Designed specifically for the mining, oil & gas, steel and other heavy industries                                         ...
Practical advice on social  environmental management for your industrySocial  Environmental Risk Management Conference USA...
Group discounts available - forward this brochure to your colleagues nowc     “Excellent, good mix of speakers and topics ...
DAY 1 AGENDA 21 June 2011                                                                                                 ...
DAY 2 AGENDA 22 June 2011Case Study: How ArcelorMittal                                 Fracking: Establish health and     ...
Practical advice on social  environmental management for your industryOperating in conflict zones:                        ...
R E G I S T E R                                                                   N O WBusiness Intelligence Reportspackag...
Designed specifically for the mining, oil  gas, steel and other heavy industries                                          ...
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How to Manage Social & Environmental Risk in Oil & Gas, Mining and Steel


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How to Manage Social & Environmental Risk in Oil & Gas, Mining and Steel

  1. 1. Designed specifically for the mining, oil & gas, steel and other heavy industries Sav when e $500How to Manage Social & you re before gister 22 Ap ril 20 11!Environmental Risk in Oil OUR EXPERT SPEAKERS INCLUDE:& Gas, Mining and SteelCSR Implementation and Innovationfor the Extractive Industry§ 21-22 JUNE 2011 | HILTON DOUBLETREE, HOUSTON, TEXAS§ 2 Day Conference Case Studies Focused Debate Maintain your social license to operate: Build effective community relations and improve productivity at site level Implement CSR strategies on site level: Put policies into action across global operations Prevent policy breaches: Carry out human rights due diligence, comply with changing legislation and get effective guidance on preventing reputational damage OFFICIAL SUPPORTING PARTNERS Mitigate environmental challenges: Minimize the impact of fracking, increased water usage carbon footprint trails to keep your reputation intact and reduce project costs Effective stakeholder engagement: How to construct productive long-term relationships with governments, NGOs and employees Expert tips on operating in conflict zones: Identify and calculate EVENT SPONSOR risks to your business THIS CONFERENCE IS FOR YOU IF YOU WORK IN: ORGANIZED BY Mining / Oil / Gas industry Community Development Climate Change Steel or other heavy industries Corporate Policy / Affairs Risk / Crisis Management Social Performance Corporate Communications Environment Stakeholder Engagement Corporate Partnerships Health Safety Sustainable Development Corporate Responsibility Reputation Management Environmental Management Sustainable Investment Community Relations Check out our packed agenda and see who’s involved §
  2. 2. Practical advice on social environmental management for your industrySocial Environmental Risk Management Conference USA 2011Devoted exclusively to the needs of the mining, oil, gas, steel other heavyindustries in North America – and worldwideSupported by ICMM IPIECADear Colleague, ing – they are also becoming harder to access. According toWhat does the future hold for the extractive sector? Supplies are not only diminish in the wake of the Middle East crisis, oil prices spiked to theirthe International Energy Agency, demand is increasing markedly. And of course, of time.highest levels since 2008, amid speculation that the $200 barrel is only a matter es across North America, and some analysts areShale gas supplies appear to be one answer. They are available in ubiquitous quantiti on in North America by the end of the decade.forecasting shale gas will supply as much as 50% of the USA’s natural gas producti documentary Gasland has helped mobilize massiveBut fracking has been condemned by environmentalists and NGOs. Oscar-nominatedopposition to the process. a new standard for transparency, and social and With the White House committed to a green agenda, the Dodd-Frank Act setting g even more important, the heat is on. environmental issues – including human rights and water management – becomin the globe, it is nothing short of business-critical to Quite simply, with so many high profile issues resonating and being debated across that is where the Social Environmental Risk identify and implement practical solutions to the many challenges we face. And