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2013 Lexus GS Brochure KY | Louisville Lexus Dealer


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Check out the 2013 Lexus GS brochure provided by Lexus of Louisville in Louisville, KY. To learn more about our current sales and incentives give us a call at 877-479-7755.

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2013 Lexus GS Brochure KY | Louisville Lexus Dealer

  1. 1. What happens when you combine a blank canvas, an unwavering vision and DNA of the world-renowned LFA supercar? A Lexus you have toexperience to believe. You’ll feel it in the way the all-new chassis’ added rigidity, wider stance and lower posture help keep you firmly positionedwhen attacking corners. And how it provides a noticeably quieter and smoother ride when cruising. You’ll experience it in the way its new, lighterand more nimble suspension systems deliver invigorating steering feel and razor-sharp response while markedly reducing body lean. And, forthose craving added exhilaration with their exhilaration, you’ll feel it even more with the more aggressively tuned GS FSPORT. This isperformance worthy of a standing ovation. This is the Lexus model line that will change the way you see Lexus.PERFORMANCE FROM THE GROUND UPIn designing the all-new GS platform, Lexus engineerstraveled one million miles to maximize the drivingdynamics. As a result, the stance was made wider andbody rigidity was increased by 14% through additionaloptimally placed spot- and laser-weld points.All-new front and rear suspensions were engineered withaluminum components, reducing unsprung weight anddelivering significantly greater agility. In the rear, improvedsuspension geometry further enhances control and tirecornering force. Learn more at 350 shown with available equipment.
  2. 2. INTRODUCINGTHEALL-NEW2013GSMODELLINEIntroducing the new face of Lexus. Where multiple performance-driving modes and a commanding seating position invigorate you. Bold lines,sequential ambient lighting and an accommodating interior welcome you. Where available industry-leading technology keeps you connectedlike never before. And Premium and Luxury Packages surround you with our finest materials and innovations. Available in multiple versions,including all-wheel drive, Hybrid and FSPORT, the GS model line doesn’t just raise the bar. It sets a new one altogether.GS 350 F SPORTTaking the exhilarating performance of the GS to the nextlevel, the GS F SPORT connects you to the road likenever before. Among its upgrades, it boasts an even moreaggressive Sport S+ driving mode, a specially tuned sportsuspension, staggered-width 19-in wheels (RWD),1and anavailable Lexus Dynamic Handling system with DynamicRear Steering (DRS). It also features a variety of exclusivedesign elements, including a more aggressive front fasciaand a 16-way Sport driver’s seat with power side bolsters.GS 350Experienceaboldstepforwardinperformance,technologyanddesign.AvailablewithPremiumandLuxuryPackages,the all-new GS features exceptional agility, performancedriving modes and offers seamless connectivity to yourfavorite mobile apps. All with an assortment of leather andwood trims to make the interior all your own. And, for evenmore personalized comfort, the Luxury Package featuresamenities like 18-way power front seats and rear-seatclimate and audio controls.GS 450hEquipped with the Premium or available Luxury Package,the GS Hybrid defies compromise and convention.In addition to dynamic performance features like paddleshifters and new Sport driving modes, you’ll find world’sfirsts like an available bamboo-trimmed steering wheeland a port- and direct-injected Atkinson-cycle enginethat delivers a 34 mpg (hwy)2rating and acceleration thatwill be the envy of your V8-driving friends.Vehicles shown with available equipment.
  3. 3. CONVENIENCE COMES TO THE BIG SCREENThe available next-generation Lexus Enform®3,4ApplicationSuite5uses your compatible smartphone to give you in-vehicle access to your favorite mobile applications. Youcan connect to Bing,TMiHeartRadio,,OpenTable,®Pandora,®Yelp®and Facebook Places.6,7And,with wireless updates, new apps will be added as theybecome available. Learn more at MULTIMEDIA DISPLAYGiving you the ability to see and do more, the GS offersthe industry’s first available 12.3-inch high-resolutionsplit-screen multimedia display. It provides immediate,simultaneous access to various systems, includingnavigation, audio or climate controls. And greets you witha customizable image when the ignition button is pressed.Learn more at,FRONTANDCENTER.This is progress on full display. Literally. An available 12.3-inch high-resolution split-screen multimedia display offers seamless access to yourfavorite apps. The LED indicators on the premium analog clock illuminate, welcoming your approach. Drive Mode Select delivers customizedperformance. And the next-generation Remote Touch8device glides and functions like a computer mouse. With the Luxury Package,progress is taken to the next level. You’ll find a wood- and leather-trimmed steering wheel that’s designed to fit perfectly in your handsregardless of their placement. Eighteen-way power, heated and ventilated front seats trimmed in semi-aniline leather conform to you and yourfront passenger. And, with its three-zone climate-control system, rear-seat passengers can even use the armrest’s controls to operate climate,audio and rear sunshade functions.GS 350 shown with available equipment.
