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Review 8 landscapes_sc

  1. 1. A) Taconic MountainsB) Tug Hill PlateauC) Hudson-Mohawk LowlandsD) Champlain Lowlands1. Which landscape region separates the AdirondackMountains from the Catskills?A) type of soilB) amount of stream dischargeC) weathering rateD) underlying bedrock structure2. One characteristic used to classify landscape regions asplains, plateaus, or mountains isA) Adirondack MountainsB) New England HighlandsC) Appalachian PlateauD) Tug Hill Plateau3. In which New York State landscape region are theTaconic Mountains located?A) Adirondack MountainsB) Atlantic Coastal LowlandsC) Appalachian PlateauD) Erie-Ontario Lowlands4. Which New York State landscape region contains mostlyPrecambrian bedrock?A) The Grenvillian Orogeny was raising theAdirondack Mountains.B) The most recent continental glaciers were meltingover much of North America.C) The Palisades sill was intruding in the area of NewYork State.D) Many kinds of marine animals, including trilobites,were becoming extinct.5. Which event was taking place during the TriassicPeriod?A) marine fossils in the Rocky MountainsB) sediment in the Gulf of MexicoC) trenches in the Pacific Ocean floorD) igneous rock deep within the Earth6. The best evidence of crustal uplift would be provided byA) mountains B) plainC) plateau D) lowlands7. In which type of landscape region is Elmira, New York,located?A) Taconic MountainsB) Adirondack MountainsC) CatskillsD) Atlantic Coastal Plain8. Which landscape region in New York State is composedof the youngest material?A) mountains B) lowlandsC) plateau D) coastal plain9. In New York State, the St. Lawrence River flows over alandscape region classified asA) crustal activity zonesB) natural resource zonesC) landscape regionsD) erosional activity areas10. Features such as mountains, plains, and plateaus dividecontinents intoA) Taconic MountainsB) Allegheny PlateauC) Atlantic Coastal PlainD) Erie-Ontario Lowlands11. Which New York State landscape region is composedmainly of metamorphosed surface bedrock?12. The block diagram below shows a portion of Earth’ssurface.A) The landscape features will become more rounded.B) The elevation of the entire region will increase.C) The limestone will stop dissolving.D) The rate of wind erosion will increase.If the climate in this area becomes more humid, whichchange will most likely occur?
  2. 2. A) residual soil covering a large areaB) coastal sand dunesC) V-shaped valleysD) parallel hills of unsorted sediments13. Which landscape characteristic indicates a landscapehas been formed primarily by streams?14. The diagram below represents a section of the Earthscrust.A) folding of the crustB) sinking of rock layersC) erosion by valley glaciersD) deposition of stream sedimentsThis surface landscape was most likely caused byA) lowlands B) mountainsC) highlands D) plateaus15. The Mohawk River and the Hudson River both flowprimarily over a landscape region classified as16. Base your answer to the following question on theEarth Science Reference Tables and the block diagrambelow. The diagram represents a geologic cross sectionof a portion of the Earths crust. Line XY represents afault. The rock layers in area B have not beenoverturned.A) steep slopes, moderate elevations, and horizontalrock structureB) many changes in slope, high elevations, and tiltedrock structureC) very low elevations, and the bedrock is igneousD) very low elevations, and the bedrock is folded andfaultedArea B is considered a plateau landscape because it hasA) fossils and rock ageB) latitude and climateC) elevation and bedrock structureD) soil composition and particle size17. Landscape regions are best identified by theirA) B)C) D)18. Which diagram represents a plateau landscape?A) nearness to continental boundariesB) nearness to major mountain rangesC) climatic conditionsD) surface bedrock characteristics19. The generalized landscape regions of New YorkState are identified chiefly on the basis of
  3. 3. A) V-shaped valleysB) jagged hilltopsC) horizontal bedrock structureD) folded metamorphic rock20. The Catskills landscape region is classified as a plateauprimarily because the region hasA) bedrock structure and elevationB) bedrock type and index fossilsC) latitude and longitudeD) climate and topography21. The generalized landscape regions of New York Stateare classified according toA) stream action B) wind erosionC) uplifting D) glaciation22. A landscape is characterized by much transported soil,scratched rock surfaces, and wide U-shaped valleys.The development of this landscape is probably theresult ofA) Variations in climate have little effect onlandscape development.B) Hillslopes in dry climates appear similar tohillslopes in humid climates.C) Arid and humid regions contain evidence ofdifferences in landscape development.D) Stream development is independent of climate.23. Which statement most accurately describes theinfluence of climate factors upon landscapedevelopment?A) few lakesB) deposits of well-sorted sedimentsC) residual soil covering large areasD) polished and scratched surface bedrock24. Which landscape characteristic best indicates the actionof glaciers?A) ground water B) windC) glaciation D) human activities25. Over the past 2 million years, which erosional agent hasbeen most responsible for producing the presentlandscape surface features of New York State?A) the area south of the Finger LakesB) the area around Mt. MarcyC) the area between Syracuse and RochesterD) the area east of Albany26. Which area of New York State has the youngestbedrock?
