Requirements of a Successful Campaign•    Compelling Needs and a Credible Plan     - What is the community need that the o...
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Requirements of a successful campaign


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Requirements of a successful campaign

  1. 1. Requirements of a Successful Campaign• Compelling Needs and a Credible Plan - What is the community need that the organization is seeking to fill through this project? -Why has the organization elected to undertake this project? -How does the organization plan to carry out the project? -Who is going to make it happen? -When will it happen? The answers to the above questions form the nucleus for the case for support• Strong Case for Support• A realistic goal The right goal stretches an organization beyond what is easily accomplished yet it is a goal that is achievable!• Previous Fund-raising success Campaigns depend on well-defined annual giving programs to help identify campaign prospects and volunteers• Sufficient number of Qualified Prospects Qualified prospect are those who either are already donors to the organization, have a reason to give to the organization, or are part of the community leadership base that is known for giving to campaigns of similar organizations. A generally accepted campaign rule states that the top ten prospects will produce eighty to ninety percent of the gifts, with the remainder comingfrom a considerably larger group of donors of relatively small gifts.• Strong staff support and resource A campaign director will need an adequate budget for promotional materials, cultivation activities, and campaign events. "Spend money to make money. "• Full and early commitment by the board A committed board is critical to a campaigns success. Beyond the dollar value, there is a symbolic value in board gifts as well. Other donors look to see whether the board wholeheartedly supports the campaign.• Effective volunteer leadership Campaigns are made or broken by the quality of their volunteer leadership. At least some of the volunteers in leadership positions must have stature in the community, the ability to make a lead gift, and a willingness to follow through on their jobs.• Clear campaign organization• Clear campaign policies• Realistic timetable• Identification and early solicitation of Major Gift Prospects The success of most campaigns is determined by the top ten gifts. And successful campaign keep their focus on those gifts from the beginning. Not only are these top ten donor extremely important because of the gifts they can make but also because they are usually the people who have the clout, commitment and ability to solicit the nextfifty gifts.• Written proposals suggesting specific requests• Personal solicitations by trained volunteers• "top-down, inside-out" Order of Solicitation