Management Conference fits in. by attracting relevant delegates. “This Conference sets itself apart by its engaging format, progressive agenda, and Definitely the event for sustainability in heavy industry.” - Charlotte Wolff, Corporate Responsibility Manager, ArcelorMittal in the UK by Ethical Corporation – and it crosses the pond This top-level event comes to North America following two sell-out events staged and expertize that was on offer. by popular demand from those of you who missed out on the market intelligence refreshed, with a heightened focus on here-and-now However, this isn’t merely a re-tread. The entire Conference has been updated and all face when operating overseas. challenges in the US, in addition to thought-provoking sessions on the issues we ark your own initiatives against many of the industry’s When you come to take a look at the Agenda, you’ll see this is a chance to benchm ng the do’s – and don’ts – of social and environmental risk most prominent names, and to pick the brains of their CSR leaders while evaluati management. ittal, Rio Tinto, Marathon Oil, Barrick Gold and Expert speakers from companies such as Chevron, Shell, ExxonMobil, ArcelorM about their own social and environmental issues, as Halliburton are converging on Houston from around the world, ready to talk openly avoiding specific pitfalls. well as sharing examples of best practice and providing invaluable insights into agenda. And that’s no accident. The Agenda for Social You will see that each session zones in on topics that currently dominate your own with pertinent experts in mining, gas, oil, steel and other Environmental Risk Management Conference is the direct result of primary research g, useful and –above all else – relevant. heavy industries, which means we guarantee everything you learn is thought-provokin der groups, the best methods to minimize carbon footprint That’s why we’re tackling issues such as project finance, how to engage stakehol success of your CSR policies, protecting your social license to and water usage, strategies to implement CSR policies in the field, measuring the media and increasingly savvy environmentalists. operate and handling crises and reputation management in the face of a hostile n event, delegates came from all over the world – from 21 Important though all of this is, it is not the only reason to attend. At our Europea g in Houston will have an equally international flavor, different countries, including Brazil, Peru, Finland and Australia – and the gatherin as well as catching up with old colleagues and friends. making this a fabulous opportunity for networking and making useful new contacts Hope you can join us 21-22 June in Houston. Yours sincerely, Liam Richardson Conference Director Ethical Corporation Check the website for frequent updates on new speaker additions!
  3. 3. Group discounts available - forward this brochure to your colleagues nowc “Excellent, good mix of speakers and topics – and also, importantly, attendees” – Jenny Olsson, Environment and Social Advisor, BP “Very rich conference in terms of experience, diversity, and multiple topics covered – t OUR 5 GUARANTEES TO YOU FOCUSED AGENDA: very engaged and skilled speakers” – Brigitte Sobry-Chignot, Sustainable Development Manager, Shell Created after months of extensive research, the Conference Agenda has been shaped with input and insight of some of the sector’s most Here are some of the delegates who attended the Summit in 2010: knowledgeable professionals. Above all else, it has been developed with one thought in mind: # Dalradian Gold, CEO # ICMM, Senior Program Director # Maersk Drilling, Head of CSR To tackle every major issue and challenge you # Xstrata, Corporate Affairs Manager # Total, Senior Advisor Climate # ENI, Sustainability Planning, face in your day-to-day working environment. # RBS, Head of Environmental, Social Change Reporting and Professional You’ll come away with practical solutions to your Ethical Risk # BP, Remediation Management Community Manager biggest challenges. # Suncor Energy, Director # Rio Tinto, Chief Advisor Policy and # Exxon Mobil, Alison Langford, Environmental Social Issues Performance Issues Advisor FANTASTIC NETWORKING Management # Hess Corporation, Advisor Social # JP Morgan, Executive Director, OPPORTUNITY: # Vale, Director Environment Responsibility Attend this event and you’re guaranteed to add Environmental Management # Lihir Gold, Director Sustainable # Anglo American Brazil, the biggest names in the industry to your Development