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Treaty between Hardenburgh and RB

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Treaty .doc

  1. 1.                           Hardenburghian-­‐Britannian  Treaty     Of     Mutual  Cooperation  and  Friendship            
  2. 2.   Hardenburghian-­‐Britannian  Treaty  of  Mutual  Cooperation  and  Friendship.     Preamble         DRAWING  attention  to  the  historic  alliance  between  the  Grand  Imperial  Duchy  of  Hardenburgh   and  the  Empire  of  Reformed  Britannia  which  has  made  the  foundation  of  this  alliance  possible   and  will  continue  to  endure  ;  The  Grand  Imperial  Duchy  of  Hardenburgh  and  the  Imperial   Federation  of  Reformed  Britannia     DESIRE  to  strengthen  the  bonds  of  peace  and  friendship  traditionally  existing  between  their   states.       DESIRE  further  to  uphold  the  principles  of  democracy,  individual  liberty  ,  freedom  and  the  rule   of  law  in  their  nations  and  around  the  world.       WITH  the  intention    to  encourage  closer  economic  cooperation  between  them  and  to  promote   conditions  of  economic  stability  and  well-­‐being  in  their  countries.     COMMITTING  all  states  held  to  the  framework  of  this  charter  to  the  promotion  of  political   stability,  peace  and  security  around  the  world,     DETERMINED  to  create  strong  and  positive  trading  relations  between  the  Grand  Imperial  Duchy   of  Hardenburgh  and  the  Imperial  Federation  of  of  Britannia       DUE  to  the  similar  interests  and  sentiments  all  parties  hold  ,    they  therefore  have  decided  to   consolidate  and  conclude    these  ideals  in  a  treaty  of  mutual  cooperation  and  friendship     THEREFORE  ,  as  follows  has  been  agreed  :     Article  1:  Friendship  and  Cooperation  between  Signatory  states.       The  Grand  Imperial  Duchy  of  Hardenburgh  and  Imperial  Federation  of  Reformed  Britannia     intend  to  promote  and  secure  friendship  and  cooperation  between  their  states.  Therefore  ,  the   following  provisions  should  be  made  by  all  governments  signatory  to  this  charter  to  obtain  the   desired  goals.       Part  I:  Embassies       The  Hardenburghian  government  should  establish  strong  diplomatic  ties  with  the  Britannian   government.  Furthermore  it  should  be  the  policy  of  the  Hardenburghian  government  to   establish  at  least  one  embassy  in  each  of  the  nations  of  Cathidiums  sovereign  territory.  The   government  of  Britannia    should  in  turn  ,  make  it  their  goal  to  establish  at  least  one  embassy   within  Hardenburghian  sovereign  territory.      
  3. 3. Diplomats  of  Cathidium  states  will  receive  diplomatic  immunity  when  within  Hardenburghian   territory.  Hardenburghian  diplomats  within  Cathidium  States  territory  will  also  receive   diplomatic  immunity.  In  the  event  that  an  Cathidium  or  Hardenburghian  ambassador  commits  a   crime  ,  he  or  she  will  be  entitled  to  return  to  his  or  her  own  nation  for  a  trial.  Repeated  crimes   from  Ambassadors  from  the  same  nation  will  result  in  the  closure  of  the  nations  Embassy.  This   applies  to  the  following  crimes  ;  Sabotage  ,  spying  ,  murder  and  embezzlement  from  the  host   nations  government.     All  embassies  open  within  Hardenburghian  and  Cathidium  territory  must  be  correctly   sanctioned.  Following  the  required  and  already  established  procedures  to  open.  If  an  embassy  is   opened  without  adhering  to  all  previously  established  doctrine  ,  the  government  of  the  Host   nation  exercise  it’s  given  right  to  close  and  eject  it.     Part  II:  Acceptance  and  Tolerance     The  Grand  Imperial  Duchy  of  Hardenburgh  and  the  Imperial  Federation  of  Britannia  commit   themselves  to  an  ideology  of  being  “united  in  diversity”.       The  governments  of  the  two  states  will  fully  accept  each  others  national  culture  ,  paying  the   correct  respect  to  it  ,  and  allowing  nationals  of  both  aforementioned  nations  living  within  the   territory  of  their  states  to  observe  and  practice  all  traditions  and  rituals  inherent  in  their  unique   cultures.       Furthermore  ,  the  governments  of  both  states  should  make  the  appropriate  provisions  for   Britannian  and  Hardenburghian  nationals  to  observe  all  festivals  and  national  holidays  important   and  significant  to  their  cultures.       