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Sample campaignplan


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Sample campaignplan

  1. 1. -" THE LIBERTARIAN PARTYS SUCCESS99 * 2600 Virginia Avenue, NW, Suite 100 Washington DC 20037 * (202) 333-0008 * Campaign Plan Preparing your "business plan))for your campaignT he campaign plan is your road map to Plan for dissemination to major contributors. success. It should be created in two forms. One for you and your closest Take the information above and create aadvisors, one for dissemination to potential presentation "flip chart" version of same, usingcontributors and PACs. Create your version first, sheet protectors and a binder. You will use thisthen modify for dissemination. to show to your major contributors during meetings with them. Provide as much informa- 1Goals for the campaign. Win? Percent- tion as you possibly can without giving awayage? Increased name ID for future runs? Define your secrets.the debate? Balance of power? Party building?Increased clout for the LP? Create a modified version of the same plan, as described above. Leave out the details that 2 Strategy: Who will be your targeted your opposition could use against you. Thisvoters and what reasons you will give them to should be the "executive summary" version,vote for you. which can be left behind with contributors or given to media. It will speak in generalities of 3 Detail the research that you have done who your targeted voters are, why they will voteregarding your district, your opponents, etc., for you, how you plan to reach them and howthat provides the back-up documentation for you will rally your resources to accomplish same.your strategy. Your campaign plan will show that you 4 Tactics: How you will reach this group are serious. No bank would loan you moneywith the message. without a business plan. This is the political equivalent. It should also create a sense of 5 Timeline for the activities involved. urgency. You have a lot to do in a very lim- ited amount of time! 6 Budget required. Use the Minimum andthe Maximum. 7 Fundraising game plan. How you willraise the money required to implement yourstrategy and tactics. 8 Resources available besides money. Whodo you know? The additional resources that youwill draw on. Do you belong to a church, club,etc. that will provide supporters?
  2. 2. - THE LIBERTARIAN PARTYS SUCCESS99 2600 Virginia Avenue, NW,Suite 100 * Washington DC 20037 * (202) 333-0008 * District ResearchResearch for the Collins for City Council campaign (Berkley, MI)Berkley City Council 3 open seats. Anticipate 6 or 7 candidates, 2 incumbents.Libertarian Supporters: 6 party members; 45 interesteds in databaseNumber of households: 6,750Number of Registered voters: 12,724Anticipated turnout: 25%, (nobaUot proposal or-excitinqrace.) Actual was 28.2%.Votes Needed to win: Approximately 2,000Demographics: 97% caucasian .05% black 2.5% other 90% homeowners 10% renters. (subset of senior renters in Oxford Towers)Average home value: $60,000 to $150,000 (pocket of about 160 homes, valued at over 250,000 in the St Johns Woods area) .Median Income: $40,000Age Groups: 18 to 34 - 37% vote 15% of total cast 35 to 50 - 35% vote 35% 51 to over -28.9% vote 50.7% 1,450 absentee voters, assumed to be seniors7 walk-in precincts, one entirely contained within Oxford Towers, 1 absentee. Total: 81995 City Council Winners: Total number of votes cast: 4,336 (34.4% higher than normal due to tax-increase ballot proposal. It failed with 77% voting no)Race Candidate Number of votes SpentMayor: Fraser 2,395 $2,000Council: Agby 2,857 $1,300 Meyer 2,444 $1,200 Mooney 2,198 $ 900Note: Our candidate was the Republican candidate for State Rep. in this district in 1988. He received amajority in Berkley, 2,800 votes - 30% districtwide. (Primarily a Democratic district.) LP Vote History Total Votes Cast LP Top of Ticket 1992 8,996 47 Manou (President) 1994 6,593 638 Coon (U.S. Senate) 1996 7,811 129 Browne (President)
  3. 3. RESEARCH (PART II). Fred Collins: Negative Analysis POTENTIAL PROBLEMS· SOLUTIONControversial LP Platform planks Endorsements (credibility)Tax lien against him Prepare a literature piece with explanation"General" discharge from Marines Too deep for local raceIllegitimate son, 19 years ago Lives with family; will include in family brochureSTAFFCampaign Manager: Barbara GoushawTreasurer: DaveData Processing: DougVolunteer Coordinator: PamFundraising: Fred CoUins.& Barbara. GoushawLayout: Mike & MarkVOLUNTEER REQUIREMENTS:Literature drops 30 people per dropElection day 25 peopleGOTVcalls 15 minimumLawn sign distribution 2 people
  4. 4. -" THE LIBERTARIAN PARTYS SUCCESS 99 * 2600 Virginia Avenue, NW, Suite 100 Washington DC 20037 * (202) 333-0008 * wwwl.Porg Strategy & Tactics Fred Collins for Cty Council Strategy & Tactics • Strategy (Who plus why) Who (Targeted Segment) Why (Hot button issues) Homeowners Property Taxes Code Enforcement Seniors Property Taxes Taxpayers Dream Cruise (repeal of city takeover of formerly volunteer event at higher cost) Oxford Towers Special appeal from candidates wife Registered Non-Voters Their vote matters/ where and when to vote • Tactics (How we will communicate the message to the targets) Candidate Door-to-Door All Households (collect endorsements) Lit Drops (aU households) Candidate focus piece Issues piece with endorsements Lawn signs Shows support base Postcard Mail to registered non voters Mailings Absentee voters (Refrigerator box letter) Oxford Towers (Seniors Complex) Advertising 1/4 page ad in local paper listing endorsements (planned as a response to possible negatives)
  5. 5. THE LIBERTARIAN PARTYS SUCCESS 99 * 2600 Virginia Avenue, NW, Suite 100 Washington DC 20037 * (202) 333-0008 * time line for the Fred Collins Campaign February 1, 1997 District Research March 1 Freel begins Friends and Family fundraising calls ., April 1 Letter goes out to contributors June-August Fred attends all summer city functions and volunteers at-some .while.walkinq.thedistrict evenings.and weekends August 15 Order lawn signs September 15 Lawn sign distribution begins October 10 Absentee mailing October 10 Oxford towers mailing October 24 First lit drop October 29 Begin GOTVcalls October 30 Mail non-voter cards November 1 Second lit drop November 4 Election Day November 5 Recover from hangover, pick up lawn signs November 10 Mail results letter and thank you to contributorsNote: the actual time line will have much more detail, including the dates .that lit draft goes tolayout, then goes to printer, etc. This will be a working document, with things added as they getscheduled.
  6. 6. , THE LIBERTARIAN PARTYS SUCCESS99 2600 Virginia Avenue, NW,Suite 100 * Washington DC 20037 * (202) 333-0008 * ,-,,~....-...draising-Plan Fred Collins for City Council Fundraising PlanRevenueCandidate raises the first $1,500 from friends and family $1,500Fundraising letter to Jon Coon and Michigan LP contributors $4,000 $5,500Fred prepared to put in another $1,000 if necessaryand Barb prepared to put in another $500 if necessary.Budget I ExpensesContributor Mailing (Bulk Rate) $300.00Lit piece #1 (printing only) $1,000.00Lit piece #2 (printing only) $1,000.00250 lawn signs $250.001400 Non-Voter Postcards printing &postage $566.001600 Absentee Letters printing & postage $612.00150 Oxford Towers mailing printing & postage $192.00Contributor thank you notes $95.00Ad in newspaper $360.00Election Night party $300.00Post election supporter letter $160.00Misc. $500.00 $5,335Actual raised and spent: $5,600.00