  4. 4. YOUR ENTRANCE, CHOREOGRAPHEDImagine arriving in style even before you’ve left. As youapproach, the ground is illuminated in soft white lightfrom the side mirrors. The new LED dome and rear lampsbegin to glow, inviting you in. As you unlock the doors,the analog LED clock and ambient lights in the door trimand foot wells come to life. Press the ignition button,and the base of the Remote Touch8device glows, thedisplay animation begins, and the welcoming sequenceculminates with the reveal of the gauge cluster.AN INTERIOR ALL YOUR OWNWhen you approach interior design as you would a roomin your home, the results are dramatic. Four colors ofleather trim from a timeless Black to a bold new Cabernet.Four types of decorative accents from genuine bambooto striated aluminum. Even three colors of headliner.Of course, such a wide range of color combinations isn’tall that sets the GS model line apart. Distinctive contraststitching offers visual and tactile appeal to the centerconsole, door panel, shift knob and the entire lengthof the sculpted dash. And extensive leg room andheadroom let you make the most of its spacious cabin.The Premium Package goes one step further, offeringthe added comfort of heat and ventilation in the standard10-way adjustable front seats and the convenienceof rain-sensing wipers and power rear sunshade. Tailoryour own GS at PRIVATE CONCERTImagine an interior filled with sound so crisp anddimensional, it’s as if your favorite band were sitting in thecar with you. And a system so advanced it can account forthe volume and tone of unwanted ambient noise.This is theavailable 835-watt,917-speaker Mark Levinson®PremiumSurround Sound Audio System.10A triumph in automotiveaudio, its industry-first GreenEdgeTM* Technology makesits speakers more than twice as powerful as conventionalones while utilizing less power.GS 350 shown with available equipment. *Versus competitors.
  5. 5. performance and style to the next level with the GS FSPORT’s unique race-inspired components and design elements. An all-new FSPORT–tuned suspension, larger front brakes with two-piece rotors and four-piston calipers (RWD), 19-inch LFA-inspired wheels1and available LexusDynamic Handling system deliver jaw-dropping performance. Available all-wheel drive provides improved traction and control. And exteriorstyling is dramatically enhanced by an aggressive front fascia, FSPORTgrille and distinctive rear lip spoiler. Learn more at DYNAMIC HANDLING SYSTEMWhether carving precisely through a canyon ormaneuvering at lower speeds, the available all-new LexusDynamic Handling system anticipates and delivers theappropriate handling through multiple integrated systems.At high speeds, an all-new Dynamic Rear Steeringsystem turns the rear wheels in the same direction asthe front for optimal agility and control. At low speeds, therear wheels turn in the opposite direction for precisemaneuvering and a tighter turning circle. All the while, theVariable Gear-Ratio Steering (VGRS) system providesoptimized responsiveness and a more direct steering feel.GS 350 shown with available equipment.