The  governments  of  the  Grand  Imperial  Duchy  of  Hardenburgh  and  the  Imperial  Federation  of  of   Britannia  should  make  the  correct  and  appropriate  provisions  to  educate  their  populations   about  the  culture  of  each  aforementioned  state.     Article  2:  Cooperation  in  the  spheres  of  economics  and  trade     The  Hardenburghian  and  Britannian  governments  will  hereby  ,  upon  the  signing  and  ratification   of  this  treaty  ,  commit  themselves  to  creating  a  free  market  ,  devoid  of  protectionist  policies  and   trade  barriers  between  their  two  states.  The  governments  will  both  agree  to  promote  and  bring   forward  investment  in  each  of  the  nations  economies.       Part  I:  The  removal  of  trading  barriers.       The  governments  of  the  Grand  Imperial  Duchy  of  Hardenburgh  and  the  Imperial  Federation  of   Reformed  Britannia  will  hereby  agree  to  remove  all  protectionist  policies  placed  against  each   others  produce  and  trade.  The  governments  of  both  aforementioned  nations  will  move  to   promote  each  others  produce  within  their  countries  ,  reducing  taxation  appropriately  to  give  it   equal  standing  and  equal  competition  with  home  produced  products.       Part  II:  Establishment  of  a  Free-­‐trading  zone    
  4. 4. The  governments  of  the  Grand  Imperial  Dukedom  of  Hardenburgh  and  the  Imperial  Federation   of  Reformed  Britannia  hereby  agree  to  create  a  free  trading  zone  within  their  sovereign   territory.  Hereby  ,  within  all  territory  held  by  the  Imperial  Federation  and  the  Grand  Imperial   Dukedom  of  Hardenburgh  ,  the  governments  of  both  nations  will  remove  all  trade  tariffs  placed   on  each  others  national  produce  ,  and  allow  the  free  passage  of  commerce  and  trade  between   the  two  nations.  The  governments  of  both  nations  should  also  make  provisions  to  police  and   defend  these  free  trading  corridors  (see  defence  section)     Part  III:  Encouraging  closer  economic  cooperation     The  governments  of  the  Grand  Imperial  Dukedom  of  Hardenburgh  and  the  Imperial  Federation   of  Reformed  Britannia  will  hereby  agree  to  do  their  all  to  promote  investment  in  each  others   industry  and  economies.  Furthermore  ,  the  governments  of  the  aforementioned  states  will   agree  to  remove  any  taxation  that  exists  on  foreign  cooperation’s  operating  within  their   countries  on  Hardenburghian  and  Britannian  owned  companies.  Further  Hardenburghian  and   Britannian  companies  attempting  to  establish  premises  in  each  others  sovereign  territory  will   not  be  taxed  for  the  purchase  of  the  premises.       Part  IV:  Establishment  of  a  Trade  Council       A  Hardo-­‐Britannian  Trade  Council  will  be  established.  The  purpose  of  this  organization  will  be  to   promote  industry  ,  produce  and  investment  in  Hardenburgh  and  Britannia.  A  body  of  individuals   appointed  by  the  Hardenburghian  and  Britannian  government  will  chair  this  organization.  This   board  will  be  reappointed  every  three  years.       Part  V:  Advancement  and  Sharing  of  technology     The  Hardenburghian  and  Britannian  governments  will  agree  to  share  technology.  The   governments  of  the  two  aforementioned  states  will  agree  to  share  all  technological  advances   with  each  other  ,  providing  each  other  ,  with  the  blueprints  of  the  technology.  Furthermore  ,  the   governments  of  Hardenburgh  and  Reformed  Britannia  will  jointly  fund  ,  collaborate  on  and  push   forth  the  development  of  new  technologies  .       Part  VI:  Freedom  of  the  seas     The  Hardenburghian  and  Britannian  governments  will  hereby  agree  to  ,  at  all  times  ,  open  their   sea  space  to  open  their  sea  space  to  each  others  shipping.  If  arises  the  eventuality  ,  that  the  sea   space  of  either  nation  has  to  be  closed  (in  the  event  of  a  time  of  national  emergency  such  as   war)  ,  the  government  of  the  other  nation  should  be  informed  at  least  twenty  four  hours  before   this  happens.     Article  3  :  Provisions  made  for  mutual  defence  and  security.       The  Hardenburghian  and  Britannian  governments  realise  that  they  reside  in  a  turbulent  era  ,   fraught  with  danger  ,  not  only  externally  ,  but  internally.  Therefore  ,  the  Hardenburghian  and   Britannian  governments  have  come  to  the  shared  conclusian  ,  that  ,  between  their  two  nations   provisions  for  defence  and  security  must  be  made.    
