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April rose


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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April rose

  1. 1. > On September 25, 1891, four days after the Fili came off the press, he wrote to Blumentritt: “I am thinking of writing a thirdnovel, a novel in the modern sense of theword, but this time politics will not findmuch space in it, but ethics will play theprincipal role. I shall deal mainly with thehabits and customs of the Filipinos, and onlytwo Spaniards, the friar curate and thelieutenant of the Guardia Civil will be there. Iwish to be there. I wish to behumorous, satirical and witty, to weep and to
  2. 2. But it is said that Rizal was fortunate not tohave finished this novel, because it would havecaused greater scandal and more Spanish vengeanceon him.
  3. 3. 1. MAKAMISA - a novel in tagalog with a light sarcastic style.2. DAPITAN - an ironic Spanish novel. He wrote it during his exile in Dapitan to depict the town life and customs.3. UNTITLED - a novel in Spanish about the life in Pili, a town in Laguna.4. UNTITLED - this novel is all about Cristobal a youthful Filipino student who has studied for 12 years in Europe.
  4. 4. 5. UNTITLED - this novel written in Spanish and the style is ironic. - Through the mouth of the celestial characters, the author describes the deplorable conditions of the Philippines in this novel.
  5. 5.  June 19, 1892, Rizal spent his 31st birthday in Hong Kong. June 20 he wrote two letters which he sealed, inscribed on each envelop ``to be opened after my death.’’ 1st Letter, addressed TO HIS PARENTS, BRETHREN, AND FRIENDS. 2nd Letter, addressed TO THE FILIPINOS.
  6. 6.  June 21, 1892, Rizal penned another letter for Governor Despujol a discourteous Spanish chief executive, to informed of his coming to Manila and placed himself under the protection of the Spanish Government. Rizal and his sister Lucia, carried a special passport or “safe-conduct” issued by the SG, left Hong Kong for Manila.
  7. 7.  On the same day ( June 21, 1892 ), a secret case was filed in Manila against Rizal and his followers, “ for anti-religious and anti-patriotic agitation,” after the Spanish consul-general sent a cablegram to Governor Despujol that the victim “is in the trap”.