  6. 6. DRIVING MODESEvery GS enables you to customize your performancewith Drive Mode Select. Feeling relaxed? In ECO mode,a calming blue light surrounds the gauge cluster whileclimate and throttle settings are optimized for increasedfuel efficiency. Feeling a little more daring? Sport Smode changes the lighting to a fiery red and alters thepowertrain for faster gear changes and more dynamicthrottle mapping. Available Sport S+ mode goes a stepfurther by also tightening the suspension and increasingsteering feel. In both Sport modes, the transmission’sshift points are automatically altered coming into andout of corners for sharper acceleration. And duringmanual gear changes, steering-wheel-mounted paddleshifting is enhanced by precise downshift rev-matching..OPTIMIZEDPOSITION,PERSONALIZEDPERFORMANCE.While the driver’s seat, pedals and steering wheel in every GS were positioned and angled for maximum visibility and driving engagement, theGS FSPORT delivers an even headier dose of exhilaration. Beyond its aluminum accents and the option of an exclusive Cabernet leather-trimmedinterior,you’llbeembracedbya16-wayadjustableSportdriver’sseatwithpowersidebolsters,four-waylumbarandaddedthighsupport.You’ll feel the fitted grip of an extra-thick LFA-inspired FSPORT steering wheel and shift knob, both trimmed in perforated leather. And you’llexperience a surge of adrenaline when you step on its aluminum sport pedals, accelerating from 0 to 60 in as fast as 5.7 seconds,11,12a perfectlytuned exhaust note filling the cabin as you use the lightning-fast paddle shifters to downshift into a corner. One tip: Don’t forget to exhale.GS 350 shown with available equipment.
  7. 7. ILLUMINATED DESIGNThe distinctive three-lamp design available on theGS450h won’t just catch your eyes, it’s designed to helpthem see more. Utilizing High and Low Beam LEDheadlamps, the GS450h can project illumination fartherand wider than conventional headlamps. This can providean added sense of security when driving at night,particularly at high speeds. Innovative design on the34MPG2HIGHWAY,0 TO60IN5.6SECONDS11,12Boasting fuel efficiency and emission ratings that would be the envy of many 2.0-liter compacts, you may be tempted to think performance wassomehow sacrificed in the development of the GS450h. Think again. Equipped with the world’s first Atkinson-cycle engine with port and directfuel injection for greater response, it bursts off the line—generating the G-forces of a high-performance V8. And in Sport S and Sport S+ modes,the voltage levels of both electric motors are boosted to their maximum while the Hybrid System Indicator is replaced with a tachometer. Whileits performance engineers were clearly focused on efficiency and speed, its interior craftsmen took the opposite approach. In addition to thegenuine bamboo trim and available semi-aniline leather, you’ll enjoy the feel of an available steering wheel that’s unlike any in the world. Onethat’s crafted with bamboo that’s hand-selected and painstakingly bowed from a single piece.GS 450h isn’t just limited to technology. A lower rearfascia conceals the exhaust outlets. And, by widening thevehicle’s stance and lowering the hybrid battery, not onlywas more balance achieved, but trunk space was improveddramatically. In fact, its 13.2-cubic-foot capacity13is notonly enough to hold four golf bags and two sport bags, it’scomparable to many of its gas-powered counterparts.GS 450h shown with available equipment.