  5. 5. Article  I:  Establishment  of  a  Hardo-­‐Britannian  defence  authority       The  governments  of  the  Grand  Imperial  Dukedom  of  Hardenburgh  and  the  Imperial  Federation   of  Britannia  hereby  agree  ,that  to  maintain  their  security  and  to  safeguard  their  sovereignty,  a   joint  Hardenburghian-­‐Britannian  defensive  authority  should  be  established.  This  organization   will  be  dealt  with  and  established  in  a  separate  agreement  between  the  two  governments.  It’s   aim  will  be  to  safeguard  Hardenburghian  and  Britannian  interests  globally  ,  as  well  as  ,  if   necessary  safeguard  the  sovereignty  of  both  nations.       The  doctrine  of  this  Organisation  should  not  effect  Hardenburgh’s  foreign  political  neutrality  ,   however  ,  with  the  Provisions  set  forth  in  the  Vanderbaum  doctrine  ,  if  Reformed  Britannia  is   ever  attacked  by  hostile  forces  ,  not  allied  the  Grand  Imperial  Duchy  of  Hardenburgh  ,  then  ,  the   Hardenburghian  will  have  every  right  to  revoke  it’  policy  of  Neutrality  and  enter  the  conflict  on   the  Britannian  side.  If  however  ,  the  hostile  forces  are  allied  with  the  Grand  Imperial  Dukedom   of  Hardenburgh  ,  it  will  be  the  policy  of  the  Hardenburghian  government  ,  as  established  in  the   Vanderbaum  doctrine  to  attempt  to  negotiate  a  ceasefire.  If  this  cannot  be  obtained  ,  the  hostile   forces  can  expect  a  Hardenburghian  entrance  on  the  Britannian  side.     If  either  signatory  to  this  treaty  is  to  unleash  a  preemptive  war  of  aggression  on  another  nation  ,   then  it  will  be  entirely  the  choice  of  the  retrospective  government  whether  or  not  to  enter  the   hostilities.  The  refusal  of  a  government  to  participate  in  a  war  will  not  void  this  contract.       Article  II:  Defence  of  Hardenburghian-­‐Britannian  Trading  Routes.     The  Hardenburghian  and  Britannian  governments  hereby  agree  that  it  is  tantamount  that  their   naval  trade  routes  essential  to  their  states  survival  are  protected  properly  from  potential   aggression.  Hereby  ,  the  Hardenburghian  and  Britannian  governments  will  agree  to  coordinate   patrols  with  their  navies  of  these  trade  routes.  Each  government  should  agree  to  ,  in  times  of   peace  commit  at  least  20%  of  their  fleet  to  performing  this  role.  In  times  of  war  ,  this  number   should  increase  to  22%  of  surface  units  for  the  Britanian  navy  and  37%  of  surface  units  for  the   Hardenburghian  Navy.     Article  III:  Cooperation  and  combination  of  Intelligence  services.       The  Hardenburghian  and  Britannian  governments  hereby  agree  to  share  all  intelligence  and   information  they  have  on  the  activities  of  other  states.  In  times  of  international  tensions  ,  or  in   the  advent  of  war  ,  the  Hardenburghian  and  Britannian  intelligence  and  security  services  should   work  together  to  gather  and  combine  all  gathered  intelligence.       Article  IV:  Establishment  of  overseas  bases.       In  2009  ,  the  Hardenburghian  government  ,  after  agreement  with  the  Britannian  government  of   the  time  established  a  naval  base  in  the  Britannian  city  of  Georgetown.  This  has  worked  to  such   a  successful  extent  that  the  governments  of  Reformed  Britannia  have  agreed  to  widen  and   continue  this  scheme.  The  governments  of  Reformed  Britannia  and  Hardenburgh  have  ,  hereby   agreed  upon  the  following.          Article  IV.1  :  Establishment  of  military  facilities  
  6. 6.   The  Hardenburghian  and  Britannian  governments  will  allow  ,  on  the  request  of  the  other   nations  government  ,  the  military  to  open  up  ,  and  maintain  military  facilities  within   their  nation.       Article  IV.2:  Limiting  the  number  of  bases     There  will  be  a  limit  of  ten  bases  each  nation  can  maintain.  Therefore  ,  due  to  the   Hardenburghian  presence  in  George  Town  ,  the  Hardenburghian  government  can  now   proceed  to  open  up  nine  further  bases.  The  Britannian  government  ,  currently  without   bases  in  Hardenburgh  can  open  up  a  full  ten  bases     Article  IV.3:  Leases  on  the  Bases     The  bases  opened  up  by  the  Hardenburghian  and  Britannian  governments  will  be  placed   on  twenty  year  leases.  At  the  end  of  this  period  ,  with  the  consent  of  the  government  ,   the  lease  can  be  extended  on  the  base  by  another  twenty  years.     Article  IV.4:  Keeping  the  bases  free  of  weapons  of  mass  destrution     Primarily  ,  the  Hardenburghian  and  Britannian  governments  will  agree  to  keep  the   military  faculties  free  of  nuclear  and  other  highly  destructive  types  of  weaponry.  In  the   event  that  weapons  of  mass  destruction  are  moved  through  the  bases  ,  the  government   of  the  signatory  nation  doing  this  will  inform  the  government  of  the  host  nation     Article  V:  Ensuring  Global  security     Both  the  Hardenburghian  and  Britannian  governments  see  the  maintenance  of  global  security  as   one  of  their  most  important  foreign  political  aims.  Therfore  ,  the  Hardenburghian  and  Britannian   governments  will  establish  a  joint  force  responsible  for  peacekeeping  operations.  This  force  will   be  commanded  by  a  joint  body  of  Hardenburghian  and  Britannian  generals     Article  4  :  Ratification  of  the  Treaty     Once  the  treaty  is  ratified  ,  the  terms  and  framework  of  it  will  stay  in  force  for  one  hundred  and   fifty  (150)  years.  At  the  end  of  this  time  ,  the  Hardenburghian  and  Britannian  governments  will   be  able  to  renew  the  treaty.