IDSA Mideast Conference - Customer Led Innovation


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Customer Led Innovation Visteon Corp., a leading global supplier of automotive climate, interior, electronic and lighting solutions, is exploring and developing new ways to innovate and drive design. By focusing on defining consumer's desired experiences and translating these insights into actionable design inputs, Visteon is re-architecting their design and innovation process. Along with their design research partner Lextant, Visteon will share a case study to illustrate this new experiential way of thinking. Success is not based on what you make—it's based on how you make people feel.

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IDSA Mideast Conference - Customer Led Innovation

  1. 1. Customer Led Innovation IDSA Mideast District Conference Tim Yerdon, Jim Couch 31 March 2012Strictly Private and Confidential
  2. 2. Innovation In a survey of 639 companies, executives cited failure to meet customer needs as the top driver of innovation failure. - Accenture Innovation Survey 2009
  3. 3. Lextant Design Research & User Experience Design
  4. 4. Visteon Today Visteon Overview Product Line Portfolio Climate Leading provider of value-added  Compressors components/systems to a broad  Engine Induction  Fluid Transport range of global vehicle  HVAC Systems manufacturers  Powertrain Cooling Employees: Electronics  Audio/Infotainment – 26,000 consolidated  Center Stack Electronics  Driver Information – 41,000 including joint ventures  Feature Control Modules Approximately 120 facilities in Interiors 27 countries*  Cockpit Modules  Consoles  Door Trim 2011 revenue:  Instrument Panels – $8.05 billion consolidated Lighting – $12.0 billion including joint  Front and rear lighting ventures  Projectors  AFS Modules  LED arrays * Includes joint ventures.
  5. 5. Intent to Sell Interiors Business to Yanfeng Visteon  On Nov. 30, 2011, Visteon and Huayu Automotive Systems Co., Lid. (HASCO) announced non-binding memorandum of understanding to sell majority of Visteon’s consolidated interiors business to existing joint venture, Yanfeng Visteon  Transaction would broaden strategic partnership between Visteon and HASCO  Visteon would retain interest in one of world’s largest automotive interiors companies  Positive reaction from customers and investors as to potential benefits Aiming to Have Definitive Agreements in Early 2012
  6. 6. Sale of Lighting Business to Varroc Group  On March 12, Visteon announced definitive agreement to sell global lighting business to Varroc Group of India  Cash transaction for $92 million  Sale encompasses Visteon’s global lighting business, including: – Operations in the Czech Republic, Mexico and India, totaling five manufacturing plants – Approximately 4,200 employees, including technical and support personnel at various locations – Intention to include Visteon’s equity interest in Visteon TYC Corporation, a joint venture based in China  Agreement subject to regulatory reviews and other conditions Sale Expected to be Completed in the Third Quarter of 2012Page 6
  7. 7. Innovation & Design at Visteon Vision Be recognized by our customers as the innovative partner-of-choice for translating their vision into products and services Visteon is committed to delivering innovative technologies that support the goals of automakers and enhance the driving experience.
  8. 8. Innovation 3 Innovation Strategies: Need Seekers Market Readers Technology Drivers Actively and directly Closely monitors Maintains a sustained engages with current customers and investment in R&D to and potential competition, but support the creation of customers to maintain cautious new, radical, understand approach. Focus on technological unarticulated needs. creating value through breakthroughs. They excel at incremental superior end-user innovations. understanding. “Fast followers.” Agilent Technologies Visteon Pharmaceutical Industry “Need Seekers are more likely to financially  outperform competitive companies following  one of the other two strategies…  30% by nearly                                    ”
  9. 9. Design Research versus Market Research Marketing Research Design Research Lens to the market Lens to the user Buying process Experiences and Aspirations Bringing a product / Innovating products service to market and services
  10. 10. The ProjectUnderstand and DefineConsumers’ Ideal In-CarElectronics Experience • Focus on the experience • Identify what really matters – understand the “whys” • Ground the insights in solid consumer data • Model the insights to tell a story, inform & inspire • Align the organization
  11. 11. The ProcessQualitative, ParticipatoryResearch usingMulti-Sensory Stimuli • PRIME™ • Preliminary pattern analysis • Mini-focus groups • Rigorous data analysis • Synthesis workshop • Insight Translation™
  12. 12. ProcessPage 12
  13. 13. PRIME™Online questionnaire & collaging exercise “I take all of these words and images into consideration when I buy gadgets, and this carries over into my car experience…or at least what I want in the experience”
  14. 14. Mini-Focus Groups Group and individual exercises 1 Review PRIME™ 2 Identify Themes 3 Build Solution Canvas 4 Understand the solutionPage 14
  15. 15. Analysis How Ideal In-Car Electronics Look, Act, & FeelPage 15
  16. 16. Synthesis Workshop 3-day workshop to immerse the team (cross-functional) in the data, identify data buckets, begin modeling the insights and start building alignmentPage 16
  17. 17. My Ideal Car Electronics: Product Attribute ModelPage 17
  18. 18. Benefits of Modeling Visually communicates insights Descriptive vs. prescriptive Helps focus R&D efforts Digestible – “a picture’s worth a 1000 words” Memorable – makes the insights “sticky” Creates alignment Post-design metric tool
  19. 19. CES Year Visteon Total Customer % attendees attendees customers 2011 823 142 17% 2012 385 156 41%Page 19
  20. 20. Model as metric evaluation tool “Scorecard” to evaluate experience • MyFord Touch • 32 participants • PRIME™ • In-vehicle IDI’s (60min)Page 20
  21. 21. Consumer Experience: Entertainment (Radio) +
  22. 22. Consumer Experience: Entertainment (Radio)
  23. 23. The Big Ideas… 1 Connect with the customer ~ “Prime” participants ~ Use projective participatory techniques (multi-sensory) to uncover latent desires 2 Distill the experience ~ Rigorous analysis ~ Synthesis workshop 3 Model it ~ Insight translation to bring insights to life ~ Build alignmentPage 23
  24. 24.