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Liberia Rebuild Global Team:                                      Preamble:We the citizens of Liberia and friends of Liber...
destroyed by rebels and who are not in any position of being able to rebuild their houses that theyounce called home. Rebu...
9.15 counties Secretaries                               10.District Secretaries.                 11.Committee Heads12. Leg...
businesses, institutions and individuals will be encouraged to help with cash or kind to rebuildthe village. Handyman like...
organizations and families. It will make Liberians to relook at the value of money and demandfair values for their natural...
Liberia Rebuild Team Membership/Recruitment FormI_____________________________________________do decide to join the team t...
Liberia rebuild team
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Liberia rebuild team


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Liberia Rebuild Global Team introduction

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Liberia rebuild team

  1. 1. Liberia Rebuild Global Team: Preamble:We the citizens of Liberia and friends of Liberia globally have agreed to come together under thename “ LIBERIA REBUILD GLOBAL TEAM” as a development team for the republic ofLiberia. Vision:The vision of the Liberia rebuild global team is to raise funds globally from Liberians and friendsof Liberia including charitable organizations to rebuild Liberia from village to village, from townto town, from clan to clan, from chiefdom to chiefdom, from district to district and from countyto county.I strongly believe that we can lead a new development revolution in Liberia. We canrebuild Liberia without breaking the bank. We can do most without begging and waiting forforeign aid. We need to start it in unity. I can see it working fine and successfully in Liberia. Ican see true unity and reconciliation taking place in Liberia. I can see tribal unity and countyunity to build up/invest in each other. There is an immeasurable power and success in unity.Many hands make work less. Once we come together in one group -Liberians in Europeans,Liberians in North America, Liberians in Asia, Liberians in other African countries andLiberians in Liberia, our $2.00 monthly contribution will amount to a large sum of money whichcan be spend monthly to build a village, a town, a house etc. Every Liberian around the Worldwill be happy to be part of Liberias development with an amount that they can easily afford.Liberians Worldwide will feel important, feel connected, and feel as an investor in their country.Our coming together to rebuild Liberia will have many positive results beyond our imagination.We will be holding our first global teleconference in January so please sign up and encourageLiberian organizations in your country of residence to encourage their members to sign on to email us at to join ourmailing list. Our global teleconference numbers is always 805-309-2350 then enter the access ID6003219#. Our Worldwide meeting is always on Sunday at 3pm USA Esastern standard time and8pm Liberia time and 8pm for European countries. Please join us on this Sunday to discuss thedevelopment of Liberia. Subscribe right now to . If youneed help to sign on,just text your full name with email address to 215-939-6764 and you will besigned on to connect with Liberians Worldwide. Thank you. Objective:The objective of Rebuild Liberia team is to restore villages, towns, cities and counties that weredestroyed during the 14 years civil war in Liberia. Many villages and towns were destroyed andin some cases the residents were killed and those towns and villages are no more in existence. Sorebuild Liberia is to bring hope to the hopeless. There are Liberians whose homes were totally
  2. 2. destroyed by rebels and who are not in any position of being able to rebuild their houses that theyounce called home. Rebuild Liberia team will identify those Liberians and rebuild their housesso they can return home and live their pre-war life. Who Can Join?Any and every Liberian who wants to share their blessings to help restore life, hope and dignityto other Liberians who have been greatly affected by the Liberian Civil war to the point that theyare no longer financially able to rebuild their village, home and house. Non Liberians can joinwho believe in sharing their blessings with Liberians who greatly suffered from the Liberian civilwar. Religious institutions and people can join to share their blessings in restoring hope to thehopeless Liberians who have lost their homes in the war and are not able to rebuild again.Journalists can join and help to provide the team with accurate information on destroyed villagesin Liberia and information on the individuals who houses were destroyed during the war and arenot able to rebuild on their own. They will provide the team with news, photos, and videos on theaffected villages and people, and progress of the jobs being done by the team. NGOs both localand international including Liberian and non Liberian organizations and associations can join tocontribute to the rebuilding of Liberia. Leadership:This is a non salary leadership for now until deem necessary andappropriate in the future where the job may require full time work.Rebuild Liberia shall be properly organized and structure: Theleadership shall consist of the following positions: 1.Board Members: 2. President and CEO:3.Countries Vice presidents 4.15 Counties Cordinators5.Districts Supervisors 6. Project Directors 7. General Secretary 8. Financial Secretary
  3. 3. 9.15 counties Secretaries 10.District Secretaries. 11.Committee Heads12. Legal counsel 13.Chapline 14. Publicity Department Head. Fund raisingRebuild Liberia Team fund raising is based primarily on members’ monthly contribution. Tomake the contribution affordable for all, each member is to contribute $2.00 monthly. Themoney will be deposited directly in the organization bank account around the World. The depositslips will serve as members receipt. Direct deposit is recommended for those that work andwhose employers offer such service on their job. The members will solicit funds from variouslocal and international charitable organizations, institutions, religious organizations, businessesand individuals. The team will also organize fund raising events/programs to raise funds for therebuilding of Liberia. ProjectsRebuild Liberia Team project will begin rebuilding Liberia from village to village starting withthose villages that were totally destroyed and that exist no more. The projects will be identifiedthrough the county coordinators who will work with supervisors, project directors and committeeheads to identify a needed village, town, clan, district and individual. The history, photos andvideo of such potential project will be uploaded on to formembers to see and comment. The project will then be approved to form part of our projects tobe under taken. All and each monthly fund generated will be spent to do a project in Liberia. Allworks done on the project will be properly documented including photos and videos anduploaded to the forum for everyone to see their investment at work in Liberia. The goal is tocomplete a project by month in Liberia. Project ImplementationOnce a project is identified and accepted as one of the team’s projects to be implemented, everyeffort will be made to use both cash and kind to complete the project. The affected villagers orpersons will be encouraged to assist in the rebuilding of their village/house if they can. Thecitizens of the nearby village will be encouraged to help. Religious leaders, churches, students,
