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Review 10 meteorology_sc

  1. 1. 1. The diagram below shows conditions that commonly cause fog to form over land in coastal areas.A weather station at the lighthouse records a temperature of 36°F and an air pressure of 1016.4 mb. Usingthe proper weather map symbols, place the following information in the correct positions on the weatherstation model below.• Present weather• Dewpoint• Air pressure• Wind direction• Wind speedA) cool, wet weather B) cool, dry weatherC) warm, wet weather D) warm, dry weather2. A high-pressure center is generally characterized byA) B)C) D)3. A weather station records a barometric pressure of1013.2 millibars. Which diagram below would bestrepresent this weather station on a weather map?A) B)C) D)4. At which weather station is visibility greatest?A) ocean currents B) seismic dataC) phases of the Moon D) air-mass movements5. Daily weather forecasts are based primarily on
  2. 2. 6. The photograph below shows a spiral pattern of clouds inthe Earths atmosphere. The spiral is hundreds of milesacross.A) a cycloneB) a cold frontC) a stationary frontD) a high-pressure centerWhich type of weather does this photograph show?7. The diagram below represents a cross section of air masses and frontal surfaces along line AB. The dashedlines represent precipitation.A) B)C) D)Which weather map best represents this frontal system?
  3. 3. 8. The map below shows the boundary between two airmasses. The arrows show the direction in which theboundary is moving.A) B)C) D)Which weather map uses the correct weather frontsymbol to illustrate this information?9. The following weather data was collected at Boonville, New York.On the station model provided above, using the proper format, record:• the amount of cloud cover• the barometric pressure• the symbol for the present weather
  4. 4. A) 914.6 mb of pressure and smogB) 914.6 mb of pressure and a clear skyC) 1014.6 mb of pressure and smogD) 1014.6 mb of pressure and a clear sky10. Various weather conditions at LAX Airport in LosAngeles are shown on the station model below.What were the barometric pressure and weatherconditions at the airport at the time of the observation?A) mP B) mT C) cP D) cT11. On a weather map, an airmass that is very warm anddry would be labeledA) mP B) mT C) cP D) cT12. An air mass that originates over the northern PacificOcean and moves southward over the United Stateswould most likely be labeled on a weather map asA) B)C) D)13. Which weather-station model shows an air pressure of993.4 millibars?A) anemometer B) wind vaneC) psychrometer D) thermometer14. Which weather instrument is used to measure windspeed?A) -5ºC dewpoint and 33% relative humidityB) -5ºC dewpoint and 45% relative humidityC) 4ºC dewpoint and 33% relative humidityD) 4ºC dewpoint and 45% relative humidity15. A parcel of air has a dry-bulb temperature of 16ºC and awet-bulb temperature of 10ºC. What are the dewpointand relative humidity of the air?A) Humidity is decreasing.B) Temperature is decreasing.C) Skies are clearing.D) A storm is approaching.16. Which weather change is most likely indicated byrapidly falling air pressure?A) humidity differencesB) air pressure differencesC) the revolution of EarthD) the rotation of Earth17. What is the primary cause of winds?A) the atmosphere is relatively dryB) the air is at its saturated vapor pressureC) the air pressure is highD) transpiration equals evaporation18. The relative humidity is 100% when
  5. 5. 19. Base your answer to the following question on The diagram below shows the temperature readings on aweather instrument.A) 8% B) 11% C) 32% D) 60%Based on these readings, the relative humidity of the air is closest toA) B)C) D)20. Which weather station model indicates the highestrelative humidity?A) 20% B) 35% C) 50% D) 65%21. What is the approximate relative humidity if thedry-bulb temperature is 11ºC and the dewpointtemperature is 1ºC?
  6. 6. 22. Base your answer to the following question on the diagram below, which shows a coastal region in whichthe land slopes toward the ocean. Point X is near the top of the hill, point Y is at the base of the hill, andpoint Z is a location at sea level. The same type of surface bedrock underlies this entire region. A streamflows from point X through point Y to point Z. This stream is not shown in the diagram.A) greater, since the slope of the land decreasesB) greater, since the slope of the land increasesC) less, since the slope of the land decreasesD) less, since the slope of the land increasesCompared to the stream velocity between point X and point Y, the stream velocity between point Y andpoint Z is most likelyA) low permeability and gentle slopeB) low permeability and steep slopeC) high permeability and gentle slopeD) high permeability and steep slope23. Which soil conditions normally result in the greatestamount of runoff?A) steep slope, heavy rain, and frozen groundB) steep slope, gentle rain, and unfrozen groundC) gentle slope, heavy rain, and frozen groundD) gentle slope, gentle rain, and unfrozen ground24. Which conditions produce the most surface waterrunoff?A) gentle slope and permeable surfaceB) gentle slope and impermeable surfaceC) steep slope and permeable surfaceD) steep slope and impermeable surface25. Which set of conditions would produce the most runoffof precipitation?A) small soil particles and a steep slopeB) small soil particles and a gentle slopeC) large soil particles and a steep slopeD) large soil particles and a gentle slope26. The greatest amount of filtration occurs when thesurface of a permeable soil hasA) steep slope and permeable soilB) steep slope and impermeable soilC) gentle slope and permeable soilD) gentle slope and impermeable soil27. Which surface soil conditions allow the mostinfiltration of rainwater?A) gentle slope, saturated soil, no vegetationB) gentle slope, unsaturated soil, vegetationC) steep slope, saturated soil, vegetationD) steep slope, unsaturated soil, no vegetation28. Which set of surface soil conditions on a hillside wouldresult in the most infiltration of rainfall?
  7. 7. 29. Base your answer to the following question on the contour map of an island below. Points A through Grepresent locations on the island. Elevations are in meters.A) F B) B C) C D) DWhich point is located on the steepest slope?A) less infiltration and more runoffB) less infiltration and less runoffC) more infiltration and more runoffD) more infiltration and less runoff30. Compared to an area of Earths surface with gentleslopes, an area with steeper slopes most likely hasA) permeable and saturatedB) permeable and unsaturatedC) impermeable and saturatedD) impermeable and unsaturated31. Assuming a constant land slope, the greatest infiltrationof water into the Earth will occur when the surface is32. Base your answer to the following question on Thediagram below shows two identical containers filledwith uniform particles that were sorted by size.A) infiltration rate B) water retentionC) capillarity D) porosityWhich characteristic is most likely the same for theseparticle-filled containers?33. The diagram below represents two identical containersfilled with samples of loosely packed sediments. Thesediments are composed of the same material, but differin particle size. Which property is most nearly the samefor the two samples?A) infiltration rate B) porosityC) capillarity D) water retention