Sustainable Development Manager # Teck,Social Community contact book. Organizer Ethical Corporation has # Lihir Gold, General Manager # Talisman Energy, Vice President Development Manager an incredible international reputation, so we Sustainable Development Corporate Affairs # Nexen, Community Affairs Manager always attract speakers – and delegates – from the forefront of the sector.Who were last year’s delegates at our UK conference? PARTICIPATORY AND INTERACTIVE DELEGATE SENIORITY ORGANIZATION TYPE ATTENDEES BY COUNTRY DEBATES: No teacher-classroom atmosphere, we promise. Instead, a conference experience that enables you to progress your own corporate agenda and discuss your specific issues with our experts. The emphasis is on discussion and debate, all expertly chaired. And instead of just one voice speaking for what feels like forever, everyone will be encouraged to have their say.I Other 2% I Corporate 58% I UK 46% RELEVANT AND EXCLUSIVE FORI Executive 30% I Service Provider 32% I Europe 32% EXTRACTIVES:I Manager 46% I Industry Association 6% I North America 16% This conference is definitely NOT a chance forI Director 12% I NGO 4% I South America 2% companies to brag about how great they are andI Head Of 6% I Africa 4% have you pay top dollar for endless sales pitchesI C-Suite 4% and PR speak. Instead, it’s tailored specifically to deal with your sector’s problems – and deliver solutions – with business intelligence on tap SPEAKING, EXHIBITING, SPONSORSHIP AND NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES from top professionals who have practical experience they can offer the room. That way, it Highlight your company’s work, raise your profile and connect with senior corporate is guaranteed to meet your business needs and sustainability and climate professionals provide genuine return on your investment of time and money. Raise the profile of your service or product with a focused group of senior decision makers in major corporations working in Sustainability, Environmental Management and Compliance, Corporate Affairs, Operations, Product Development, Strategy and Communications. EXPERT KNOWLEDGE: Our list of speakers consists only of top industry • Over 8 hours of face-to-face networking time professionals, all of them keen to offer the • Intimate networking environment – 8 exhibit booths, all coffee breaks and evening drinks reception will take benefit of their wisdom and experience. Plus place in the exhibit/networking input from plenty of hands-on decision makers and problem solvers. So when you take part in • Address delegates and raise your profile with a speaking/sponsorship position – 10-15 minute presentations the Social Environmental Risk Management time plus 40 minute QA and Implementation Conference you’re • Online pre-conference e-networking centre – chat with attendees before the conference guaranteed a direct line to their knowledge and know-how, plus takeaway solutions, strategies Secure your place NOW, contact Andrew Bold on +44 (0) 207 375 7188 and implementation guidelines that will help you conquer major challenges this year. or email Guaranteed. Got a question? Give us a call on +1 800 814 34 59
  4. 4. DAY 1 AGENDA 21 June 2011 your social license and reputations. So what exactly is it you need to Minimize supply chain risks: achieve? And how do you want your stakeholderto operate: Build effective relationships to develop? Enlist maximum support fromcommunity relations • Marathon Oil discuss how their engagement your suppliersYour business is increasingly reliant on a social license guidelines and software tools can ensure Monitoring a supply chain is enormously complex,to operate – but liaising with local communities is evidence based solutions to your decision making especially in the extractive industry with its vastgetting tougher. Running a global operation means • Hear how Pacific Rubiales Energy worked with the global supply chain. And that’s before you take intoit’s essential for your people to properly understand Colombian Government on the countrys account the rise of China. As developing countriescountries whose cultures and attitudes are very infrastructure and established their presence in come increasingly into the equation, reachingdifferent from their own, and an innocent mistake the country effective supplier agreements becomes ever more ofcan have serious consequences. ICMM’s Aidan Davy • Learn about upcoming regulations and how the a challenge. Moreover, once you’re involved with awarns: “Companies that fail