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-                            THE LIBERTARIAN                              2600 Virginia Avenue, NW,Suite 100              ...
Defender of Liberty Awards Banquet Timeline                     (Reverse    Chronology): November, 1997:                Ke...
Libertarian Volunteer May/June 1994 - Raising money at LP banquets & special events                           Page 1 of2  ...
Libertarian Volunteer May/June 1994 - Raising money at LP banquets & special events              Page 2 of2               ...
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Fundraising Event Tips


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Fundraising Event Tips

  1. 1. - THE LIBERTARIAN 2600 Virginia Avenue, NW,Suite 100 PARTYS SUCCESS99 * Washington DC 20037 * (202) 333-0008 * www.LPorg Event _____ ne-line Whatgoes into planning a majorfundraising event Description of Liberty Fest Dinner Plans based on the meeting of 5/7/97, updated 5/23/97, 6/24/97, 7/8/97: Liberty Week: 10/19/97 to 10/25/97 Liberty Fest Dinner: 10/25/97, Saturday, Cocktails at 6:00 pm, Dinner at 7:00 pm, Speaker and Fun until 1:00 am. Location: Northfield Hilton on Crooks Road between Long Lake Road and Square , Lake,Road.lnthe.MainBallroom{accessiblefor setup at 5:00pm).. .Maximum attendance: 200,20 tables (60" diameter) of.10 persons each. No head table . Price: To September 10, $40/person; to October 15, $50.00/person Event Chair: Marie Wishart, 248-642-9047 Registration: . Dianne Szabla (Livonia mail pickup: Ben Bachrach) Contact: Dianne Szabla, 248-626-6322 Treasurer: Paul Soyk Decorations: Suzanne Gruden & Pam Collins Press Releases: Top Secret (by request ... ) Secretary /Keyliner: Doug MacDonald, 313-591-9117 Flyer in Michigan Libertarian: Keith Edwards Flyer to Affiliates: Stacy VanOast Invitations Chair: Richard Clark Invitations & Post Cards Mailing: Marie Wishart, Ben Bachrach, David Nagy Web Page Announcement: Mark Heil Agenda & Programs: Marie Wishart Master of Ceremonies: Jon Coon Speaker Liaison: Richard Clark 313-482-9563 Keynote Speaker: David Boaz Defender of Liberty Awards: Stacy VanOast Fundraising: Barbara Goushaw, 248-355-5058, fax 248-355-5801 Literature/books (Boazs books): Keith Edwards Budgeted items: Speaker Air / hotel/meal $ 350.00 Registration Ticket printing / postage 100.00 Decorations Centerpieces 150.00 Programs Printing 50.00 Invitations Printing (250)/ postage (200) 450.00 Postcards Printing / postage 200.00 Fixed Cost: $1,300.00 Variable Costs: (fish 18.95, chicken or beef 17.95, veggie 16.95) + 18% tip, + 6% tax = Fish: $23.50 Chicken or Beef: $22.26 Veggie: $21.02 Proceeds: $16.50 $17.74 $18.98 Break-even: 1300/16.5 = 79 1300/17.74 = 73
  2. 2. Defender of Liberty Awards Banquet Timeline (Reverse Chronology): November, 1997: Keith Edwards reports the success of event in the Michigan Libertarian: Great speaker, great Defender of Liberty (DOL) Award winners, and huge profit. October 25, 1997: Dinner. October 22, 1997: DOLAwards Banquet committee meeting. October 18-21, 1997: Marie Wishart makes meal commitment with Hilton. Paul Soyk cuts check to Hilton. October 15, 1997: DOLAwards Banquet committee meeting. October 15, 1991: $50.00 registration ends. Sept./October, 1997: Press Releases. September 25, 1997: $450 due to Northfield Hilton. September, 1997: Keith Edwards publishes flyer in Michigan Libertarian. September, 1997: Keith Edwards reports DOL Award nomination procedures in Michigan Libertarian. September 10, 1997: DOLAwards Banquet committee meeting. September 10, 1997: $40 registration ends. September 1, 1997: Oversized postcards mailed. August 30, 1997: Postcards labeled and stamped. August 25, 1997: Ben Bachrach prints labels. August 11,1997: Invitations mailed. August 9, 1997: Invitations stuffed, sealed, ·and stamped. August 1, 1997: Ben Bachrach prints labels (Done) August 1, 1997: Doug prints invitations. . June to January, 1997: Paul Soyk does financial reporting to the behemoth . June to October, 1997: Registrations [see process description below] June to Sept., 1997: Stacy VanOast distributes flyers to affiliates with other affiliate mailings. May & July, 1997: Keith Edwards publishes flyer in Michigan Libertarian. May & July, 1997: Keith Edwards reports DOLAward nomination procedures in Michigan Libertarian. Mayor June, 1997: Mark Heil posts info on event at website. April/May, 1997: $500 deposit paid to Northfield Hilton. (Done) Someone needs to check on sound system for speaker ... do we need to provide one? ... what about music during cocktail hour? ... is anyone videotaping (3/4") event? ... reserved seating for dignitaries ... Note: Meals are: Fish: Baked Orange Roughy with Lobster Sauce Chicken: Chicken Piccante with Lemon Butter Sauce Beef: Top Round Sirloin with Cabernet Sauce Veggie: Pasta Primavera Registration Process:--.Diannereceivesregistration:(Paul scopyr..copies. the form (Maries. copy) .: and:.togs;,registration-(Diannes - -- opy). :If-registration;ismultiple.persons, c Dianne caUs fOLthe.otherpeoples-:namesJand,associatedfood· order. Dianne mails tickets with map to confirm registration. • Once or twice weekly: Dianne forwards the original registrations wIchecks, .money ordersrto PauLSoyk. • Bi-monthly: Dianne and Marie make up name-tags and Marie sends a thank-you card/note and tallies food orders. • Walk-ins will eat "stand-by," on an as-available basis. NO speech-only tickets. • The first flyer sent included the LP Merriman address, so Ben win need to double check the mail there as the event approaches. Any registrations received at the Merriman address win be forwarded to Dianne only. Please send any corrections to this description of the DOLBanquet plan to Doug MacDonald (, 313-591-9117, PO Box 531411 Livonia MI 48153-1411). Thank you, Doug MacDonald
