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IP Catalog

  1. 1. Gain court-cited analyses and exclusive insight into the intellectual property issues that impact you the most.Intellectual Property2012 Catalog of Legal Resources
  2. 2. Intellectual Property 2012 Catalog of legal ResouRCes As an IP legal professional, you need to anticipate problems before they Contents arise and be prepared to address legal matters quickly when they do. This means staying abreast of the issues that affect your clients and organizations, CoPyRight law 2 amidst a constantly changing legal landscape. LexisNexis® provides the most comprehensive legal information so you can anticipate and analyze the impact CybeRlaw 3 of industry trends. Our credible expert analysis and authoritative content—in many cases exclusive—enables you to trust that your LexisNexis collection of enteRtainment law 4 research titles builds the foundation for your research and analytical needs. intelleCtual PRoPeRty 5 lexisnexis® ebooks • Using Nimmer on Copyright , protect your clients’ copyrights with the resource ® Trusted legal content the moment that has been cited more than 2,600 times by the federal courts, including the inteRnational law 6 you need it, right at your fingertips. U.S. Supreme Court. liCensing 7 • With Chisum on Patents, receive every legal detail you need to secure and protect a patent claim with in-depth analysis of substantive law of patents Patent law 7 in the U.S. that is frequently cited—with more than 900 citations by the U.S. Federal Courts. tRade seCRets 10 • Safeguard vulnerable trade secrets with proven strategies from the recognized tRademaRk law 11 authority in the field, Milgrim on Trade Secrets®. Cited more than 200 times by federal and state courts. • Confidently secure and defend trademark rights with the resource known industry-wide simply by the name of its authors: Gilson.Access the legal content you trust most whenever you need it, without Portable: Download our eBooks to your laptop, e-reader, tablet device or smartphone • Mealey’s™ Litigation Reports keep you informed on litigation topics such asbeing tethered to your office or the Internet, with LexisNexis® eBooks. copyrights, patents, trademarks and e-commerce to help you stay abreast of for on-the-go reference.*LexisNexis eBooks give you yet another option to research legal issues the issues that affect your clients.your way. Our collection of eBook titles provides anytime, anywhere accessible: Gain access to legal texts • Gain authoritative content on international intellectual property practice,access to hundreds of authoritative titles from Matthew Bender®, with a click of a button, whether you have property rights in trade secrets and trade secret protection. LexisNexisMichie™, Mealey’s™ and others. Internet access or not. publishes a wide range of titles that can help you successfully navigate today’s Cost-efficient: Call today to learn how challenging situations, from counterfeiting to piracy, from domain names toOnce downloaded, you can bookmark it, highlight it, skim it, annotate eBooks can reduce annual update costs patent infringement, to name a few. Choose from our expansive coverage:in it, update it … you name it. If you can do it with a printed book, you while eliminating storage and distribution entertainment, cyberlaw, licensing, sports law, and more.can do it with an eBook. of print publications. Browse this catalog to find the legal publications you want, today! to purchase an ebook: Contact your LexisNexis® representative legal expertise … On Demand! Call 800.223.1940 Make optimal use of your research time with LexisNexis® publications for intellectual property in portable eBook Visit the LexisNexis® Store: www.lexisnexis.com/store format. Access our extensive list of titles from leading attorneys and expert authors—on your schedule and on the device of your choice. For the latest listing of available titles, go to www.lexisnexis.com/ebooks. Browse our collection of eBook titles at www.lexisnexis.com/ebooks. oRdeR today! visit www.lexisnexis.com/iP_Catalog Call toll-free 800.223.1940*LexisNexis eBooks are available in both epub and mobi file formats for eBook devices, tablets, smartphones, PDAs and computers.
