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Scottish Rite Menu


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Scottish Rite Menu

  1. 1. Savoie’s “The Catering Place” 2441 East 70th Street Shreveport, Louisiana 71105 318.795.9700
  2. 2. Savoie’s Catering at Scottish Rite Savoie’s Catering provides the following items and services at the Scottish Rite: tables, white tablecloths, napkins, silverware, chiavari (gold) chairs, and cutting of the cake. Bar Yes ___ No ___ Number of Bars One__ Two___ *$50 per bar for the night Cash bar: Yes ___ No ___ *Guest pay for their own drinks Open bar: $10.00 per person Yes ___ No ___ *Includes beer and wine only. Full bar: $18.00 per person Yes ___ No ___ *Includes soda, beer, wine and house liquor. Bar will be open for four hours only. Partial open bar Yes ___ No __ $_________ Limit Specialty Drink Yes ___ No __ ______________ Beverages Tea $1.50 per person Yes ___ No ___ Assorted Tea Station $2.00 per person Yes ___ No ___ Punch – Fountain included $1.00 per person Yes ___ No ___ Soft Drinks $1.00 per person Yes ___ No ___ *Other drinks by request Beverages at bar Soda: Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite $1.50 a can Wine: Merlot, Cabernet, Chardonnay, White Zinfandel $5 a glass or $22.50 a bottle Champagne $22.50 a bottle Beer: Budweiser, Bud Lite, Miller Lite, Coors Lite, Michelob Ultra $4 a bottle/can Liquor: Crown Royal, Jack Daniels, Old Charter, Sky Vodka, Dewars, Beefeater, Jose Cuervo, and Bacardi $5 House Liquor and $6 Premium
  3. 3. SOUP SALAD PP / TABLE Shrimp Cocktail $5.95 / $25.00 Shrimp Remoulade $5.95 / $25.00 Bacon Wrapped Shrimp $5.95 / $25.00 Crab-gratin with toast points $8.95 / $30.00 Marinated Crab Fingers $7.95 / $30.00 Stuffed Mushrooms $4.95 / $25.00 APPETIZER ENTREE Grilled Chicken $15.95 Chicken Marsala $16.95 Stuffed Chicken Breast $17.95 Hawaiian Chicken $16.95 Chicken Fettuccini $17.95 Shrimp or Crawfish Fettuccini $17.95 Pork Loin $15.95 Stuffed Pork Loin $17.95 Pineapple Glazed Pork Chop $17.95 Fried Fish $14.95 Grilled Catfish $15.95 STARCH VEGETABLE Rice Pilaf Rosemary Potatoes Au’ gratin Potatoes Twice Baked Potatoes New Potatoes Loaded Mashed Potatoes Whole Green Beans Bacon Wrapped Green Beans $1.00 PP Vegetable Medley—Seasonal Steamed Broccoli Asparagus $1.00 PP Asparagus Wrapped in Bacon $2.00 PP DESSERT Tossed Salad Caesar Salad Cole Slaw Mandarin Orange Salad $2.00 PP *Wedge Salad $2.00 PP *Table Service Only PP / TABLE Mini Meat Pies $4.95 / $25.00 Sesame Chicken $4.95 / $25.00 Spinach & Artichoke Dip $4.95 / $25.00 Shrimp Dip $4.95 / $25.00 Beef Croustade $4.95 / $25.00 Grilled Oysters $4.95 / $25.00 Grilled Snapper $18.95 Barateria Sauce $2.00 extra per person Grilled Salmon $18.95 Grilled Shrimp $17.95 Fried Shrimp $16.95 Crawfish Étouffée $17.95 Baby Back Ribs $19.95 Brisket $16.95 Sit Down Dinners Only 14 OZ Ribeye Market Price 8 OZ Filet Mignon Market Price Add Sautéed Mushrooms to Steaks $2.00 extra per person Entrees are priced per person and includes one starch, one vegetable and one salad. Buffet pricing: 1-Entrée—$14.95 PP or price shown 2-Entrée—$18.95 PP 3-Entrée—$22.95 PP 4-Entrée—$25.95 PP **Pricing is based on a minimum of 40 guests. Sit down dinners are limited to 1 entrée. All meals can be served sit down or buffet style.** In conjunction with meals at $3.50 per person Shrimp & Corn Chowder Tomato Basil Soup Chicken & Sausage Gumbo Seafood Gumbo Broccoli & Cheese Tomato Basil Cheese cake with strawberry topping $2.95 / PP Bread Pudding with Rum Sauce $1.95 / PP Peach Cobbler $1.95 / PP Chocolate Cake $1.95 / PP Carrot Cake $2.95 / PP Brownies $1.95 / PP Assorted Mini Desserts $2.95 / PP Assorted Cookies $16.00 / DZ King Cake Seasonal *We can get any desert you desire! PRICING
  4. 4. Hors’deouvers Package Silver Package Gold Package Platinum Package Select 7 Items Select 9 Items Select 11 Items $21.50 per person $24.00 per person $28.00 per person *Additional item added to a package is $2.00 per person *ask about an item not on the menu Shrimp Boiled shrimp Bang-Bang Shrimp Bacon Wrapped Shrimp Shrimp & Grits Fish & Seafood Fried Fish Blackened Fish Barateria Fish Fried Crawfish Tails Crawfish & Grits Grilled Oyster Station Fried Crab Fingers Shrimp & Crab Stuffed Mushrooms Crab Cakes Marinated Crab Fingers Chicken Grilled Tenders Fried Tenders Sesame Chicken Chicken Skewer Chicken Pinwheels Kabobs Buffalo Chicken Wings Chicken Quesadilla Beef Skewered Beef Strips Beef Croustade Mini Meat Pies Meatballs Mini Cocktail Sauces Boudin Balls BBQ Sausage Pieces Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms Pasta & Rice Dishes Veggie Pasta Salad Cold Seafood Pasta Seafood Pastalaya Lobster Ravioli Chicken & Sausage Jambalaya Crawfish Étouffée Shrimp Fettuccini Crawfish Fettuccini Sandwiches Mini Po’boys (Turkey, Ham & Beef) Finger Sandwiches (Tuna, Chicken Salad & Pimento) Mini Muffalettas Pulled Pork Sliders Ham & Cheese Sliders Turkey Wraps Cheeseburger Sliders Dips Shrimp Dip Crawfish Dip Crab Meat Dip Spinach Dip Spinach & Artichoke Dip Favorites Fruit Tray Veggie Tray Cheese Tray Fried Mushrooms Fried Pickles Mini Stuffed Potatoes Potato Skins Cream Cheese Pinwheels Cheese Sticks Jalapeno Poppers Mini Quiche Mashed Potatoes Beef Bites
