Candidate Vetting Tips


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Candidate Vetting Tips

  1. 1. THE LIBERTARIAN PARTYS SUCCESS99 2600 VirginiaAvenue,NW, Suite 100 * WashingtonDC20037 * (202) 333-0008 * Candidate Criteria How to select suitable candidatesT he following is simply a recommended set Extremism: Recognizing that this is of guidelines for affiliates to use in the entirely a judgment call, and that all of the . candidate selection process: positions of the LP can be considered extreme, the local affiliate must make some kind of General Appearance: The candidate should judgment as to whether a potential candidate isbe willing to offer a professional appearance. simply too whacked out to represent us publicly.This includes being well groomed, and in busi-ness attire. The fact that an individual does not meet, or is unwilling to try to meet all of the above Professionalism: The candidate should be criteria does not preclude them from beingwilling to learn techniques of public speaking, involved in campaigns. There is an entirelyprofessional debating styles, public contact. different selection process for campaign managers. Those whose personal lives simply cannot Philosophy: The candidate should be tolerate public scrutiny can be every bit aswilling to read the Libertarian Party Platform of vital to the process by serving as a campaignboth your state and National party, and be manager.prepared to either defend or deny the plankscontained in both. Financial Resources: The candidate shouldbe of sound financial health, and made aware ofthe potential drain on resources. The idealcandidate will have a steady job that they areproud to include in their biography, and thefinancial resources to invest in their own cam-paigns. (At least 5%) Skeletons: The candidate should be madeaware that anything in their past could becomepublic knowledge. That the public "right toknow" includes their personal, and financiallives. Those who have serious negatives in theirpast or current lives should give serious consid-eration as to how public knowledge of theseissues could reflect upon their lives and thereputation of the party.
  2. 2. THE LIBERTARIAN PARTYS SUCCESS99 2600 Virginia Avenue, NW, Suite 100 * Washington DC 20037 * (202) 333-0008 * Candidate Evaluation A comprehensive personal evaluation for candidatesA. My greatest personal asset as a candidate is:B. My next two most important assets are:c. My greatest personal weakness is:D. My next two personal weaknesses are:E. These things in my background will be campaign assets:F. These things in my background will be campaign liabilities:G. Beyond what I can personally control, these two factors are prime assets:H. Beyond what I can personally control, these two factors are prime liabilities:1. Here are five (5) people who will help me get elected: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  3. 3. J. Here are five (5) people who will work to get me defeated: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.K. Here are three (3) prime issues I will advocate; 1. 2. 3.L. Here is one (1) basic strength of each issue: 1. 2. 3.M. Here is one (1) basic weakness of each issue: 1. 2. 3.N. I will NOTdo the following things, even if not doing them will cost me the election. 1. 2. 3.
  4. 4. PERSONAL DATAFullName: ~--------------------------Preferred Name In Print: _Present Home Address: _City/State/Zip: _Telephones: HOME: BUSINESS: _Birth date:________________ Birthplace: _Parents Names (If deceased, please indicate): _Parents Present HorneAddress; --- __ --- _.City/State /Zip: ~ _____ _Marital Status: Single: 0 Married: 0 Divorced: 0 Widow(er): 0Spouses Name: _Spouses Home Town: _ Date Of Marriage: _Childrens Names & Ages: _Childrens Status/Location (In the home/at college/working [where], etc.): _ PROFESSIONAL INFORMATIONEmployer/ Address: .. _Professional or Business Title: _Years In This Position: Years With Employer: _Present Employment Background (include dates and titles): _
  5. 5. MILITARY SERVICE Served In Military: YES: 0 NO: 0 Branch of service: ------------------------------ Highest Rank Held: ----------- Date of Service: -------------------------------- Briefly Describe Military Service (Including major assignments, decoration, and honors): COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES Membership In Civic Organizations ( List offices held, dates): _ Church Membership: _ Public Offices Held (Include dates): ~ _ Office Being Sought: _ Incumbent? Open Seat? Length of Term: Salary of office $: _ ADDITIONAL INFORMATION. Please list any additional information that may be helpful to a writer preparing any public communi- cationsconcerningyou,includinganyspeciat:qualificatiuIIs;:training~"DreducationyouffiighLhave: ..... had which directly relates to the office you are seeking: Please attach any previous personal bios or resumes.
  6. 6. Other Professional Experience (Include dates and titles): _Briefly Describe The Duties And Scope Of Your Present Position: _Special Accomplishments/Honors; _Business/Professional Memberships (Show offices held/.ciat~sJ;_. _ ACADEMIC BACKGROUNDHigh School (List name of school, location, graduation date): _Honorsj Accomplishments/Activities: _College (List name of college, location, major, degree, andqraduation.vdate for each attended):Honors/ Accomplishmentsj Activities: _