  8. 8. NIGHT VIEW SYSTEM AND LANE KEEP ASSISTAn available Night View System18uses near-infraredtechnology to detect objects far beyond the reachof your low-beam headlamps, displaying the image onthe multimedia display. Available Lane Keep Assist19uses a camera to detect visible lane markings. Unlikeother detection systems, if you begin to veer, it canactively guide the vehicle back into the center of the lane.HEADS-UP DISPLAY AND BLIND SPOT MONITORAvailable Heads-up Display can project key informationlike simple navigation directions, speed, your currentgear and RPM onto the windshield in front of you, helpingyou to remain focused on the road ahead. Using radartechnology, the available Blind Spot Monitor20is designedto detect vehicles positioned or approaching in theadjacent lanes. At speeds above 25 mph, if a vehicle isdetected, the driver is notified by an illuminated icon in theouter mirror on the affected side.ONEMOREWAYITCOMMANDSATTENTION.You can’t prepare for hazards you can’t see: a simple thought behind the incredibly advanced next-generation Pre-Collision System14availableon the GS. It connects to cameras designed to detect if you have your eyes closed or are facing away from the road when an obstacle is detectedahead. If the system determines either condition is met, it will attempt to warn you through a series of beeps and visible indications. To help youavoid a potential collision, the GS is also designed to automatically begin braking up to a full two seconds before impact. Should an impact occur,however, you can take comfort in knowing the GS is equipped with a class-leading1510-airbag system16and new Whiplash Injury Lessening(WIL) front seats17designed to help decrease the severity of whiplash-type injuries in certain rear collisions.EXTERIOR COLORSINTERIOR COLORSDEEP SEA MICA NEBULA GRAY PEARLSATIN CASHMERE METALLICSTARFIRE PEARLOBSIDIANRIVIERA REDMETEOR BLUE MICALIQUID PLATINUM FIRE AGATE PEARLFLAXEN LEATHERINTERIORTRIMLIGHT GRAY LEATHERLINEAR ESPRESSO WOOD‡MATTE DARK BROWN WALNUT†CABERNET LEATHER*STRIATED ALUMINUM*MATTE BAMBOO**BLACK LEATHER BLACK LEATHER WITHWHITE PERFORATIONS**GS 350 F SPORT only. †GS 350, GS 350 Premium only. ‡GS 350 Luxury Package only. **GS 450h only.COLORAVAILABILITYFLAXEN LEATHERLIGHT GRAYLEATHERBLACK LEATHERCABERNETLEATHERn GS 350  ● GS 450h  ▲ GS F SPORT EXTERIOR COLORINTERIOR COLOR INTERIOR TRIMDEEPSEAMICASATINCASHMEREMETALLICLIQUIDPLATINUMMATTEBAMBOOSTARFIREPEARLFIREAGATEPEARLSTRIATEDALUMINUMNEBULAGRAYPEARLOBSIDIANMATTEDARKBROWNWALNUT†METEORBLUEMICARIVIERAREDLINEARESPRESSOWOOD‡n ● n ● ▲ n ● ▲n ●n ●▲n ●n ●n ●n ● n ● ▲n ●n ●▲n ● ▲n ●n ●n ● ▲n ●n ●▲n ●n ●nnnnnn●●●▲▲n ● n ●n ● n ●▲GS 350 shown with available equipment.BLACK LEATHERWITH WHITEPERFORATIONS▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲▲
  9. 9. LUXURY FEATURES STANDARD SAFETYAND SECURITY FEATURESGS 350LUXURY AND CONVENIENCESmartAccess21,22with push-button Start/StopDual-zone automatic climate control with interior airfilter, smog sensor and automatic recirculation mode;S-Flow energy-saving airflow control uses occupantdetection sensors to optimize front-seat airflowPower tilt-and-telescopic steering column withautomatic tilt-awayLexus Memory System to control power driver’s seat(except lumbar), outside mirrors and steering wheelPower tilt-and-slide moonroof with one-touch open/close and sliding sunshadePower windows with one-touch auto open/closefeatureRetained accessory power for windows and moonroofElectrochromic (auto-dimming) inside rearviewmirror and outside mirrorsWhite LED interior illuminationHomeLink®universal transceiver to operatecompatible garage, gate, home lighting and homesecurity systemsLexus Personalized Settings (LPS)23to customize selectvehicle functionsHeadlamp washers (AWD only)SEATING AND TRIMMatte dark brown walnut interior trimPerforated leather-trimmed interiorLeather-trimmed steering wheel and shift knob10-way driver’s and front passenger’s (includinglumbar) power seatsHeight-adjustable headrests for all seatsINSTRUMENTATION, COMMUNICATION ANDMULTIMEDIADrive Mode Select with Normal, ECO and Sport SmodesLexus 12-speaker Premium Surround Sound System withAutomatic Sound Levelizer (ASL) and CD/DVD playerEight-inch high-resolution color multimedia display3.5-inch color TFT multi-information display in gaugeclusterRemote Touch8controllerSiriusXM Satellite Radio.24,25Subscription required.90-day trial subscription includedHD RadioTM26with iTunes®27tagging14.0-in, two-piece front-brake rotors with monoblockfour-piston