  3. 3. Libertarian Volunteer May/June 1994 - Raising money at LP banquets & special events Page 1 of2 IGorol be~.:.~_~~.~~_._.J~ r···· -.. -.. - .. _ _ -. --_ - --, IFII~JQ]L-. _.. ..... j May/June 1994 Raising money at LP banquets & Activist Library special events Manuals and Handbooks Its become traditional to raise money at convention banquets and similar events, and for good reason. These events represent occasions where large Libertarian numbers of Libertarians are all together in one place. Volunteer There have been many examples of successful fundraising at these events -- and, unfortunately, many examples of fundraising attempts which were not successful. The difference hasnt been accidental. Fundraising succeeds or fails according to the preparation thats gone on before it. Successful banquet fundraising usually follows these guidelines: 1. Pledge/contribution cards and envelopes are ready and on the tables before the banquet starts. This is absolutely essential, since it makes no sense to ask for money without providing a means to respond. 2. The fundraiser -- the person making the "pitch" -- should identify the need, set a fmancial goal, and ask a specific minimum contribution from each person there. 3. As a general rule, there is a formula which can be used to set the financial goal for a typical event. Multiply the number of people in the room by $25. 4. Two or three should be assigned the task of collecting the pledge cards and envelopes. They should visibly circulate around the room, asking each table of people if there are any envelopes to be collected. 5. The fundraising portion of the event should have a predetermined pace. For example, the fundraiser makes the appeal, sets the goal, asks for the amount, and signals the collectors to begin making their rounds. While the envelopes start coming in, its often a good idea to have another person say a few words, in order to vary the program and keep the interest of the audience. Then the principal fundraiser can come back and make the fmal appeal. 6. When possible, obtain commitments from several people ahead of the event to make significant contributions which can be announced as the fundraising starts. Being able to say "Joe Smith has already pledged $200 toward this important effort" will set the tone for subsequent contributions - - people will then tend to give their maximums. /9405- fr-banquets.html 2/21/2002
  4. 4. Libertarian Volunteer May/June 1994 - Raising money at LP banquets & special events Page 2 of2 7. Consider having party members who can play the piano or guitar, sing, etc. provide entertainment between the initial pitch and the wrap-up. Sometimes this can be an incentive for more contributions: "If we get four more pledges of $25, Sally here will play Lady of Spain. " This idea was enormously successful at a Florida state convention, and has worked well since. (As a variation, some people may be willing to pay not to hear Sally play "Lady of Spain. ") 8. Fundraising gimmicks, such as auctions, require someone who knows what he or she is doing to be pulled off successfully. 9. An Oregon experience illustrates a variation on good banquet fundraising technique. The party needed $400 per month for a headquarters, so the fundraiser announced that he needed twenty people in the audience to raise their hands and pledge $20 per month for the next six months. As hands started to go up, the fundraiser ticked off the number of people he still needed -- "OK, I need eight more people. Now six." etc. -- until the goal was reached. Summary and Conclusions Of the thousands of methods of successful fundraising -- whether they involved phone calls, direct mail, one-time-only contributions, monthly pledgers, wealthy people, not-sa-wealthy people, experienced fundraisers, or novices -- the essential ingredient to the success of the effort can be summed up in one word: ASK. Unless people are willing to ask other people to contribute money, no fundraising will be successful. There is no substitute for asking, no "easy way" to get the money party organizations need. But successful fundraisers attest that, after the first few approaches have been made, asking for contributions gets progressively easier because the success rate among Libertarians is usually so high. LP HOME I PREVIOUS ARTICLE I NEXT ARTICLE I TABLE OF CONTENTS 2/2112002