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Campbell’s Pitch presentation

An advertising pitch put together by me and my group when I was studying in Sheridan College.

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Campbell’s Pitch presentation

  1. 1. • Low brand loyalty among customers 80% buy other brands besides Campbell's • Target market does not perceive Campbell's as a high quality brand Only 13% perceive Campbell's to be a high quality brand
  2. 2. • Target market perceives the brand as trustworthy and well known • Brand offers many varieties • Easy to cook and convenient • Affordable price • Heart and Stroke Foundation approved Health Check symbol on Campbell's soup cans • Growth of product line; lower-sodium soups
  3. 3. • Chicken noodle soup top selling flavour in Canada, but perceived as being low quality compared to competitor, Lipton • Campbell's only offers liquid varieties, not packet varieties • Campbell’s recent scrutiny for the use of chemical BPA in some of their cans
  4. 4. • Economic slowdown causing more people to cook at home instead of eating out • Increase consumption through incorporating soup into recipes • Growth of product line to include lower-sodium soups attracts health conscious consumers • Seasonality 100% consume Campbell's during the Winter
  5. 5. • Scrutiny and health risks for their use of chemical BPA in metal cans • Competition offers gourmet and ready to serve varieties • Target market will only buy high quality food products for their family. Campbell’s is not perceived to be high in quality by the target market.
  6. 6. • Flavour innovation and variety dominate the market share • Reduced sodium and low-fat options • Trusted throughout generations
  7. 7. • Campbell's does not offer packet soups • Only offers liquid soup varieties as a recipe ingredient • Campbell's’ chicken noodle soup is not as preferred as Lipton’s chicken noodle soup
  8. 8. • Campbell’s value cookbook • Meal mail: recipes sent via email • Labels for education • Saving centre: coupons
  9. 9. • Lipton Meal Planner Home basics • Primo Official sponsor of Toronto FC (Toronto soccer team)
  10. 10. • Females; Mothers • 35-49 • HHI $75,000+ • HH with children <18 • HH size 3+
  11. 11. • 52% love to cook • 57% search for recipes online • 60% enjoy watching cooking shows • 66% have a sit down meal every evening • 77% purchase Campbell’s soup for the entire family • Lead a healthy lifestyle • 51% participate in hiking • 30% golf • 22% have gym memberships
  12. 12. • Campaign is National
  13. 13. • Convenient • Ideas for recipes • Variety of flavours • Quality
  14. 14. • Feel good comfort food • Convenient – quick meal • Classic – trustworthy • Well-known brand – stood the test of time • Memories – old friends • Dependable • Wide selection of flavours
  15. 15. • To increase brand equity by informing 85% of mothers that Campbell’s can be easily prepared and incorporated into recipes that will satisfy the entire family
  16. 16. • To loving mothers, age 35-49, Campbell’s condensed soup is the classic, trustworthy brand of soup that provides your family with the nourishment they need, and the flavours they love.
  17. 17. • Advertising • Events/P.R/Buzz Marketing • Sales Promotion • Interactive – Online • Direct Marketing
  18. 18. • To convince 75% of mothers that Campbell’s condensed soup is a classic family brand that encourages traditional family values and can be easily incorporated into recipes.
  19. 19. • Key benefit statement Campbell’s wide selection of flavours makes it easy for mothers to prepare a delicious meal that will satisfy the entire family • Support claims Campbell’s offers 7 different varieties – more choices allow for variety of recipes Campbell’s brand has been around for decades and embodies traditional family values
  20. 20. • Emotional + Positive appeal Tone: Warm Manner: Inviting, comforting Personality: Caring, dependable, helpful, trustworthy and family-oriented
  21. 21. • To attract the interest of mothers 35-49 living in Canada. • This will be achieved by embedding the new advertising message into the minds of consumers by increasing frequency during fall and winter.
  22. 22. • Television 68% watch TV 5 days a week 90% watch TV during prime time (7-11pm) Large reach, National The Food Network, TLC , Prime time TV shows (CSI, Amazing Race and etc)
  23. 23. • OOH Placement in grocery stores; target is primary shopper, advertising at POP Placement in gyms; target uses fitness clubs 75% visited a mall in the past 7 days
  24. 24. • Magazine 80% of target are med-heavy users Specific targeting to mothers Can include visual and long copy for a recipe Chatelaine, Today’s Parent, Canadian Living
  25. 25. • Primary objective: To inform 80% of mothers that family time starts with Campbell’s • Secondary objective: To inform 80% of mothers that Campbell’s can be easily incorporated into recipes and satisfy the entire family
  26. 26. • Increase target market’s participation with Campbell’s brand through events • Events will give Campbell’s a chance to show the target market how condensed soup can be easily incorporated into recipes that will satisfy the whole family.
  27. 27. • To create hype among 80% of the target market before the campaign officially launches
  28. 28. • Word of mouth will help spread a positive message to Campbell’s target market • P.R will help generate positive media attention towards Campbell’s new campaign.
  29. 29. • Objective: To motivate 40% of switchers to repeat purchase over the campaign period in order to create loyal users.
  30. 30. • 80% of Campbell’s target are switchers. Sales promotion will be an opportunity for Campbell’s to motivate switchers to become loyal users.
  31. 31. • Objective: To increase brand equity by convincing 60% of mothers to participate in Campbell’s website.
  32. 32. • Campbell’s website will bring the target market closer with the brand and build a relationship. • Campbell’s website will help strengthen the campaign message by communicating with the target market through different interactive elements.
  33. 33. • Objective: To stimulate the relationship between the Campbell’s brand with both loyal consumers and switchers
  34. 34. • This IMC element will help support the event by informing target market of the event and encouraging their participation • Collect data for future reference
  35. 35. Slogan Family time starts with Campbell’s
  36. 36. • Idea Recruit actors to play portray a “family”, who travels to kids sports event such as a hockey game. The “family” will set up their own table and cook Campbell’s soup. • This will emphasize the idea that no matter how busy their lifestyles are, they still manage to enjoy a family meal together.
  37. 37. • Promote upcoming event • Online registration Event Newsletter/Recipes • An opportunity to collect consumer data for future relationship building program
  38. 38. • Events will be held in Ontario in Fall and Winter months (September and January) • Events aim to bring families together and generate positive P.R • Michael Smith Chef at home; product demonstration
  39. 39. Product sampling, Recipe book – encourage and increase purchase intention Cook off – incorporate Campbell’s into recipe Family oriented activities
  40. 40. • Motivate target market to participate in Campbell’s brand by increasing value and exposure Recipes Newsletter Nutritional value Ads for download Coupons • Media will also be able to obtain information of current events
  41. 41. • To turn switchers into loyal users; encourage repeat purchase • Grocers around Canada will coordinate with Campbell’s new campaign; creating hype over events and campaign P.O.P, end-of-aisle Promotion Premium/gifts – recipe book, can opener
  42. 42. Spending by Medium 2% 8% Advertising 40% 20% Events/PR Sales Promotion Interactive 30% Direct Marketing
  43. 43. • Through incorporating IMC strategies such as advertising, events/PR/buzz, sales promotion, online, and direct marketing, this campaign aims to bring families together and associate the sense of family tradition with Campbell’s soup because…