calipers (RWD only)16-way FSPORT driver’s seat with power side bolsters,four-way lumbar and extendable lower cushionStriated aluminum interior trimBlack headlinerF SPORT exterior styling including unique frontbumper, upper and lower grille inserts, rear valenceand rear spoilerGS 450h*Includes all GS 350 with Premium Packageequipment plus:Drive Mode Select adds Sport S+ modeAdaptive Variable Suspension (AVS) with electronicallycontrolled shock absorbersHeated steering wheelHigh-intensity interior heaterHeadlamp washers andWindshield-wiper deicerWater-repellent front-door glassDynamic tachometer and Hybrid System Indicator,based on selected drive modeMatte bamboo interior trimRear valence with concealed exhaust outletsGS 450h WITH LUXURY PACKAGE*Includes all GS 350 with Luxury Package and GS 450hwith Premium Package equipment plus:LED headlampsMatte bamboo-trimmed steering wheelGS 350 WITH LUXURY PACKAGE*Includes all GS 350 with Premium Packageequipment plus:Drive Mode Select adds Sport S+ mode18-inch split-nine-spoke alloy wheels1with paintedSilver finish and all-season tiresWood- and leather-trimmed steering wheelLinear espresso wood interior trimSemi-aniline leather interior trim18-way power front seats with power-adjustablefour-way lumbar, side bolsters, articulating backrest,extendable lower cushions and butterfly headrestsLexus Memory System for front-passenger seatThree-zone automatic climate controlRear-door manual sunshadesAdaptive Front Lighting System (AFS)31GS 350 F SPORT*Includes all GS350 with Premium Packageequipment plus:Drive Mode Select adds Sport S+ mode19-inch split-five-spoke alloy wheels with DarkGraphite finish.1Staggered fitment with summer tires(RWD); all-season tires (AWD)F SPORT–tuned Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS)with electronically controlled shock absorbersVariable Gear-Ratio Steering (VGRS) (RWD only)NAVIGATION PACKAGENavigation System2412.3-inch high-resolution split-screen multimedia displayOPTIONS AND PACKAGES**Please see back cover for more information regarding options/packages.ACTIVE SAFETYFour-wheel ventilated power-assisted disc brakesFour-sensor, four-channel Anti-lock Braking System(ABS)Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management (VDIM)32with cutoff switchVehicle Stability Control (VSC)32Traction Control (TRAC)Brake Assist33Electronic parking brake with Auto and Hold functionsElectronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD)Smart Stop Technology34Direct Tire Pressure Monitor System35Bi-XenonTMHigh-Intensity Discharge (HID) headlampswith LED daytime running lights and dynamicauto-levelingIntegrated foglamps (excluding GS 350 F SPORT)LED taillampsPower-adjustable outside mirrors with defoggers,puddle lamps, integrated turn indicators and autotilt-down in reversePASSIVE SAFETYDriver’s and front passenger’s dual-stage airbagsystem (SRS)16Front and rear seat-mounted side airbags (SRS)16Front and rear side curtain airbags (SRS)16Driver’s and front passenger’s knee airbags (SRS)16Whiplash Injury Lessening (WIL) front seats17Three-point seatbelts for all seating positions,pre-tensioners with force limiters for front andoutboard rear seatsAutomatic Locking Retractor/Emergency LockingRetractor (ALR/ELR) seatbelts for front and outboardmounted rear-passenger seating positions. EmergencyLocking Retractor (ELR) only for driver’s seat andcenter rear-passenger seating positionHeight-adjustable front shoulder belt anchorsAvailable equipment shown.Child Restraint Seat (CRS) tether anchor brackets forrear outboard seating positionsRigid body structure with front and rear crumple zonesSide-impact door beamsReinforcements in pillars and door sillsImpact-dissipating interior trimSECURITYSafety Connect®3,36offers Automatic CollisionNotification, Stolen Vehicle Location, EmergencyAssistance Button (SOS) and Enhanced RoadsideAssistance37services. Subscription required.One-year trial subscription includedVehicle theft-deterrent and engine-immobilizersystem22Compatible