  4. 4. businesses, institutions and individuals will be encouraged to help with cash or kind to rebuildthe village. Handyman like carpenters, builders in the locality will be encouraged to help out.The fund will be used to buy building materials and pay for services that the team cannot get inthe area of the project. So we will be using both cash and kind to rebuild the republic of Liberiafrom village to village and from home to home. Short Term Achievement/GoalThe main short term goal is to restore hope, dignity and living standards to those Liberians wholost their villages and homes during the civil war. The rationale behind the formation of theLiberia rebuild team has both short term and long term goals/vision. The short term goal is tobring Liberians together to undertake a unity project. To demonstrate the fact that Liberians havewhat it takes to develop their own villages, towns, clans, chiefdoms, districts and counties. Thiswill immediately promote love, forgiveness and development in Liberia. The citizens of Liberiawill see the power and the positive impact of working together for progress than working againsteach other for destruction. It will open the way for Liberians to organize themselves into groupsto undertake costly and big projects that individuals cannot do. It will boost the self esteem ofLiberians to know that they don’t really need billions of foreign aid before they can start buildingtheir country. It will help as eye opener for Liberians to know the value of uniting to invest andthe power of money like $2.00. It will help Liberians to share and practice the art of giving toeach other. It will instantly promote tribal unity and county unity as members of each tribe investin the rebuilding of another Liberian tribe. It will diminish conflict and high light unity anddevelopment in the entire country. It will afford Liberians around the World to interact with eachother and communicate more to resolve many issues like family matters, land conflict, tribalconflict etc. Long Term Achievement/goalThe long term goal/vision of the Liberia rebuild team is huge. The goal is for Liberians to takefull responsibility for the development of their country. Once Liberians come together and seethat their unity and contributions of just $2.00 was great enough to rebuild villages and townsthat would not have been rebuilt without their unity and contribution, they will automaticallyrealized that they can use the same means to build health centers, roads, schools etc. The goal isto create ones and love among Liberian tribes and counties so that one county or tribe can neveraccept weapons to kill and destroy another county that they have invested to build. It will bringtotal reconciliation among tribes, clans, chiefdom, district and counties because every Liberiantribe will have invested their own money to build another tribe or county. It will help to easetribal tension and bring tribes and people together to undertake meaningful positive projects. Oneof the long term goal is to create a national revolution where Liberians will see themselves ascapable enough to take full responsibility of developing their country without relying or waitingfor foreign aid. It will open a whole new avenue for Liberians to see good reasons to cometogether in groups to undertake development projects in their towns and villages as well as their
  5. 5. organizations and families. It will make Liberians to relook at the value of money and demandfair values for their natural resources in order to undertake development projects in their country.It will provide unique opportunities for Liberians living abroad to take part in the developmentand investment of their country. It will promote unity and positive engagement both at home andabroad. It will open a big line of communication among Liberians at home and abroad. It willmake Liberians to take part in the act of giving and become givers instead of receivers. It willmake Liberians to become proud of themselves and never result to war as each tribe become aninvestor in another tribe and county. It will promote religious unity as Christians, Muslims,Bahia etc take part in the rebuilding of destroyed towns, villages etc RecruitmentRebuild Liberia will be impossible without the participation of majority Liberians.The goal is the more Liberians join the team, their $2.00 contribution when addtogether will among to a large sum of money or kind which will finance therebuilding of Liberia. From,village to village. It is therefore important that everymember becomes a major recruiter of Liberians and friends of Liberia to join theteam. It is good idea to encourage people to join the team by talking about it toyour family members, friends, co-workers, organizations, associations, club,business people, meeting places, schools, sport grounds, social gathering, churches,We are doing the right thing so never feel ashamed, shy, afraid or embarrass topromote the vision of Rebuild Liberia. Write down the discussion forum emailaddress and encourage them to sign up or help them to sign them up if they agreefor you to do so for them. The email address is, .You can even invite them to attend our global teleconference by giving them thenumber and the access code 805-309-2350 Code 6003219#. You can also givethem my number to call me for more details information etc. My name is MosesBombo Tambason and my number is 215-939-6764. You can also give them ourmembership sign in form so the person(s) can fill it. Below is the membershipform and let us begin the rebuilding of our country. Thank you.
  6. 6. Liberia Rebuild Team Membership/Recruitment FormI_____________________________________________do decide to join the team to rebuild Liberia. I am a Liberian_____ friend of Liberia_______.Tel:_______________________Address______________________________________________________________________________________Cell #________________________________Web_____________________________________Email__________________________________Fax_______________________I will join the discussion forum by subscribing to, .I promise to pay my monthly minimum contribution of$2.00 through direct deposit to the team account andattend meetings and programs as much as I can. I cancancel my membership at anything for any reason.Date_________________________________________Sign______________________________________