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Guest lecture given to post-grad Masters of Marketing and Communications students about PR, its changes and working in the industry.

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  1. 1. LIBBY FORDHAM University of Melbourne Lecture October 2016 #PRlyfe
  3. 3. OLD WORLD COMMUNICATIONS One way conversations Controlled curators of information Very few ‘channels’ Slower moving information/information sharing Platforms for alternative thought limited
  4. 4. TRANSITIONING FROM OLD WORLD TO NEW WORLD Opening up of communication channels and choice Technology coming into households Commencement of innovation towards curation for the consumer
  5. 5. NEW WORLD COMMUNICA TIONS Not just ‘social media’ anymore We’re actually undergoing ‘App fatigue’ Consumers take what they need Already time poor, already guilty about spending time on their devices Lack of trust in traditional media, governments, privacy What comes next?
  6. 6. WHERE TO WORK • In-house • Government • PR Consultancy Firm • Freelance/Contract
  7. 7. IN HOUSE/CLIENT SIDE Directly part of the bigger marketing/comms/sales direction for the company Opportunities to work across all levels of delivery Often more job security Experiencing working with suppliers, printers, agencies, channels
  8. 8. GOVERNMENT/A GENCIES Within the bureaucracy or Ministerial office Provides a solid grounding in communications Often long hours
  9. 9. PR AGENCY Opportunity to work on multiple clients at once Ability to specialise in disciplines Choose an agency which specialises in an industry you’re interested in Employment tied to the client list Often long hours and doing all the bad jobs
  10. 10. CONTRACT/FREE LANCE Internal long or short term projects Through a placement agency or network Great way to build experience Need to be self motivated Consider cash flow Work around the world
  12. 12. YOUR AUDIENCE IS NOT ‘EVERYONE’ Consumers curate the information they wish to connect with You may think your information is the most news worthy but it’s your job to make it interesting Find your niche and engage with them Your niche will inform and guide
  13. 13. LEARN AND DO A BIT OF EVERYTHING Diverse industry with various specialist streams Industry continues to change Build your knowledge network Stay ahead of the fads
  14. 14. KNOW THE IMPORTANCE OF WHAT YOU SAYChoose a position which reflects your values Your audience is not ‘everyone’ Every platform requires that language is nuanced
  15. 15. DON’T DO IT FOR THE GLAMOUR Hard work and potentially very long hours The more glamourous roles often don’t pay well Align your interests and values
  16. 16. GET A THICK SKIN Everyone is an expert Copy often suffers under changes by committee Different people have different writing styles Adjust your to suit the voice of the business you represent and your audience
  17. 17. GET A MENTOR/NET WORK Learn from others Seek career advice Get your work peer reviewed Build a network Stretch your skills
  18. 18. LEARN TO PITCH TO A JOURNALIST Getting a story up is a competitive business A day in the life of a journalist has changed Their response can be blunt or brutal Receiving many pitches Do your homework
  19. 19. QUESTIONS .au