mobile-phone integrationEnhanced Bluetooth technology28Lexus Enform3,4with Destination Assist andeDestination. Subscription required. One-year trialsubscription includedLexus Enform3,4Application Suite5with Bing,iHeartRadio,, OpenTable, Pandora,Yelp and Facebook Places.6,7Subscription required.One-year trial subscription includedNavTraffic,TM24,25NavWeatherTM24,25and Sports andStocks.24,25Subscription required. One-year trialsubscription includedCOLD WEATHER PACKAGE(Standard on GS 450h)Heated steering wheelHigh-intensity interior heaterHeadlamp washers (standard on AWD)Windshield-wiper deicerWater-repellent front-door glassINDIVIDUAL OPTIONSMark Levinson 17-speaker, 835-watt9(all channelsdriven @ less than 0.1% total harmonic distortion)Premium Surround Sound Audio System10with7.1-channel architecture, digital amplifier andGreenEdge speaker technologyPre-Collision System (PCS)14includes Driver AttentionMonitor38with closed-eye detection, Dynamic RadarCruise Control39Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning19Lexus Night View System18Blind Spot Monitor System20Heads-up DisplayIntuitive Parking AssistLexus Dynamic Handling System including DynamicRear Steering (GS 350 FSPORT RWD)18-inch split-five-spoke alloy wheels with Superchromefinish and all-season or summer tires1(Base and PremiumPackage)Heated rear seats (Luxury Package)USB audio input for iPod®27/compatible music playerintegration with audio systemBluetooth®technology28with automatic phonebooksynchronizationAdvanced voice commandBluetooth audio29profile for wireless integration ofcompatible music players with in-vehicle audio systemBackup camera30Steering-wheel-mounted audio, phone and displaycontrolsGS 350 WITH PREMIUM PACKAGE*Includes all GS 350 equipment plus:Rain-sensing wipersHeated and ventilated front seatsPower rear sunshade
  10. 10. DRIVETRAINCHASSISGS 350/GS 350 F SPORT60° V6, aluminum block and heads, direct and portfuel injection3.5-liters (210 cubic inches)Four cam, four valves per cylinder, with dual VariableValve Timing with intelligence (VVT-i)306 hp @ 6,40011277 lb-ft @ 4,80011Certified Ultra-Low Emission Vehicle (ULEV II)GS 450hAtkinson-cycle 60° V6, aluminum block and heads,direct and port fuel injection3.5 liters (210 cubic inches)Four cam, four valves per cylinder, with dual VariableValve Timing with intelligence (VVT-i)High-output, permanent-magnet, electric-drivemotor338 hp11Certified Super Ultra-Low Emission Vehicle (SULEV II)Five-passenger luxury sport sedan (GS350)Five-passenger hybrid luxury sport sedan (GS450h)Welded-steel unibody3,795 lb (GS350)3,970 lb (GS350 AWD)4,190 lb (GS450h)TYPEDISPLACEMENTVALVETRAINHORSEPOWER AT RPMTORQUE AT RPMEMISSION RATINGTYPEDISPLACEMENTVALVETRAINELECTRIC-DRIVEMOTORTOTAL SYSTEMHORSEPOWEREMISSION RATINGTYPECONSTRUCTIONCURB WEIGHTDRIVE WHEELSTRANSMISSIONDRIVE WHEELSTRANSMISSIONGS 350/GS 350 F SPORTRear-wheel drive (RWD)Available all-wheel drive (AWD)Six-speed sequential-shift automatic ElectronicallyControlled Transmission with intelligence (ECT-i) andpaddle shiftersGS 450hRear-wheel drive (RWD)Electronically controlled Continuously VariableTransmission with intelligence (ECVT-i) and paddleshiftersSUSPENSIONSTEERINGBRAKESWHEELS ANDTIRESSUSPENSIONSTEERINGBRAKESWHEELS ANDTIRESGS 350, GS 450hFront: Independent, double-wishbone with coil springs,gas-pressurized shock absorbers and stabilizer barRear: Independent, multi-link with coil springs,gas-pressurized shock absorbers and stabilizer barAdaptive Variable Suspension (AVS) with electronicallycontrolled damping (GS350 with Luxury Package, GS450h)Electronic Power Steering (EPS) system, 2.8 turnslock-to-lockFour-wheel power-assisted discs, with four-sensor,four-channel Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), ElectronicBrakeforce Distribution (EBD) and Brake Assist33Electronic Controlled Braking (ECB) (GS450h)13.1-in ventilated front discs with two-piston calipers; 12.2-inventilated rear discs with single-piston-sliding calipers17 x 7.5-in nine-spoke