and Critical Activities Page 158
  2. 2. Metrics Members Number of state-only members: __ Organization Number of County/Regional Affiliates: __ Number of Municipal Affiliates: __ Number of Sub-Municipal Affiliates:__ Percent of state population covered by at least one affiliate:__ Supporters Number of activistslvolunteers: __ Number of registered Libertarians (if applicable ):__ ResourcesTotal state LP revenues this quarter:__Total state LP expenses this quarter:__Number of monthly pledgers:__Total of monthly pledge donations: __Number of fundraising appeals done this quarter: __Electoral SuccessNumber of US Senate Candidates:Number of US House Candidates:__ --Number of statewide candidates: --Number of state upper house (senate) candidates: _Number of state lower house (representative) candidates: __Number of County/Parish/Regional candidates: __Number of municipal candidates: __Number of sub-municipal candidates: __Number of elected officeholders: __Number of appointed officeholders: __Communications & OutreachDollars spent on advertising this quarter: _Number of press releases: __Circulation of state newsletter: ---Number of high-school teachers and college professors who are members: _Appendix 4: Sample Survey of Affiliate Regarding Core and Critical Activities Page 159