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ACRP 2013 Fall Symposium: Social Media Basics for Clinical Research


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This was presented by Leslie Hammersmith at Circle City Chapter of ACRP 2013 Fall Symposium: Excellence in Clinical Research, Saturday, November 9, 2013.

Understand how social media and mobile technologies are changing the way we can and should be interacting with patients about clinical research. Understand how our use of social media can enhance the value of social media for everyone.

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ACRP 2013 Fall Symposium: Social Media Basics for Clinical Research

  1. 1. OVERALL SYMPOSIUM OBJECTIVES  Name major pieces of legislation impacting research as well as be able to predict how the changes may impact their organizations and be able to organize a plan to adhere to the new laws.  Describe key concepts and competencies needed to self-monitor a clinical trial.  Describe how social media can enhance site/sponsor relationships and evaluate the impact of technology-enhanced communication on the clinical trial process.
  2. 2. OVERALL SYMPOSIUM OBJECTIVES  Identify issues that can adversely affect the quality of clinical research trials and describe actions they can take to eliminate and prevent quality issues from happening.  Discuss changes in regulations relating to FDA requirements for medical devices.  Assess The Sunshine Act in order to anticipate and prepare for necessary requirements in their clinical trial processes.
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  4. 4. Free The Data!