  4. 4. 27. Base your answer to the following question on map below, which shows areas where certain minerals weremined in significant amounts during 1989.A) making talcum powder B) vulcanizing rubberC) polishing jewelry D) melting iceWhat is a common use for the mineral that is mined at the southern end of the two largest Finger Lakes?A) running water B) ocean currentsC) wind D) glacial ice28. Which agent of erosion formed the long U-shapedvalleys now occupied by the Finger Lakes in centralNew YorkState?A) The lake surfaces are above sea level.B) The lakes fill long, narrow U-shaped valleys.C) The lakes are partially filled with sorted beds ofsediment.D) The lakes are surrounded by sharp, jagged peaksand ridges.29. Which statement provides the best evidence that NewYork State’s Finger Lakes formed as a result ofcontinental glaciation?A) wind B) landslidesC) meandering streams D) continental glaciers30. Which agent of erosion was primarily responsible forforming the long, narrow, U-shaped valleys in theFinger Lakes region of New York State?A) B)C) D)31. Which stream drainage pattern would most likelydevelop on the surface of a volcano?
  5. 5. 32. Base your answer to the following question on theEarth Science Reference Tables and the diagram below.The diagram shows two volcanoes with lava flows.A) B)C) D)Which map best represents the stream drainage patternof these volcanic mountains?A) B)C) D)33. Which map shows the stream drainage pattern thatusually develops on the surface of horizontal rocklayers?34. Base your answer to the following question on thediagram below. The diagram represents a geologic crosssection in which no overturning has occurred. Theletters identify specific regions in the cross section.A) B)C) D)Which stream drainage pattern would most likely befound on the surface in region C?
  6. 6. 35. The diagram below represents a landscape area.A) B)C) D)Which map represents the stream drainage pattern thathas most likely developed within this area?A) B)C) D)36. Which stream-drainage pattern most likely developedon the surface of a newly formed volcanic mountain?
  7. 7. 37. The block diagram below represents a deeply eroded dome.A) B)C) D)Which map shows the stream drainage pattern that would most likely develop on this deeply eroded dome?38. The cross section below shows the rock structure of a deeply eroded, domed mountain region.A) B) C) D)Which map shows the stream drainage pattern that will most likely develop as the bedrock is weatheredand eroded from this igneous dome?
  8. 8. 39. Base your answer to the following question on The block diagram below shows a landscape region.A) B)C) D)Which stream drainage pattern would most likely develop at the surface of this region?
  9. 9. 40. The diagram below represents a surface stream drainagepattern.A)B)C)D)Which geologic cross section represents a landscaperegion most likely to produce this drainage pattern?
  10. 10. 41. The map below shows a stream drainage pattern. Arrows show the direction of stream flow.A) B)C) D)On which landscape region did this drainage pattern most likely develop?