  5. 5. Stations Mashed potato bar, carving stations and other stations are available upon request. A server is required at a station to cut and/or serve the guest. Stations are $90 each for three hours and include martini glasses. Carving Stations with condiments are as follows: Prime Rib $6.95 per person Yes ___ No ___ Beef Tenderloin $7.95 per person Yes ___ No ___ Choice of two: $5.95 per person Yes ___ No ___ Pork Ham Turkey Important Things to Remember  There will be a 20% service charge applied to ALL catering charges  There will be an 8.6% sales tax applied to ALL charges for events held in Shreveport, LA  We can accommodate additional requests at an extra charge. Prices vary based on the number of guests and requirements for each event.  A deposit is necessary to hold your date. We will deduct the deposit from the final bill. Deposits are not refundable.  Guaranteed head count, layout and final payment is due ten days prior to your event. Remember that if additional guests arrive, a per-person charge will be added to the bill and must be paid for at the end of the night.  Table cloths for guest tables are available at $5.00 a table. Table cloths are white and are half-length from the floor. Notes: ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________
  6. 6. Policy & Procedure You must submit a guaranteed headcount no later than 10 days prior to the event. Confirmed number of guests may not be reduced thereafter. You will be charged for the number of confirmed guests regardless of how many guests actually attend. If additional guests arrive beyond the confirmed number of guests, an additional per person charge will be added to the bill. A credit card will be kept on file should this occur. You will have the option of paying with the credit card or issue a check to Savoie’s Catering. In the event you are unable to confirm the number of quests, Savoie’s will prepare food for the estimated number of guests on our banquet function sheet and you will be responsible for paying such bill. Layout will be approved by Gerald Savoie. If on the day of the event you decide that the previously approved layout does not fit your needs, you will be charged $10 per table and $2 per chair to accommodate your new layout. All catering functions are subject to service charges and applicable state and local taxes. A 4% processing fee will be applied to all credit card payments. A 20% service charge will be applied to the final bill. A deposit is required for all catering functions unless prior payment arrangements have been established with Savoie’s. Deposits are ap- plied to the final bill but are not refundable. Full payment must be made 10 days before the event. Savoie’s is not responsible for damage to or loss of any items left at Savoie’s prior to or following any function. Savoie’s makes no warranties or representations to the customer other than those printed hereon. By authorized signature of the catering policies, guests shall indemnify and hold Savoie’s harmless from any all claims, suits, losses and damages. The customer is responsible and shall reimburse Savoie’s for any damage, loss or liability incurred by any of the customer’s guests or any persons or organizations contracted by the customer to provide any service or goods before, during and after the function. All guests must be of legal drinking age (21 years old) to consume alcohol. If we observe underage drinking, we will warn you of the consequences. If it happens a second time, the event will cease and everyone will be asked to leave Savoie’s premises. Any guests found sneaking alcohol onto the premises will be asked to leave immediately. The primary contact, whose signature appears on the contract, is the only person authorized to make any changes to the details of the event unless that person advises otherwise. All prices are subject to change with notification when possible. By signing below, I affirm that I have read the attached Banquet Function Sheet. I understand its contents and the terms and conditions included in this contract. _________________________________ _________________________________ Printed Name Signature _________________________________ Date ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Mailing Address City State Zip Code