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Portfolio final

  1. 1. Liam Lees Portfolio. 2011
  2. 2. Kn A LIVING FAMILY NETWORKLiam Lees KIN APP. separate. So none of those drunk photos from Friday night will be seen by Kin is aimed at those who cherish grandma and grandad, keeping your the connection with family members, innocent little angel act going. whether it is down the road or half way Kin completely changes the across the world. It enables you to keep way we interact with our family, using your private life and your family life the blog enables you to keep in touch
  3. 3. with your entire network of relatives in and aunts to grandparents etc, andLiam Lees one local area, as well as keeping track to the right is your current family, i.e of any up and coming events such as Wife/Husband, Daughters/ Sons, birthdays, anniversaries etc. Grandchildren etc. The network consists of many This system allows the opportunity nodes each representing a member of for your family to grow interactively the family, you are the centre node and within the Kin network. going to the left is your past generations Each of the nodes uses a of family going from parents to uncles notification system, in which it will glow
  4. 4. Liam Lees when something related to them is about to happen i.e. a birthday, holiday etc ultimate sharing environment of media for you whole family to enjoy. and when an exclamation mark appears Each family member can access inside the node something has been another by selecting a node which takes changed/updated to their account. them to your profile page where your With the ability to upload photos, uploaded media is located. videos, blog entries and new events to the shared area of the network gives you the
  5. 5. Confront. Evoke. Engage. Do. Andrew Reason Andy Kirkpatrick Gavin Pretor-Prenney Paul Chatterton Matt Jones Russell Davies Paul Deegan Jane Davidson Cary Fowler Dafydd Davis Do lectures Book. Each of these parts consist ofLiam Lees 3 lectures from completely different The Do lectures are a set of talks backgrounds, from environmentalists, aimed at inspiring people to ‘Do’ politicians to the average Joe who has amazing things, such as climb a done something amazing. mountain, invent something useful or just To name just a few lectures Cary look up at the clouds. Fowler’s talk about seed preservation This book is split into 3 parts – and agriculture is very inspiring and Confront, Evoke and engage. amazing and Andy Kirkpatrick’s story
  6. 6. of his multiple success stories from upside down text through-out the bookLiam Lees climbing many of the worlds killer represents that. mountains is fascinating. To take in from one way a whole The Do lectures have a motto – heap of information, filled with facts and Ideas + Energy = Change. questions to the other way being a brief It is this motto that led to the design summary about each lecture – straight to of this book, The idea that to make a the point and easy to understand what is change you must first see things from a being discussed. new perspective, and the continuity of the Each of the books have been
  7. 7. given a colour to clearly separate each is of great importance to keep theLiam Lees of the books form one another while reader engaged at all times for them maintaining the consistency between the to understand the content, and this book entire look. does that. This editorial piece has been Quotations through-out the printed onto newsprint to deliver an eco text have been flipped and coloured feel to the book because the Do lectures according to the book as you can see derive from an eco background. here, the text really stands out and give a With something like this it
  8. 8. new dynamic to the transcript. you read the book, they have been takenLiam Lees The flow of the book is broken to represent each of the lectures given. up by the large quotes at the top of the page so that the reader can almost feel they are having a break from reading a particular lecture. The Images have been doubled and reversed to produce an abstract image that works no matter which way
  9. 9. Liam Lees
  10. 10. Liam Lees
  11. 11. Hoard. No Strings Attached. XXXHoard. To become a minimalist you mustLiam Lees live simply and only own what you need, How do those who commit to a i.e underwear, trousers etc. minimalist way of life indulge in what Bear in mind though most they left behind as a consumerist ? minimalists do in fact combine many They say that with everything objects by using technology such as you own no matter how inanimate laptops, personal media players etc. comes with responsibility, and with that This enables them to carry many responsibility comes stress. things like books, newspapers, music and
  12. 12. video wherever they go, as a vital part of puts it into perspective of how far someLiam Lees being a part of the ‘cult of less’ is to be people can go to become a minimalist. ) able to simply get up and go. What Hoard provides is a service. In some extreme circumstances, This service is a place to indulge minimalists have de-cluttered to such an in your filthy consumerist slobbery with extent that they can count they belongings no responsibility, these rooms for rent are as less than 100. filled with everything unnecessary from (I don’t know about you but I sure gaming rooms and libraries to lazy rooms can’t do that, maybe give it a go, it really with large sofas and huge televisions etc.
  13. 13. The ability to experience this there is sure to be something that wouldLiam Lees lifestyle with no strings attached can tickle even your fancy. be very beneficial to those who wish to Again using the red light district simply relieve themselves of any tension. theme through-out the brand, it gives it a The Hoard handbook serves as a sense of sleaze which is ideal considering catalogue for those who visit one of the the overall style of the brand. locations of the Hoard service, In it are the selection of rooms available to hire. From Plain Lazy to Ultimate Clutter,
  14. 14. Liam Lees
  15. 15. Liam Lees
  16. 16. Liam Lees
  17. 17. About me – Education – Work Experience – Whilst practicing graphic design at degree level in Falmouth University College Falmouth Univeristy College Falmouth 2010 - present I have been introduced to whole new level of design process Ba hons Graphic Design 2009 - 2012 Student Mentor and development far greater than at college level. From strict deadlines to meet to spending as little time on a computer Bournemouth and Poole College Skills Gained – Communicative skills as possible simply researching and divolging into unknown BTEC National Diploma Graphic Design 2007 - 2009 information, I have learnt so much because of this. (DDM) National Maritime Museum Cornwall 2009 - Present The design process of developing a small idea into Waiting Staff/ Kitchen Assisstant a large concept is what really gets me enthused about the BTEC First Diploma Graphic Design 2006 - 2007 industry, seeing something grow is what I am most interested in (Merit) Skills Gained – Improved customer relations as a practicing designer. Pressure capability Over recent months I have been thinking about my career Portchester School For Boys Organisation as a practicing designer, and after recently visiting design 9 GCSE’s (A-C) Inc Maths and English studios in Holland I have developed and urge to experience Kings Park Cafe 2008 - 2009 what european design has to offer. Kitchen Assisstant Skills Gained – Great washing up skills Organisation Topshop/ Topman 2006 - 2008 Intrests – Skills – Sales Assistant (Top Level) Skills Gained – Customer service Problem solving Busy environment Sales experience Typography, Photography, Illustration, Guerilla advertising, 5 years of customer service/Interaction fashion, retro gaming, sports and recreation, Installation design. Abobe Creative suite Literate Good project management Able to work to a deadline Can work in a team Motivated Punctual Organised Leadrership skillsLiam Lees liamlees13@hotmail.com +44 (0) 7821756542 (01326) 311191
  18. 18. Thank you.Liam Lees