to respect indigenous Dodd Frank Act 2010 will impact on your global supplier, it can be very difficult to terminate yourpeoples’ rights and interests are more likely to operations arrangement – and making the break in any eventbecome embroiled in local and regional disputes and is often not the best solution. Suppliers need to • How to engage communities and integrate themconflicts”. In short, a one-size-fits-all model doesn’t adjust to your social and environmental requests. into your workforcework. In this session find out about the processes and And more important, they need to understand whymanagement structures used by Barrick Gold on their • Practical information on how Marathon Oil has it’s crucial for them to do so. But how do you strikesuccessful community relations schemes including a increased their stakeholder engagement with groups a balance between policing a supply chain andproject in Chile which has resulted in new homes for located near assets to better understand their needs remedying it?3000 people, technology for schools and tailored Marathon Oil, Amy Mifflin, Social Programs Manager • Find out how to effectively evaluate suppliers bybusiness training for local people: Pacific Rubiales Energy, Fredrico Restrepo, Vice President Corporate Affairs tailoring questionnaires and scorecards to your• Expert advice on the best way to develop specific needs productive – and profitable – relationships with • How to ensure your suppliers do not merely agree indigenous peoples on paper.• Find out how Barrick Gold implement their Measure the success of your • Proven strategies to get suppliers to understand – policies on the ground. How do you get site staff CSR initiatives: Develop powerful and live up to – the social and environmental on board with CSR strategies? reporting techniques and standards you require• Practical information to help you quickly identify benchmark • How far down the supply chain do you need to the needs of different stakeholders – and secure go to effectively monitor your social and their co-operation In the current financial climate, calculating the environmental risks?• How to be responsible corporate citizens without value of your CSR policies is vital. But how can you Shell, Rebecca Nadel, Senior Regional Ventures Support taking on the role of government get your hands on meaningful and measurable IntegratorBarrick Gold, Peter Sinclair, Vice President Corporate Social results? What’s needed is a tailor-madeResponsibility comprehensive reporting program. One that enablesCBSR, Trevor Hindmarch, Senior CSR Advisor you to identify key sustainability issues and reportExxonMobil, Senior Level Speaker to be confirmed shortly. back to your stakeholder groups. This session walksPlease check our website. you through IPIECA’s recently-updated reporting frameworks and delivers valuable guidance drawn from 20+ companies and six industry organizations. You’ll also get up-to-speed with the certificationImprove stakeholder relations: that’s currently most relevant to your company andSuccessful communications with make an informed decision about ISO26000,government, NGOs and currently in vogue with CSR professionals:employees • How Rio Tinto have made their CSR frameworksUnderstanding how best to communicate with stand alongside their business operations to GROUP DISCOUNTS reveal true value Why don’t you link up with the corporatestakeholder groups is a major challenge for any • Find out how IPIECA has developed a new affairs/social engagement/environmentalcompany. Responding – and acquiescing – to reporting framework for internal and external management department and take advantagegovernment regulations and navigating red tape can of our group discounts:swallow major resources. Engaging in debate with stakeholder audiences. Will it optimize yourNGOs usually turns out to be costly, time-consuming reporting and be relevant? A Buy 3 conference passes – get the fourth one freeand ultimately futile if the relationship has no basis • Practical information on ISO26000 certification: B Buy 4 conference passes – get one freein co-operation or mutual trust. Employing the best What’s most relevant and important to the future conference pass + a free subscription topeople and ensuring their skill set is correct for the of your company and its forward progress? Ethical Corporation magazinejob is another issue that often affects productivity Rio Tinto, John Hall, General Manager External Affairs Check the website for frequent updates on new speaker additions!
