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Basics of Liberalism
                                    Reading List: Books
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2009-09-01 FNF PAK - Reading List Basics Of Liberalism


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Basics of Liberalism - a Reading List for all those who want to know more, compiled by Friedrich Naumann Foundation, Pakistan Office

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2009-09-01 FNF PAK - Reading List Basics Of Liberalism

  1. 1. Basics of Liberalism Reading List: Books Islamabad, 01. Sept. 2009 BERLIN, Isaiah: Four Essays on Liberty. Oxford Univ. Pr.: Oxford, 1969. BOAZ, David: Libertarianism. A Primer. Free: New York, 1997. BOAZ, David: The Libertarian Reader: Free: New York, 1997. BOBBIO, Noberto: Liberalism and Democracy. Verso: London, 1990. CUMMING, Robert D.: Human Nature and History. A study of the Development of the Liberal Political Thought. Chicago Univ. Pr.: Chicago, 1969. DUNLEAVY, Patrick G./ O’LEARY, Brendan: Theories of the State. The Politics of Liberal Democ- racy. Macmillan: London, 1987. FRIEDMAN, Milton / FRIEDMAN, Rose: Free to chose. Harcourt Brace: San Diego, 1990. FRIEDMAN, Milton: Capitalism and Freedom. 40th anniv. Ed. Chicago Univ. Pr.: Chicago, 2002. GELLNER, Ernest: Conditions of Liberty. Hamish Hamilton: London, 1995. GIRVETZ, Harry K.: The evolution of liberalism. Collier-Macmillan: New York, 1966. HAYEK, Friedrich A.: The Constitution of Liberty. Chicago Univ. Pr.: Chicago, 1960. LAL, Deepak: Reviving the Invisible Hand. The Case for Clasical Liberalism in the Twenty-First Century. Princeton Univ. Pr.: Princeton, 2006. NOZICK, Robert: Anarchy, State, and Utopia. Basic: New York, 1974. POPPER, Karl: The Open Society and its enemies. Vol. I: The Spell of Plato. 7th Ed. Routledge & Kegan Paul: London, 2002. POPPER, Karl: The Open Society and its enemies. Vol. II: The High Tide of Prophecy: Hegel, Marx, and the Aftermath. 7th Ed. Routledge & Kegan Paul: London, 2006. RAWLS, John: A Theory of Justice. Rev. Ed. Harvard Univ. Pr.: Harvard, 1999. ROTHSCHILD, Emma: Economic Sentiments: Adam Smith, Condorcet, and the Enlightenment. Univ. Pr.: Harvard, 2002. SEN, Amartya: Development as Freedom. Knopf: New York, 1999. SOTO, Hernando de: The Mystery of Capital. Why Capitalism triumphs in the West and Fails Everywhere else. Basic: New York, 2000. WATKINS, Frederick M.: The Political Tradition of the West. A Study in the Development of Modern Liberalism. Harvard Univ. Pr.: Cambridge, 1982. WEBER, Max: Economy and Society. Many different editions available and unavailable. WOLF, Martin: Why Globalization works. Yale Univ. Pr.: New Haven, 2004. Olaf Kellerhoff House 19, Street 19, F-6/2 Tel.: +92 (51) 2 27 88 96 Resident Representative Islamabad +92 (51) 2 27 88 96 Pakistan Fax: +92 (51) 2 27 99 15