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Savoies Operating Instructions


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Savoies Operating Instructions

  1. 1. SAVOIE’S OPERATING INSTRTUCTIONS PREFACE The operating instructions written out in this manual is to help you achieve the day-to-day functions of the catering place. MORNING TASK The following will be accomplished when you arrive at the office: 1. Unlock main door 2. Check voicemail and e-mail a. Check e-mail constantly throughout the day i. Print any e-mails that Gerald would want to see b. Return all voicemail messages and reply to e-mails c. Off-site catering functions will be handled by Gerald i. Ask the following questions and hand info to Gerald: 1. Get their name 2. Telephone Number 3. Date of the event 4. Number of expected guest (estimate) 5. Location of event 6. Time of event d. Anyone requesting catering beyond what we offer in our menu package will be handled by Gerald i. Treat the Scottish Rite Temple as Savoie’s Catering (send Scottish Rite Menu to S/R clients) ii. Off -premise catering receive our regular menu but need to be advised that prices are based on a case-by-case basis.
  2. 2. PAYROLL Payroll is every Monday following the morning task. Below you will find instructions for payroll. 1. Ask Gerald for time cards 2. Open Client Bookkeeping a. Enter Password b. Open PAYCHECK tab on bottom left hand corner c. Click on PAYCHECKS d. Date: enter todays date i. If a pop-up window comes up stating you’ve entered a future date, click cancel e. Period end date: enter yesterday’s date f. Name: Input employees last name first g. Employee Salary: enter number of hours h. Gross Pay #3: enter amount of tip under AMT i. Click Save 3. Once all employees are entered into the payroll system go to CHECK PRINTING 4. Click on Select Checks 5. Click on Select ALL and click OK 6. Click on Print and then Continue 7. Grab check numbers listed on “Check numbers to print” i. Do not order the checks. Place them in the printer and click continue. 8. Once all the checks are printed, click on REPORTS 9. Check PAYROLL JOURNAL and click OPTIONS 10. Under DATE RANGE put todays date on both boxes (i.e. 04/06/2015 to 04/06/2015) 11. Click OK and click on print 12. Payroll Journal
  3. 3. a. Pg. 4 – Add company totals i. Round the total payroll amount up (i.e. $3,412.84 would be $3,500) ii. Go to CHECKBOOK and open HIBERNIA – OPERATING iii. Date: enter today’s date iv. ID: PAYROLL v. Amount: payroll amount vi. Save and print b. Pg. 6 – EFTPS 941 PAYMENT WORKSHEET i. Payroll Date: print todays date ii. Transmission Date: Print todays date iii. 4 Digit Pin: 9914 iv. Business Settlement Date: Enter tomorrows date v. Call 1-800-555-3453 and follow the prompts vi. For information on making a same day payment press 1 vii. Enter your tax ID number: 721174753 viii. Enter 4-digit pin: 9914 ix. To make a payment press 1
  4. 4. x. Enter tax form: 941 followed by the # sign xi. To make a federal tax deposit press 1 xii. Enter last two digits of tax filing year (i.e. 15 for 2015) xiii. Enter the two digit tax filing ending month (i.e. 06 for June) xiv. Enter payment amount including cents: (i.e. 76096 followed by the # sign for $790.96) xv. Press 1 to confirm xvi. DO NOT ENTER AMOUNT FOR THE FOLLOWING ITEMS IN BOLD – Instead press # for each one. 1. Enter Social Security amount including cents followed by the # sign 2. Enter Medicare amount….. followed by the # sign 3. Enter tax withholding amount…… followed by the # sign xvii. Press 1 to confirm xviii. Write down Acknowledgement number xix. To repeat acknowledgement number press 1 xx. File paycheck stubs, tax payment worksheet and time cards c. Gerald will make the weekly schedule and you must text/call the employees with their hours i. Confirm schedule with each employee as they pick up their check ii. Confirm schedule by getting a response back from them iii. Make a copy of the schedule and place copy in kitchen’s bulletin Side Note:  Make sure the check number matches the check you will print.  Make sure Gerald does not need additional checks to print  If there was a function last week at the Scottish Rite Temple, make sure you make a check out to them. The Scottish Rite Temple gets 20% plus any proceeds from the bar (check with Gerald on this until you get the hang of it).  Make a check to Mary Ann for $100 (Gerald’s sister) every first week of the month.  Make a check to Mark Parr for $400 every first week of the month. FUNCTIONSHEET All functions sheet must match front office and back office binders. Creating a function sheet: 1. Open Function Sheet 2. Organization / Event: Enter business name or type of event 3. Contact: enter name of point of contact person
