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2009-08-15 FNF and its Partners


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Friedrich Naumann Foundation is working for Freedom in Pakistan since 1986. The Current Partners are shortly introduced in here.

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2009-08-15 FNF and its Partners

  1. 1. Partners and Scope of Work in Pakistan FNF – the Foundation for Freedom Olaf Kellerhoff Resident Representative
  2. 2. Olaf Kellerhoff 15.09.2009 Our Partners- Our Strength LFP Liberal Forum Pakistan (LFP) Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) FGP HRCP Society for Protection of Rights of the Child (SPARC) FNF Shehri – Citizens for Better Environment (CBE) EFN Economic Freedom Network SPARC PAK (EFN PAK) Shehri FreedomGate Pakistan (FGP) CBE
  3. 3. Olaf Kellerhoff 15.09.2009 Our Partners – Our Strength Liberal Forum Pakistan Society for Protection of Rights of the Child Human Rights Commission of Pakistan Shehri-CBE FreedomGate Pakistan Economic Freedom Network
  4. 4. Olaf Kellerhoff 15.09.2009 Liberal Forum Pakistan A civil society association of liberals in 28 districts of Pakistan Chairperson A. Jillani Working with FNF since 2000 for: Individual freedom Good governance Federalism and provincial autonomy Pluralism and inclusion Independent judiciary Elections in Chapter Khanewal. Secular state
  5. 5. Olaf Kellerhoff 15.09.2009 Shehri - Citizens for Better Environment A pack of passionate concerned citizens of Karachi Chairperson A. Alibhai Working with FNF since 1990 on: of the saviors of Khotari Park Member Khatib Ahmed – one Land use and Zoning Control Urban Services Improvement Institutional Strengthening Recreational Development Civil Society Mobilization Human Rights
  6. 6. Olaf Kellerhoff 15.09.2009 Society for Protection of Rights of the Child A nationwide structured movement for child rights Chairperson Qindeel Shujat Working with FNF since 1998 for: Child rights Bonded labor and child labor Civic education and empowerment of adolescents Juvenile justice and violence Book launching ceremony
  7. 7. Olaf Kellerhoff 15.09.2009 Human Rights Commission of Pakistan A nationwide volunteer based organization Working with FNF since 1998 for: Human rights Provincial autonomy Police reforms Joint electorate and minority rights Issues of terrorism Chairperson I.A. Rehman giving a speech
  8. 8. Olaf Kellerhoff 15.09.2009 Economic Freedom Network A campaigning and lobbying network Chiefcoordinator Zubair Malik Associated with FNF since 2007 focusing on: Promotion of free market economy and free trade Level playing field and open competition Lobbying for economic freedom and protection of property rights Providing a platform for political dialogue, public education and academic exchange EFN-SCCI joint Seminar
  9. 9. Olaf Kellerhoff 15.09.2009 FreedomGate Pakistan Network of IAF Alumni from Pakistan Working for FNF since 2006 for: Networking of liberals Training and capacity building on liberal topics Provide guidance and advice to policy makers and opinion leaders in Pakistan from a liberal perspective Supporting liberal initiatives and dialogue serving as a platform for liberals to discuss liberal concerns.
  10. 10. Olaf Kellerhoff 15.09.2009 Thank You!
  11. 11. Olaf Kellerhoff 15.09.2009 Follow us: Keep in touch! See us: Watch us: Read with us: (People search: FNF Pakistan) Learn from us: Become a fan: Liberal Friends of Pakistan Also in Urdu