  3. 3. intellectual Property Catalog of legal Resources intellectual Property Catalog of legal Resources Copyright Law Cyberlaw nimmer on Copyright® mealey’s™ litigation Computer law bender on Privacy and data Protection Melville B. Nimmer, author 1963 – 85; David Nimmer, revision author 1986 to present Report: Copyright A Guide to Cyberlaw and David Bender Data Privacy Law Provides comprehensive and easy-to-use-coverage of U.S., EU, and Offers timely and unbiased in-depth This definitive work contains all you need to practice copyright David Bender APEC privacy and data protection issues, including those related to reporting of copyright law, including law, with wide-ranging analysis of copyright protection of Covers the concepts and techniques electronic data, providing the practitioner with valuable insight into court decisions, new suits, settlements, computer software, liability of online service providers for copyright infringement, and of evidence and discovery procedures this burgeoning field. and trials. Includes case summaries with international copyright protection. This easy-to-follow treatise contains: as they apply to computer-based attorney listings, expert commentary $299 ns PRINT  • 1 volume, softbound, Pub. #01573, isbn 9781422475232 • In-depth, comprehensive analysis of modern U.S. copyright law affecting printed works, articles, full-text court documents, plus information and to the protection of eBOOK  • eisbn 9780327168744 plays and motion pictures, music, computer software and chips, artistic property, and email bulletins of breaking news. computer software under intellectual also available as volumes 5 and 6 of Computer Law, a Guide to Cyberlaw property laws. Contents include the privacy and data protection and Data Privacy Law. the Internet $1,126 s PRINT  • newsletter, 12 issues, also available at lexis.com®. • Interpretation of all provisions of the Copyright Act and thorough coverage of the Digital Pub. #07024, issn 1539-6177 laws of the United States, the European Union and many other Millennium Copyright Act Prior year’s cost: $1,062 foreign nations. • Model litigation and transactional forms eBOOK  • eisbn 9780327167082 $1,186 s PRINT  • 5 volumes, loose-leaf, updated twice per year, Pub. #00068, mcgrady on social media • Insight into the guidelines that courts look for when deciding open questions of law and isbn 9780820510682 estimated renewal cost: $962 Paul D. McGrady, Jr. suggested lines of argument OTher COPyrIGhT TITLes eBOOK  • eisbn 9781579113940 Covers the impact of various laws, such as copyright and The copyright treatise most often cited by the federal courts has added a full chapter on communications laws, on social media, with expert guidance on bankruptcy. development and maintenance of effective social media policies. Copyright law, eighth edition Computer Contracts 2,380 $ $99 ns PRINT  • 1 volume, softbound, Pub. #01661, isbn 9781422481943 s PRINT  • 11 volumes, loose-leaf, updated 3 times per year, Pub. #00465, isbn 9780820514659 estimated renewal cost: $2,024 $150 ns PRINT  • 1 volume, softbound, Esther C. Roditti eBOOK  • eisbn 9781579114978 replaced annually, Pub. #00210, also available on Cd-Rom and online. isbn 9781422477380 Covers the full range of contracts for buying, selling, leasing and also available at lexis.com. Previous edition cost: $129 licensing hardware, software and services, with legal analysis, and sample clauses. Includes complete contracts to help you international Copyright law and Practice handle contracts for computer users and vendors, marketing mealey’s™ litigation Report: Cases & materials on Paul Edward Geller, General Editor Copyright and other aspects arrangements, software development, maintenance, licensing Cyber tech & e-Commerce This annually updated treatise integrates the global analysis of arrangements and telecommunications contracts. of entertainment litigation Covers disputes arising from e-commerce and tracks emerging international copyright with in-depth chapters on national laws. A including unfair Competition, $1,533 s PRINT  • 5 volumes, loose-leaf, updated twice per year, Pub. #00508, legal issues, including: Internet security, data destruction, leading European copyright practitioner and commentator states: defamation, Privacy isbn 9780820515083 and/or alteration, defamation on the Web, software errors, estimated renewal cost: $1,258 hardware failure, electronic theft, email trespass, and new “Whoever operates in this field beyond national borders cannot, $147 ns PRINT  • 1 volume, loose-leaf, eBOOK  • eisbn 9781579117276 Pub. #00048, isbn 9780820562278 insurance products. Includes case summaries with attorney and should not, do so without using this book.” Previous year’s cost: $139 listings, expert commentary articles, full-text court documents, —Wilhelm Nordemann, Book Review, 25 IIC 132 at 134 law of the internet plus breaking-news email bulletins. In his framework chapter, the General Editor explains how, Copyright anthology: F. Lawrence Street, Sandra Sheets Gardiner $1,326 s PRINT  • newsletter, 12 issues per year, Pub. #07003, issn 1535-718X systematically, to analyze the protection of copyright and related the technology frontier An easy-to-use resource written for busy practitioners, with Previous year’s cost: $1,251 rights in cross-border cases. He treats, most notably, conflicts of laws, domestic and