  5. 5. 4. Telephone: enter phone number 5. Fax: enter fax number 6. E-mail: enter e-mail address and hit space (this will make the e-mail address blue) 7. Address: if the event is off-site, enter address of location. 8. Date of Function: Enter date (i.e. Mon, April 6, 2015) 9. Banquet Room: a. Off-Site (for off-site locations) b. Savoie’s (for events held at the Catering Place) c. Pelican (for events held at the Catering Place – but in the smaller room) d. Scottish Rite (for events held at the Scottish Rite Temple) 10. Meal Time: enter time of event (i.e. 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.) 11. Number of Guests: enter total number of estimated guests (this can be fine-tuned ten days before the date of the event) 12. Double click Excel spreadsheet on function sheet 13. Quantity stands for the number of item and/or people per item a. For example: 100 confirmed head count / $21.50 silver package i. 100 @ 21.50 14. Enter items as needed 15. To save document go to: a. FILE b. Save As i. If it’s off-site, then save in Off Site Folder ii. If it’s at the Catering Place, then save in 2015 Functions Folder iii. If it’s at the Scottish Rite, then save in Scottish Rite Folder c. File Name – Date and Name: i. i.e. 04.26.2015 JENNIFER ANISTON and click SAVE 16. If you are going to send the Function Sheet to the customer AFTER saving it in Microsoft Word go back to: a. FILE b. Save as i. PDF File ii. Save As Type: PDF (*.pdf) and click save c. The created PDF file will pop-up with the e-mail address in Blue. d. Click ONCE on the e-mail address e. An e-mail window will pop-up f. SUBJECT: i. If you are sending a payment reminder, write Payment Reminder ii. If you are sending an updated function sheet, regardless of what you updated, write Updated Function Sheet iii. If you are sending a quote, write Quote g. Write your e-mail and hit send
  6. 6. 17. Every job should be double checked for the following: a. Date : i.e. Wednesday, April 08, 2015 i. The day of the week should match the date (i.e. the 8th of April, 2015 lands on a Wednesday) b. The time the function starts (i.e. from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.) c. The time they plan to eat (i.e. even though the event starts at 6:00 p.m., they plan to eat at 6:30 p.m.) d. The number of guests i. List the number of children between the ages of 2-10 (i.e. 175 adults and 25 kids) e. Menu items i. Remember to charge $90 per stations ii. The type of bar (all bars are open for 4 hours) 1. Full bar includes: beer, wine, liquor, soda, and water 2. Open Bar includes: beer, wine, soda, and water 3. Cash Bar: guests pay for their own drinks 4. Partial Open bar: client pays in advance for a bar tab (i.e. $500 towards the bar) a. With partial open bar, some clients may want beer and wine to be served and applied towards an open tab and guests pay for their own liquor. iii. Dessert – if a client is bringing in a cake, write “client bringing cake” on dessert section f. Check location of facility i. If it is an off-premise job, then write down the location/address and print out a map with a starting route of Savoie’s Catering g. Most functions held at The Catering Place will need a layout (weddings, b-day parties, etc.). Make a layout and have Gerald approve it. Make sure Mark in the kitchen gets a copy as well (as long as it’s for the week of the party). h. Final menu options, head count, and payment in full is due 10 days before the date of the event. The following questions need to be asked: i. How many round tables do you need? ii. How many banquet tables do you need? iii. Are you using our tablecloth or are you bringing your own? i. Make an invoice once the information is confirmed and paid for (depending on function). i. Give one to Mark ii. Give one to Gerald iii. Put one in your book iv. Print two copies of the invoice if the event will be paid at the end of the event and clip it to the clip board
  7. 7. v. All check deposits/final payments should be logged in Gerald’s RED folder vi. All credit card payments should be logged in the Monthly CC Folder j. Check with Gerald on all off-site functions and those without deposit. MISCELLANEOUS TASKS 18. Print out credit card statements every first of the month and put in Lisa’s Inbox a. MyBizPerks i. Username: Crawfish1 Password: Crawfish71105 b. American Express i. Username: SavoiesCajun Password: Crawfish1 END OF THE DAY 19. Make sure all doors are locked and turn off lights as you go: a. In the kitchen b. In the pelican room c. In the patio room d. The front door e. In the office i. Lock the door that leads to the patio room