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Saturday Academy ASE Program Mentor Orientation 2019 online


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Before ASE internships begin, mentors participate in an orientation with the ASE team. Orientation is a chance for you to learn more about the upcoming experiences with the ASE Program this summer. Orientation is designed to facilitate a successful internship experience for all.

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Saturday Academy ASE Program Mentor Orientation 2019 online

  1. 1. Welcome to Mentor Orientation! Apprenticeships in Science & Engineering
  2. 2. Apprenticeships in Science & Engineering Welcome
  3. 3. ASE - 30 years and counting! Apprenticeships in Science & Engineering
  4. 4. Saturday Academy’s Mission To engage all motivated young people in hands-on, in-depth learning and career exploration by connecting them with expert instructors and mentors in authentic, professional settings.
  5. 5. Apprenticeships in Science & Engineering Question: How did you know you belonged (or did not belong) in STEM classes or programs?
  6. 6. Listen to people with different experiences than you. Saturday Academy and Equity Apprenticeships in Science & Engineering It’s hard to join or participate in a system when you don’t see yourself in it. I’m always a female scientist, I’m never just a scientist.
  7. 7. Full-time, 8 week internship •296 hours on site •Project-based Learning •Career Exploration •Confidence Building And More •Science Communication •Thank You Letters •School Credit •Competitions Support •Site Visits •Teacher Monitors •ASE Staff More than an Internship •Workshops & Orientation •Symposium and Midsummer Conference •Liability Insurance and Stipend Disbursement Program Basics
  8. 8. Program Events Apprenticeships in Science & Engineering Midsummer Conference Thursday, July 11 Oregon State University Symposium Friday, August 16 University of Portland
  9. 9. Mentor Expectations See the Mentor Expectations Agreement • Professional learning experiences • Safety & training • Communication • Work space & tools • Including interns in “community”
  10. 10. Best Practices Apprenticeships in Science & Engineering
  11. 11. ASE Staff manages: • Program Quality • Conferences • Stipends, Liability Insurance • Documentation Teacher Monitors provide: • Site Visits • On-call support for issues • Event Support Program Support Apprenticeships in Science & Engineering
  12. 12. … follow your curiosity! Thank you & have a great summer!