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My Vampire Diaries


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This presentation is of My version of vampire diaries and who starts in it and plotline EVERYTHING IS FAKE.

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My Vampire Diaries

  1. 1. POSTER
  2. 2. Info• This is a fictional take on the real action tv series THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, Some characters from the TV Series will feature.
  3. 3. Characters(Featuring some of there plots)
  4. 4. Elena GilbertElena now a vampire, willshe be able to fightKatherine one more time?..Will she find the cure?!She wants Damon but willhe turn her down?
  5. 5. Katherine PierceKatherine Returns toMystic Falls, With asecret companion!Will Katherine getback Mason?
  6. 6. Caroline ForbesCaroline eyes a newman, but not the manthat everyoneexpected!?
  7. 7. Michael GilbertElenas long lost cousin,Will he cheer Elena up?Michael is surprised whenKatherine opens up?Carolines new love intrest.
  8. 8. Bonnie BennettBonnies back in town andhoping that she gets backher Powers in order tohelp Caroline be humanagain.but Will Katherine needher.
  9. 9. KlausKlaus is on the run tofind Tyler.Is Tyler a dead man?But Klaus findssomething more thanTyler...TATIA!
  10. 10. Quna EliseataQuna comes to Mystic fallsinsearch of her very oldFriend Rebekah.Will Rebekah be happy tosee her?
  11. 11. StefanCan Stefan and Rebekahpatch things up betweenthem.Will Stefan turn to thedarkside?Elena is trying to get backwith Stefan but will ithappen?
  12. 12. Whole Series PlotAfter being chosen to be one of the four vampires for death Katherine (Nina Dobrev) tries to make a plan to stop it. As well as Katherine, Rebekah (Claire Holt) goes missing as she aswell has been chosen and Stefan (Paul Wesley) tries to search for her before its too late. Elena (Nina Dobrev) wants to have a girls night in with Bonnie (Katrina Graham) and Caroline but someone crashes the party.
  13. 13. Episode Guide• Episode One: Life Sucks• Episode Two: 4 Vampire 101• Episode Three: Triangle of love• Episode Four: Life or death• Episode Five: Quna• Episode Six: Death• Episode Seven: None one is not one is trying• Episode Eight: Wasting• Episode Nine: Cure• Episode Ten: Tomb• Episode Eleven: Leave or die!
  14. 14. Channels of Airing - USA, THURSDAYS - UK, MONDAYS