  5. 5. DAY 2 AGENDA 22 June 2011Case Study: How ArcelorMittal Fracking: Establish health and Human rights violations:has preserved access to water safety best practices and How to safeguard your operationssupplies - and minimized the minimize controversy from breaches of policyimpact on the local environment There’s no doubt about it: Fracking equals UN Special Advisor on Business and Human Rights,A recent Ethical Corporation report, “Unlocking the profits controversy. In central Arkansas, where 800 Professor John Ruggie, has delivered his newin Water Savings”, reveals that 99% of sustainability earthquakes were recorded in just six months, two Protect, Respect, Remedy framework.managers say water is currently a “top-of-my-agenda” natural gas companies agreed to suspend use of Guidelines such as ISO26000 on socialitem. In this session ArcelorMittal will present a case injection wells. A New York Times investigative series responsibility have now been updated to reflect hisstudy on their Sustain Our Great Lakes programme, which on the dangers associated with fracking has resulted work. Playing out against a backdrop of violencehas restored 9000 acres of wetland, coastal and upland in officials declaring a moratorium on new activities and continuing uncertainty in the Middle East andhabitat. What are your peers doing to cut water usage? until the middle of 2011 at the earliest. And then renewed criticisms of health and safety practices onHow much money can a savvy water usage strategy there’s the impact of the Oscar-nominated movie, extractive sites, this session will get you up to speed Gasland. Nonetheless, the shift from oil to natural with policy changes you need to consider:save you? And what else should you be doing to gas is gaining momentum with Halliburton leadingminimize irrevocable damage to the local landscapes? • How to carry out due diligence on human rights the way to mitigate environmental challenges by• The benefits of measuring your water use for swapping usual fracking chemicals with materials • Expert tips on innovative human rights policy for specific projects sourced entirely from the food industry: operating in conflict zones• How ArcelorMittal worked with communities and • Practical information from Halliburton on the • Human rights integration: Best practice methods issued grants to minimize damage to local habitats potential alternatives to traditional fracturing to ensure your detailed guidelines are integrated• Essential data to highlight how ArcelorMittal has chemicals. In what ways are these alternatives within corporate culture and management systems minimized their water and carbon footprints to beneficial to your company? • How to develop better labor relations – and make crucial savings • How to challenge environmental groups by maximize efficiency• How to identify – and calculate – risk from your responding effectively to criticisms and ensuring Rio Tinto, Matt Jeschke, Regional Communities Manager water management and footprint creation all your processes are transparent Syncrude, Kara Flynn, Public Affairs Manager strategies • Best practice from Halliburton on the fractureArcelorMittal, Heather Loebner, Executive Director mapping technology that mitigates environmentalArcelorMittal USA Foundation and CR Governance Board risk to water sources • Sensible solutions on how best to liaise with local Project finance: Meeting communities, explain your safeguards against the banking sector’s lendingBridging the gap: Put CSR potential risks, and highlight benefits requirements Halliburton, Robert Sherman, Global Manager Health,strategies into action across Safety Sustainability Since 2003, the Equator Principles have been thea global site network WWF, Suzanne Apple, Vice President and Managing recognized guidelines companies need to follow in Director Business and Industry order to secure project finance. Over 70 banks conformYour site managers and their staff understand to the Equator Principles today, making it moreenvironmental and operational issues. But there is important than ever to fully understand theoften a knowledge gap when it comes to dealing requirements. What’s more, the IFC’s (Internationalwith social issues. So how can you bring boardroom Finance Corporation) latest sustainability guidelinesstrategies to life, and make them work on sites on environment, health and safety are making it evenacross the globe – especially in places where tougher and more complex to get your latest projectslegislation can change rapidly and communities can off the ground. This session shows you how to makebe divided over the right approach to take? the strongest possible case for project finance:• Tried and tested ways of encouraging buy-in from • The best way to structure your application local operational staff • First-hand advice: What potential investors want• Sensible solutions for dealing with on-site to see operational issues • What CSR standards must you reach to satisfy• Equip your operators with the skills they require investment requirements? to handle social issues with ease • Use results from social impact assessment to• Learn how to structure the training and support your bid application development of site staff and increase operational effectiveness § Check the website! Royal Bank of Scotland, Tim Bescoby, Head Environmental, Social Ethical RiskCairns Energy, Khurram Naayaab, CSR Manager For frequent updates go to: Overseas Private Investment Corporation, Don Proebstel, Senior Social Environmental AnalystXstrata, Elvie Granchero, Corporate CommunitySustainability Manager Acorn International, Dean Slocum, Principal Got a question? Give us a call on +1 800 814 34 59
  6. 6. Practical advice on social environmental management for your industryOperating in conflict zones: Improve your reputation: Case Study: Suncor Energy -Structuring your operations Get your message across to the Thinking about the future: Theto minimize financial risk media and stakeholder groups Oil Sands and their importance to the industryWhen it comes to exploration, extractive companies How long will it take BP to recover from thehave always needed to mix pragmatism and The world is shrinking. The number of economically Deepwater Horizon disaster – or has its reputationidealism. But with this year’s wave of popular and politically sensitive areas is growing. And the been tainted, and if so, how many billion dollars high risk extractive sector is growing even riskier.uprisings sweeping the Middle East – and long- will continue to haemorrhage from its bottom line There’s an urgent need to deliver solutions thatstanding rulers ejected from office – how are ‘therules’ changing? We’ve seen companies like ENI, in the years ahead? protect ways of life and the environment and enableTOTAL and BP evacuate their people from Libya. How our corporations to co-exist peacefully in these Even more pertinently, how can you stop locations. These challenges are encapsulated by thecan a company integrate themselves both politically your own company’s good name being rapidly need to move forward in extracting the Oil Sandsand socially into a country? Chevron has amassed destroyed if the worst should ever happen? And and fully grasp the benefits that natural gasgreat experience across the globe of operating in the meantime, are you doing everything extraction can bring to North American economiessuccessfully in locations that are culturally different possible to share your successes and tap into currently overly reliant on imported oil. However,and lacking cohesive political stability. Find out how how can this be done both responsibly and new communication channels to broadcast yourthey tailor their management frameworks to each efficiently causing minimal impact to communitiessite in which they operate. Access to supplies is vital mission statement and goals? and the environment? In this session, Suncorno matter how perilous the political climate. But • How to develop and strengthen ties with Energy, the first company to extract the Oil Sandswhat’s the safest way to organize operations in the the media – and project a more positive image share their story. This closing session will leave youleast stable countries in the world? with plenty of food for thought – and help spur • Utilize new communications channels• Preparing – and updating – contingency plans to ongoing discussion and debate with your peers: and improve brand awareness with sustainability ensure safety of staff and supplies with minimal • Learn how Suncor Energy has developed a sustainable measures and new partnerships water usage scheme for its extraction processes damage and loss • How best to handle negative situations – lessons • Tools to help the sector develop a unified natural gas• Best practice guidance on handling crises and evacuations with minimal business impact learned from other companies’ disasters extraction strategy in the North American tar sands • Risk management: Preparing a convincing • Best practice on minimizing the social and• How to build trust within communities – and environmental impact of extracting the Oil Sands alleviate tension – by collaborating with key PR strategy to combat and alleviate potential stakeholder groups crisis situations • Suncor Energy share their community strategy for engaging First Nations people by supporting• Learn how best to approach political situations Omya, James Hamilton, Vice President of Environmental business and incorporating local entrepreneur both nationally and globally - and act in the best and External Affairs into the company value chain interests