treaty eBOOK  • eisbn 9781579119836 grounds for protection, the scope of international protection, and chain of title worldwide. $41 ns PRINT  • 1 volume, softbound, Pub. #03583, summaries of major cases and statutes, and forms you can adapt also available at lexis.com. isbn 9780870841903 to the specifics of your case. Provides comprehensive analysis of Another framework chapter explains how European law conditions the exploitation of Previous edition cost: n/a legal issues raised by the Internet and insightful commentary on copyright and related rights throughout the European Union. National experts, in their future directions the law may take. Chapters include electronic respective chapters, explain the copyright laws of Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, understanding Copyright law, OTher CyBer Law TITLes contracts, privacy, trademarks, patents, copyrights, and China, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, the fifth edition defamation. international Computer law Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Marshall A. Leafler Ernst-Jan Louwers, E.J. Prins, Stephen Chow To facilitate research, these chapters follow a common outline, treating the following issues: $43 ns PRINT  • 1 volume, softbound, updated $264 ns PRINT  • 1 volume, loose-leaf, updated annually, Pub. #64205, isbn 9780327159353 annually, Pub. #00839, $428 s PRINT  • 2 volumes, loose-leaf, updated annually, Pub. #00318, • isbn 9781422478912 Previous year’s upkeep: $249 isbn 9780820513188 Criteria and categories of protected works; special cases: titles, designs, software, etc. Previous edition cost: $41 eBOOK  • eisbn 9781579112646 estimated renewal cost: $363 • Other protected matters: performances, recordings, databases, integrated circuits eBOOK  • eisbn 9781579116422 • Initial holders of rights; rules governing transfers; special contractual provisions • Procedures for registration, establishing royalty rates, and administering claims business law monographs, volume g1— • Rules applicable to foreigners’ claims and to foreign works and media productions Computer law strategies • Terms, types, and scopes of moral and economic rights; criteria of infringement Lawrence M. Hertz, Esq. • Exceptions; legal licenses; and civil, criminal, and administrative remedies $207 ns PRINT  • 1 volume, loose-leaf, Pub. #00080, isbn 9780820524238 Previous year’s cost: $192 865 $ s PRINT  • 2 volumes, loose-leaf, revised annually, Pub. #00399, isbn 9780820513997 ComPlementaRy estimated renewal cost: $671 online ResouRCe: eBOOK  • eisbn 9781579116996 Visit the Copyright and Trademark Law Community at www.lexisnexis.com/community2 Read more about any title at www.lexisnexis.com/IP_Catalog To order, call 800.223.1940 or visit www.lexisnexis.com/IP_Catalog 3
  4. 4. intellectual Property Catalog of legal Resources intellectual Property Catalog of legal Resources entertainment Law Intellectual Property entertainment industry Contracts intellectual Property Counseling and litigation Donald C. Farber, General Editor; contributors: Robert Freedman (Television), Lester Horwitz, Ethan Horwitz; General Editors Leon Friedman (Book Publishing), Steven Kauffman (Sports), Jay Kenoff (Motion Pictures), Alan Kress (Music), Lisa Moore (Multimedia and the Internet), Malcolm Taub (Art) A comprehensive practice guide to client counseling, litigation and dispute resolution in all areas of intellectual property law. Written by a host of leading U.S. intellectual property attorneys, it covers: This authoritative forms book with commentary gives attorneys, producers, agents and others expert guidance on negotiating and drafting contracts in the major areas of the entertainment • The developing law in areas such as counterfeit goods, computer chip and software protection, industry, including motion pictures, music, television, book publishing, art, theatre, electronic biotechnology, process patents, and design protection publishing, sports, multimedia and the Internet. It provides: • The relationship between intellectual property law and other business law: bankruptcy, antitrust, arbitration, government contracting, insurance, and export control • Sections written by experts in the field—using forms and providing commentary based on their experience and expertise • International aspects of the law, including patent and trademark protection, overseas licensing concerns, and foreign litigation problems • Complete, workable contracts in every major area of entertainment law—over 300 contracts in all • State-of-the-art forms in a unique format—contract clauses (and alternative clauses) are in the left- • Litigation procedure and strategy for every type of case with step-by-step guidance through each phase of litigation, from complaint drafting to discovery to trial tactics and damages hand column of the page, while instructions on filling out the clauses and advice on negotiating the proper terms are in the right-hand column of the page • Procedure before special intellectual property tribunals, including the U.S. Claims Court, the Trademark Trial and Appeals Board, and the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit • Table of Contract Clauses, Table of Parties and Table of Forms—providing instant access to any clause in any part of the treatise 1,810 $ s PRINT  • 7 volumes, loose-leaf, updated twice per year, Pub. #00331, isbn 9780820513317 