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With in-depth coverage of more than 80 million companies, 80 million executives and 1,000 industries, LexisNexis® Prospect Portfolio has the information your sales team needs to help win new business. Featuring an easy-to-navigate interface, and a faster, more robust platform, Prospect Portfolio powers thorough research with enhanced full-text search functionality for precise results.

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LexisNexis Prospect Portfolio overview

  1. 1. LexisNexis®Prospect PortfolioGet more leads. Close more deals. Make more money.With in-depth coverage of more than80 million companies, 80 millionexecutives and 1,000 industries,LexisNexis®Prospect Portfolio has theinformation your sales team needsto help win new business. Featuringan easy-to-navigate interface, and afaster, more robust platform, ProspectPortfolio powers thorough researchwith enhanced full-text searchfunctionality for precise results.Enhanced content access forcompany and industry snapshotsensures that you have up-to-datenews and industry reports for buildingrelevant prospect profiles. And thenew sales trigger feature can helpyou identify the right prospects totarget—based on managementchanges, new funding, mergersand acquisitions and much more.Available as a stand-alone Web-based application or integratedinto your organization’s CRM, portalor intranet, Prospect Portfolio haseverything you need to help youreach your sales goals.An innovative prospecting solution for sales professionalsWith LexisNexis®Prospect Portfolio, you can easily:Create a list of companies or individuals—offering difficult-to-get direct contact information,including e-mail addresses and direct phone lines!Download results to Microsoft®Excel®or directly into your salesforce.com®CRM application.Learn more about current clients or prospects including information on key business issuesaffecting their business.Quickly identify an organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, as wellas company revenue streams, with Datamonitor®premium SWOT analysis reports.Increase productivity by integrating Prospect Portfolio within your salesforce.com®application to supplement account data and seamlessly generate and add new leads.Use customized alerts to stay in-the-know on prospects and customers.Add sales triggers to your news searches to help you find the right prospects at the right time.Upload a list of your accounts or prospects and let Prospect Portfolio search them all atonce to give you current and comprehensive company and contact information.Create customized reports, including full cite lists of results. Print only those citeddocuments that are most relevant.AA Launch a Quick Search from the HomePage or select a tab for more advancedsearching, list generation, to manageyour history or alerts or to upload alist of your own accounts or prospectsfor one-step results. An optional Newssearch feature is also available. Searchescan be saved as favorites for easyaccess from the Home Page.
  2. 2. Identify prospects by buildingcompany or executive listsClick the Create a List tab to generate alist of company or individual prospects.CompaniesSelect Companies to create acompany list.Search by company information.Search by geographic information.Search by SIC or NAICS code.Normalize across currencies forlist generation in the currencyyou choose.Refine your criteria with keywordsearching. Select criteria to searchfrom the pull-down menu in theSearch field and enter your term(s).IndividualsSelect People to create a list ofindividuals.Search by title, specialty or function.Search for individuals within certaincompanies or industries.Search by geographic information.Search by SIC or NAICS code.Search for executives by specialty,i.e., type of work or department,by selecting from the Specialtypull-down menu.Whether you begin your targeting atthe board level or mid-management,you can customize your search tofind the right executives you needto talk to.ABCDFABCDEFGABCDEFABCDEFGCustomize your search to create a list based upon your criteria.E
  3. 3. Close more deals and foster existingrelationships by learning more abouta particular company, person or industryClick the Learn More tab to gather unique and relevantinformation about prospects or existing clients.Select Learn More to get a report on a Company,a Person or an Industry.Enter search parameters and click Find to generate anoverview Snapshot Report.It’s easy to create alerts to stay updated oncompany changesClick the links at the top of each report to Create AlertSelect the type of alert you want to create in the Typeof Alert drop-down listNarrow your results to receive alerts on a particulartopic by entering your own search terms or by selectingany combination of pre-defined Trigger topics.Select your own schedule, whether you wish to receiveemail delivery or view online and how you would like tohave the results formatted.ABABEnter your search criteria and immediately access your results,without having to filter through irrelevant or erroneous information.* Subject to terms and conditionsACABDBDC
  4. 4. LexisNexis and the Knowledge Burst logo are registered trademarks and LexisNexis SmartIndexing Technology is a trademark of Reed ElsevierProperties Inc., used under license. salesforce.com is a registered trademark of salesforce.com, inc., as are other names and marks.Other products and services may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.© 2012 LexisNexis. All rights reserved. NXE01135-5 1012More Targeted Leads & Relevant Information to Grow Your BusinessContact a LexisNexis®sales representative at 1-800-227-4908 or visit us at lexisnexis.com to learn more.Also visit salesforce.com/appexchange and type Prospect Portfolio for additional details on the benefits of addingProspect Portfolio to your salesforce.com application and to Test Drive the application.ABCDIdentify critical sales triggers in the news to findthe best companies to targetSelect trigger events from a convenient checklist or from theLexisNexis SmartIndexing TechnologyTMlook-up tool. Thenews can be one of the best and fastest means for findingnew leads based on events or “sales triggers,” rather thancompany criteria. Run a search and create an email alert fordaily updates as new results are available.LexisNexis SmartIndexing Technology taxonomies tagthe news with over 3,000 subjects that can be used toextract trigger events from more than 26,000 premiumnews sources.Enter or upload a list of clients or prospectsfor fast, single-search results retrievalEnter up to 200 ticker symbols/D-U-N-S®numbers/DossierIDs (for a list of companies) or 10 ticker symbols/D-U-N-Snumbers/Dossier IDs (for a list of executives) separated bycommas. Or, upload a list in TXT or CSV (spreadsheet) format.Stay up to date with information affectingcompanies and executives on your prospector client listsClick the History & Alerts tab to set up targeted alerts thathelp keep you informed about the companies and peoplethat matter to you. Or, review your search history to continuea previous search.Select Saved Searches to display the searches youhave saved.View, edit or delete any of your saved searches.Select Alerts to display a list of your saved Alerts.View, change or delete any of the Alerts on your list.ABCD Access legal, legislative and IP information unavailable anywhereelse, plus the broadest set of news sources, so you can be sure youhave the best insights about your companies and prospects.Connect With UsCLICK THE ICONS@SmarterSelling