of the company and its reputation CLF Ventures, Jasmine Tanguay, Associate Managing Suncor Energy, Patricia OReilly, Vice PresidentChevron, Silvia Garrigo, Manager Global Issues Director Communications and Public Affairs Acknowledgements to our Panel of Experts We would like to express special acknowledgment to our panel of experts who have really helped us zone into the core topics of this agenda. # Talisman Energy, Jim O’Driscoll, Vice President # TOTAL, Bertrand Janus, Sustainable Development # Halliburton, Bob Sherman, Global Manager External Relations Environment Manager Health, Safety Sustainability # ExxonMobil, Noa Gimelli, Corporate Citizenship # Vedanta, Tony Henshaw, Chief Sustainability Advisor # Suncor Energy, Patricia O’Reilly, Vice President Officer Communications Public Affairs # Hess Corporation, Doug Maddams, Social # BHP Billiton, Doris Thompson, Community Responsibility Advisor # Freeport-McMoran, Shari Knoerzer, Director Relations Advisor # Vale, Cory McPhee, Director Corporate Public Social Responsibility Affairs # Chevron, Lauren Berry, Corporate Responsibility Advisor # Baker Hughes, Melanie Brook-Lander, Health, # Newmont, Chris Anderson, Director Corporate External Affairs # ArcelorMittal, Charlotte Wolff, Corporate Safety Environment Director # ENI, Roberto Bossi, Sustainability Planning Responsibility Manager # Hess Corporation, Armand Zantman, Social Manager # ArcelorMittal, Heather Loebner, Executive Responsibility Advisor # Rio Tinto, John Hall, Corporate Relations Director USA Foundation and Corporate Manager Responsibility Manager # CBSR, Trevor Hindmarch, Senior CSR Advisor # CDC Group, Niclas During, ESG Manager # Noble Energy, David Shelfer # CBSR, Maria Jose Ramos, CSR Advisor Group discounts available - forward this brochure to your colleagues now
  7. 7. R E G I S T E R N O WBusiness Intelligence Reportspackaged with Platinum Passes Social Environmental Risk Management Conference USA Houston, 21-22 JuneDelegates who purchase a PLATINUM PASS getour newly published report on: 1. CHOOSE YOUR PASS TYPE Social and economic Super Early Bird Early Bird Standard price impact: measurement, Register by: 22 April 2011 13 May 2011 evaluation reporting $2395 I $2645 I $2895 I PLATINUM PASS Save $500 Save $250 A must-have guide for companies operating in $1895 I $2145 I $2395 I GOLD PASS Save $500 Save $250 emerging markets and vulnerable communities $1595 I $1845 I $2095 I SILVER PASS Save $500 Save $250Download free selected findings from $1495 I $1745 I $1995 Ithe report here: BRONZE PASS Save $500 Save $ Discounts are available for NGOs. Please go to for more details WHAT YOU GET: PLATINUM GOLD SILVER BRONZE • Access to all sessions • Access to all sessions • Access to all sessions • Access to all sessionsTHE VENUE • Networking lunch and coffee breaks • Networking lunch and coffee breaks • Networking lunch and coffee breaks • Networking lunch and coffee breaksThis conference will take place at the • Evening Drinks Reception • Evening Drinks Reception • Evening Drinks Reception • Evening Drinks ReceptionHilton Doubletree in Downtown Houston. Access Access Access Access Ethical Corporation has secured a special room • Access to presentation • Access to presentation • Access to presentation + Access to presentationrate for attendees and you will be sent detailed slides post-conference slides post-conference slides post-conference slides post-conferenceinformation about this when your registration is • Access to audio • Access to audio + Access to audioconfirmed. recordings of every recordings of every recordings from every conference session conference session conference session The luxurious hotel feature floor-to-ceiling • 1-year subscription + 1-year subscription towindows for expansive views of the city skyline, and SAVE $150 WHEN YOU QUOTE THIS CODE! PRIORITY CODE BOX to Ethical Corporation Ethical Corporationinclude a long list of amenities like high-speed Printed Magazine Printed MagazineInternet access and our new Sweet Dreams® beds. + 1 Ethical Corporation (Saving $230 from theWhether youre traveling here for business or business intelligence normal subscription price)pleasure, youll appreciate guest services like our report (Saving $370)Business Center, wireless high-speed Internet accessin public areas, Fitness Center, our inviting Lobby 2. ENTER YOUR DETAILS Please photocopy this form for multiple registrationsLounge, a knowledgeable and helpful Conciergestaff, and more. Enjoy exceptional Houston dining at Mr / Mrs / Ms / Dr : . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .First name: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Trofi Restaurant serving Continental selections with Last name: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Job title: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .an Italian and Mediterranean flair. Company: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Telephone: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Email: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Address: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ...................................................................................... State: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Zip code: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Payment Choose one payment option I Credit Card (we’ll call to pick up your details) I Invoice NB: Full payment must be received before the event In addition to dozens of major businesses and 3. REGISTERcorporations, were within walking distance of many Cancellation Policy: Places are transferable without any charge. CALL: Ethical Corporation +44 (0) 20 7375 7575 or US toll-free +1 800 814 34 59.Houston attractions such as the Houston Theatre Cancellations received before 21 April 2011 incur an administration charge of 25%. If you cancel your registration after 20 May 2011 weDistrict, Toyota Center, Minute Maid Park, Bayou Place FAX: This form to+44 (0) 20 7375 7576 or to US toll-free+1 800 814 34 60. will be obliged to charge the full fee. Please note – you mustEntertainment Complex, Sam Houston Park, the notify Ethical Corporation in writing of a cancellation, or we EMAIL: The registration team on will be obliged to charge the full fee. The organizers reserve theDowntown Aquarium, and the new Light Rail. right to make changes to the program without notice. All pricesHoustons new light rail system connects downtown displayed are exclusive of VAT unless otherwise stated but, vat MAIL: This form to Ethical Corporation, 7–9 Fashion Street, London, E1 6PX, UK will be charged, where applicable, at the prevailing rate on theto Reliant Park Stadium, Arena, event facilities, and invoice date and the relevant details will appear on the invoice.Astrodome. WEB: Go to and submit your details for instant For more details about prices please see terms conditions on confirmation of your place! Places are strictly limited don’t miss out on your chance to attend. Register today!
  8. 8. Designed specifically for the mining, oil gas, steel and other heavy industries Sav when e $500How to Manage Social you re before gister 22 Ap ril 20 11!Environmental Risk in Oil OUR EXPERT SPEAKERS INCLUDE: Gas, Mining and SteelCSR Implementation and Innovationfor the Extractive Industry§ 21-22 JUNE 2011 | HILTON DOUBLETREE, HOUSTON, TEXAS§ 2 Day Conference Case Studies Focused Debate Business-specific answers: A unique opportunity to learn from peers who share your social environmental concerns Industry endorsed: Officially supported by ICMM IPIECA Best practice in extractive sector: Conference Agenda developed for the sector by the sector after months of primary research with senior executives from North America’s mining, oil gas, steel and other heavy industries Expert speakers: From CEOs to operational managers, your speaker faculty includes leading industry experts plus senior people who are hands-on in developing countries OFFICIAL SUPPORTING PARTNERS Practical case studies: Frank and honest accounts that you can learn from – and apply to your own operations Unrivalled networking opportunities: Build lasting relationships with senior executives from your industry and beyondCome and hear from this unrivalled line up of expert speakers! EVENT SPONSORBarrick Gold, Peter Sinclair, Vice Shell, Rebecca Nadel, Senior Royal Bank of Scotland, Tim Rio Tinto, Matt Jeschke, RegionalPresident Corporate Social Regional Ventures Support Bescoby, Head of Environmental, Communities ManagerResponsibility Integrator Social Ethical Risk Pacific Rubiales Energy,Halliburton, Bob Sherman, Global Arcelor Mittal, Heather Loebner, Overseas Private Investment Fredrico Restrepo, Vice PresidentManager Health, Safety Executive Director USA Foundation Corporation, Don Proebstel, Corporate AffairsSustainability Omya, James Hamilton, Vice Senior Social Environmental President Environmental Syncrude, Kara Flynn, ORGANIZED BYSuncor Energy, Patricia O’Reilly, AnalystVice President Communications External Affairs Public Affairs Manager Xstrata, Elvie Granchero,Public Affairs Marathon Oil, Amy Mifflin, Social CBSR, Trevor Hindmarch, Corporate CommunityAcorn International, Dean Programs Manager Senior CSR Advisor Sustainability ManagerSlocum, Principal Chevron, Silvia Garrigo, Manager Global Issues Rio Tinto, John Hall, General IPIECA, TBCWWF, Suzanne Apple, Vice Manager External AffairsPresident Managing Director Cairns Energy, Khurram Naayaab, CLF Ventures, Jasmine Tanguay,Business Industry CSR Manager ExxonMobil, TBC Associate Managing Director Check out our packed agenda and see who’s involved §