History of music videos


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History of music videos

  1. 1. History Of music videos By Liat Shamash
  2. 2. What is a music video? A music video is a short film incorporating a song and imagery which is produced for promotional or artistic purposes. They are mainly made and used as a marketing device anticipated to promote the sale of the artist and the song. Music videos use a broad range of styles, such as: live performance, animation, narrative, non narrative approach which makes it quite abstract, studio based including a lot of the artist dancing with lots of costume changes, ...etc...
  3. 3. Key features of music video There is association among the LYRICS and the visuals, meaning that the lyrics you here would be acted out on screen. However some music videos contradict the lyrics and visuals and some amplify them. There is also association among the MUSIC and visuals, meaning how the music video is edited could be that the beat of the music goes along with the cuts of the visuals. However some music videos contradict the music and visuals and don’t always cut to the beat of the music. In addition some music videos amplify the music and visuals such as fast paced house music with lots of beats. So by enhancing the music and visuals it enhances the song.
  4. 4. Key features of music videocontinued.. Genre characteristics are revealed within a music video. For example a live stage performance by an Indi rock band or a dance routine in lots of outfit changes for a girl Major R&B singer. Within a music video there are plenty of close-up shots of the artist as this is to show that this is their song that theyre promoting. This is mostly demanded from the record label and just enhances and brings more promotion to the artist. In a lot of music videos not just female ones, a women is being seductive and showing of her body this is highlighted by the idea of voyeurism by Andrew Goodwin. The female body is used to gain the male gaze. Female body’s are also used in male music videos with girls half naked dancing around the artist. Additionally in some music videos their are intertextual references to films or people or other music videos..
  5. 5. How important are musicvideos? The artist is given an opportunity to make an impression on the public but not just with their vocal talent but also with their looks and their creative ideas or cool music videos doing something others havent done. There are people who become immediate fans just from seeing one music video so a music video could be a big break for an artist for a more wider audience Music videos don’t only help the artist it also helps the directors get credit for there work they did which then gets them more work on other projects. Most music videos aim to convey the meaning of the song. Therefore when the audience watch it they understand it more and can relate to it more easily.
  6. 6. Technical features of musicvideos Fast editing and cuts Digital effects Camera movement Close up of singers face Cuts to go to the beat or key rhythm Lighting and colour highlights live performances or using both colour and black and white to highlight changes in the songs beat Mise en scene – the setting, lighting, props
  7. 7. One of the first music videos (in afilm) 1957 ELVIS PRESLEY – JAILHOUSE ROCK
  8. 8. The Beatles – Strawberry FieldsForever 1967 -
  9. 9. History - Important events 1927 – first sound film – ‘the jazz singer’ USA 1964- Top Of The Pops TV programme begins 1967 - the Beatles - Strawberry field 1975 – Queen: Bohemian Rhapsody 1977 – Saturday night fever 1981 – MTV starts 1983 – Michael Jackson – Thriller 1984 - MTV video music awards launched 1990 – Madonna – Vogue 2000 – launch of jackass 2001 – launch of MTV dance
  10. 10. Comparing music before tonow How music has changed and developed through people and technology so quickly is just amazing. When music videos first started coming out it was more about the artist and now I feel like in some music videos its more about who can produce the best dance performance or has the nicest costume changes, etc... Music videos are becoming more and more creative with some amazing ideas and narratives There arent only simple videos there are also animated and really clever thought out ones.