alloy wheels with 225/50R17 tires(standard)118 x 8.0-in split-five-spoke alloy wheels with 235/45R18tires (available base and Premium Package)118 x 8.0-in split-nine-spoke alloy wheels with 235/45R18tires (GS350/GS450h with Luxury Package)1GS 350 F SPORTAll suspension components of the GS 350 plusF SPORT–tuned Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS)with electronically controlled dampingAll steering components of the GS 350 plus:Variable Gear-Ratio Steering (VGRS), 2.2–2.6 turnslock-to-lock (GS350 RWD FSPORT)Dynamic Rear Steering (DRS) (available GS350 RWDFSPORT)All braking components of the GS 350 plus monoblockfour-piston front calipers with 14.0-in ventilated rotors,pin-mounted to an aluminum hat (GS350 RWD FSPORT)19 x 8.0-in (front), 19 x 9.0-in (rear) split-five-spoke alloywheels with 235/40R19 (front), 265/35R19 (rear) tires(GS350 RWD FSPORT)119 x 8.0-in split-five-spoke alloy wheels with 235/40R19tires (GS350 AWD FSPORT)1ENGINEGENERALWHEELSPERFORMANCE0–60 MPH ACCELERATION  GS 350GS 350 AWDTOP TRACK SPEED  GS 350(electronically limited) GS 350 AWDEPA FUEL ECONOMY ESTIMATES  GS 350(city/highway/combined) GS 350 AWDAERODYNAMIC DRAG COEFFICIENTTURNING CIRCLE  GS 350GS 350 W/LDHGS 350 AWD0–60 MPH ACCELERATIONTOP TRACK SPEED (electronically limited)EPA FUEL ECONOMY ESTIMATES(city/highway/combined)AERODYNAMIC DRAG COEFFICIENTTURNING CIRCLEGS 350/GS 350 F SPORT5.7 seconds11,125.8 seconds11,12144 mph11,12131 mph11,1219/28/23 mpg219/26/21 mpg20.2736.8 ft35.4 ft37.4 ftGS 450h5.6 seconds11,12138 mph11,1229/34/3120.2736.8 ft18-in split-five-spoke alloy wheelswith Superchrome finish1AVAILABLE (BASE AND PREMIUM PACKAGE)17-in nine-spoke alloy wheels1STANDARD19-in split-five-spoke alloy wheelswith Dark Graphite finish1STANDARD (GS 350 F SPORT)18-in split-nine-spoke alloy wheelswith Burnished Silver finish1STANDARD (GS 350 LUXURY PACKAGE)BODYAND DIMENSIONSHEIGHT57.3in (1,455 mm) (RWD, Hybrid)57.9in (1,470 mm) (AWD)TRUNK CAPACITY14.3 cu ft (405 L) (GS350)13.2 cu ft (374 L) (GS450h)WIDTH 72.4 in (1,840 mm)HEADROOMfront/rear38.0/37.8in (965/960 mm)OVERALL LENGTH 190.7 in (4,845 mm)FUEL-TANK CAPACITY17.4 gal (66 L)SHOULDER ROOMfront/rear57.3/55.7 in (1,455/1,415mm)LEG ROOMfront/rear42.3/36.8 in (1,075/935 mm)WHEELBASE 112.2 in (2,850 mm)GS 350 F SPORT 19-in F SPORT full-face forged alloy wheelswith Liquid Silver finish1,40AVAILABLE
  11. 11. LEXUSF SPORTACCESSORIES40Looking to take the performance, handling and aggressive appearance of yourGSevenfurther?Considerthese19-inch,full-faceforgedalloyFSPORTwheels1,40with Liquid Silver finish and track-proven, direct replacement lowering springs.Unlike other aftermarket accessories, these are developed specifically for Lexusperformance vehicles by our engineers and distributed exclusively throughparticipating Lexus dealers, so they include comprehensive warranty coverage.F SPORT LOWERING SPRINGS40Arriving summer 2012, these high-tensile steel lowering springs aredesigned to improve steering response and cornering ability, whilelowering the GS for a more aggressive appearance.THEACCESSORYLINE Whether you’re looking for distinctive style, enhanced capability or added peace of mind, our line of genuine Lexus accessories offers somethingfor every model. Designed and tested exclusively by our engineers for a precise fit and finish, they offer 100% Lexus quality along with acomprehensive, nationwide warranty.All-weather floor mats41Remote engine starter22Glass breakage sensorCargo net – envelopeWheel locksPaint protection film42Rear bumper appliquéIlluminated door sillsCarpet trunk matRear spoilerAshtrayCONFIGUREYOURGSDeveloped without compromise by Lexus engineers, every F product—from the GS F SPORT and F SPORT Accessories40to the high-performance F vehicles—is rooted in the rigorous demands of racing. In fact, the F marque itself was inspired by the last five corners ofFuji International Speedway, birthplace ofthe LFA supercar. To learn more and equipyour GS, visit’T JUST OWN THE GS.MAKE IT YOURS.