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Who moved my cheese [autosaved]


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Who moved my cheese [autosaved]

  1. 1. WHO MOVEDMY CHEESE An Amazing Way To Deal WithChange In Your Work And In Your Life By Dr. Spencer Johnson
  2. 2. This is story basically dealswith change that take place inthe maze where four amusing characters look for cheese
  3. 3. andSniff and Scurry
  4. 4. andHem and Haw
  5. 5. And the story starts
  6. 6. Once long ago in a land far away, there lived fourlittle characters .
  7. 7. They all shared in common;
  8. 8. Snif f, scurr y, hem and haw all discovered what they looking for
  9. 9. ever y morning af ter that the mice and the little people dressed theirrunning clothes and run through the maze
  10. 10. Each day past the mice andthe little people notice that the cheese was becominglow and the little people get depressed
  11. 11. soon haw realize enjoying the change and all he havelearn he wrote it in the wall
  12. 12. Thank you And God bless Reported by: maureen bepinoso