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Film+research++institutions x


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Film+research++institutions x

  1. 1. Film Research – institutions By libbie Sargent
  2. 2. Low vs. High budget film. The low Budget film that we got given was ‘Another Earth’. The film is an American science fiction/drama film which was first screened in 2011. The film with the high budget I decided to do was ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2’. This is the last film of 8 and has a very large following of fans as the books and films have been around so long and therefore people have grown to love the characters and story line.
  3. 3. Main Institutions. – Low budget The main institution of ‘Another Earth’ is Fox searchline pictures. Fox searchline pictures, established in 1994, is an American film division on Fox entertainment along side the larger Fox studio, 20th century fox. Fox searchline pictures specializes in independent and British films, which means that most films that they produce are low budget.
  4. 4. Main Institutions – High Budget Harry Potter and the deathly hallows part two has two main institutions. Heyday Films is the institution that produced the Harry Potter film series. Heyday films is a British film company which was founded in 1997, the films that Heyday films produce are all similar to Harry Potter. Warner Brothers is the distribution institution which has distributed all the Harry Potter films. Warner Brothers is a very respected name in the film industry and is used by many companies. Warner Brothers is an American producer of film, TV and music.
  5. 5. Low budget High Budget Production – $200,000  Production - $125million. Gross 1st weekend -  Gross 1st weekend - $77,740 $169,189,427 Played at – 4 screens  Played at - 4375 Screens Gross - $1,316,074  Gross - $1,328,111,219 Money -Low vs. High budget.
  6. 6. Similarities Differences Both films had institutions  Another Earth has one that are specific to the institution that does the type of film they were production and creating. distributing whereas Harry Potter has an institution for each.  Harry Potter has well known institutions whereas Another Earth has an institution that isn’t very well known. Similarities and Differences
  7. 7. Other films by institutions – Low 127 Hours – budgetBudget- $18 million, Gross - $57,335,230  These are some of the films that have been Black Swan – produced by the institution that produced Another Earth. Some of these films are veryBudget – $13 million, Gross - $329,398,046 well known and had quite a high budget. Cedar Rapids – 127 hours, Black Swan, Just Wright and TheBudget – Unknown, Gross - $6,861,102 Descendants are all films which had a large budget therefore creating a big gross. Conviction –Budget - $12.5 million, Gross - $9,710,055  However other films like Margret, which had a budget of $6.2 million only ended up Cyrus with a gross of only $46, 495.Budget - $7 million, Gross - $9,923,855  The Genre of film that Fox Search line Just Wright – pictures produce are quite different, itBudget - 12 million, Gross - $21,570,263 seems to have a wide range of genres in films and there is no pattern on which films Margret – are more successful.Budget - $6.2 million, Gross - $46,495  The audience of the films all seem to be Never Let Me Go 12A’s which means that the companyBudget - $15 million, Gross - $9,455,232 produces films mainly for teenagers and up. Snow Flower and the Secret FanBudget -$6 million , Gross - $1,645,327 The Descendants –Budget - $20,000,000 Gross - $61,237,000
  8. 8. Other films by institutions – High Valentines Day budgetBudget - $52 million, Gross -$216,485,654  These are some of the films that have been Clash of the Titans produced by the institution that producedBudget - $125 million, Gross - $493,214,993 Harry Potter. The lowest budgeted film was $17 million and therefore had the smallest Sex and the City 2 gross. There seems to be a link between theBudget - $95 million, Gross - $305,153,249 amount put into the film and then amount Inception the film makes.Budget - $160 million, Gross - $825,532,764  Warner Brothers seems to make films that Lottery Ticket are well known and they all seem to Gross very well, they have a big budget to makeBudget - $17 million, Gross - $24,719,879 sure that the films are well produced. Life as We Know It  Like Fox Search line pictures bothBudget - $38 million, Gross - $105,648,706 companies seem to produce a lot of genres Due Date and not stick to one.Budget - $65 million, Gross - $211,780,824  Warner brothers seems to have a lot of different audiences depending on the film. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1 There are a lot of different types and ratingsBudget - $125 million, Gross - $956,399,711 on their films and so they have a very varied Yogi Bear audience rather than just having a nicheBudget - $80 million, Gross - $201,584,141 one. Red Riding HoodBudget - $42 million, Gross - $89,162,162
  9. 9. Which is better? Overall I found that Warner Brothers was the better institution as they produced better grossing films than Fox search line did. Warner brothers is also a better known name than Fox search line which immediately tells you that they are probably a better company as their work is high profile. Warner Brothers is able to put more money into the production and distribution of films which then means that they are more able to produce better quality films.