estimated renewal cost: $1,498 $1,805 s    PRINT  • 10 volumes, loose-leaf, updated 3 times per year, Pub. #00556, isbn 9780820515564 eBOOK  • eisbn 9781579116484 estimated renewal cost: $1,492 also available at lexis.com. eBOOK  • eisbn 9781579117603 business torts intellectual Property Primary entertainment law, third edition sports law Practice, third edition Melvin Simensky, Thomas D. Selz, Robert C. Lind, Barbara A. Burnett, James T. Gray This publication covers a variety of important business torts, law sourcebook Charles A. Palmer, F. Jay Dougherty including breach of fiduciary duty, including directors’ and officers’ The only publication to combine up-to-date coverage of sports law This convenient, portable reference is your complete source $144 ns PRINT  • 1 volume, Pub. #00166, isbn 9780820557250 liability; unjust dismissal and employment covenants not to for all key federal copyright, patent, and trademark statutes and with timesaving practice aids, sports law Practice is the essential Previous year’s cost: $136 compete; actions to recover for third-party interference with regulations. The latest edition includes the full text of the United resource for the attorney or agent in the arena of sports law. contract relations, prospective advantage, lawful business and States Code (Titles 7, 15, 17, 19, 35); Code of Federal Regulations Chapters cover such areas as collective bargaining agreements, employment relations; commercial defamation and deceptive (Titles 19 and 37); Patent Cooperation Treaty; and Regulations newsgathering and the law, fourth edition contracts, tax planning, sponsorships, licensing, endorsements, advertising; private RICO actions in the commercial context; and under the Patent Cooperation Treaty. C. Thomas Dienes, Lee Levine, Robert C. Lind and more. trademark, copyright, and patent infringement. $199 ns PRINT  • 1 volume, hardbound, with current supplement, Pub. #65190, $ 336 ns PRINT  • 2 volumes, loose-leaf, updated annually, Pub. #62480, $151 ns PRINT  • 1 volume, softbound, updated annually, Pub. #01063, isbn 9781422493984 isbn 9781422473283 1,186 $ s PRINT  • 4 volumes, loose-leaf, updated twice per year, Pub. #00143, isbn 9780769851525 isbn 9780820511436 Previous edition cost: $144 Previous edition cost: $184 Previous year’s cost: $317 estimated renewal cost: $959 eBOOK  • eisbn 9781422480090 eBOOK  • eisbn 9780327168850 eBOOK  • eisbn 9780327168232 eBOOK  • eisbn 9781579114039 mealey’s™ litigation Report: intellectual Property in business intellectual Property organizations: Cases and materials Covers all areas of intellectual property litigation including This casebook focuses on the legal problems of businesses that copyright, patent, trademark, trade dress, trade secret, and develop and utilize intellectual property as the businesses are unfair competition disputes, both in courts and before founded, financed, expanded, transferred to others, or terminated. administrative bodies. News coverage also includes issues 132 $ ns PRINT  • 1 volume, softbound, one-time purchase, Pub. #03205, related to the Internet and disputes over insurance coverage isbn 9780820561509 for intellectual property suits. Includes case summaries with Previous year’s cost: $126 attorney listings, expert commentary articles, full-text court documents, and breaking-news email bulletins. LexisNexis also offers tools and solutions in other media to help you properly obtain and protect intellectual property. $ 1,683 s PRINT  • newsletter, 24 issues per year, Pub. #07000, issn 1065-9390 Previous year’s cost: $1,588 Our suite of complementary online IP solutions includes: eBOOK  • eisbn 9781422480076 • TotalPatent™ also available at lexis.com. • PatentOptimizer™ • Global IP Law Service • IP Sources at lexis.com® • LexisNexis® Law Communities serving the IP practictioner Visit www.lexisnexis.com/ip to learn more.4 Read more about any title at www.lexisnexis.com/IP_Catalog To order, call 800.223.1940 or visit www.lexisnexis.com/IP_Catalog 5
  5. 5. intellectual Property Catalog of legal Resources intellectual Property Catalog of legal Resources OTher InTeLLeCTuaL PrOPerTy TITLes business law monographs, volume iP3—acquiring intellectual Property law in germany—Protection, enforcement and dispute Resolution and Protecting intellectual Property Rights Alexander R. Klett, Matthias Sonntag, Stephan Wilske taxation of intellectual Property and technology Lackenbach Siegel, LLP Marvin Petry, Kenneth R. Appleby Covers the essential features of the protection of intellectual property in Germany. With respect to each of the relevant intellectual property 207 $ ns PRINT  • 1 volume, loose-leaf, Pub. #00080, isbn 9780820523996 rights (patents, copyright, designs, trademarks, and know-how), it systematically describes protection and enforcement requirements, 447 $ s PRINT  • 2 volumes, loose-leaf, updated twice per year, Pub. #00688, Previous year’s cost: $192 isbn 9780820570099 infringement and nullity issues as well as licensing issues. It also deals with the typical course and special features of infringement litigation. estimated renewal cost: $388 The book further contains an overview of the fundamentals of arbitration and access to the most significant issues in this special area of eBOOK  • eisbn 9781579114381 California intellectual Property German law, including relevant legislation in English. 110 $ ns PRINT  • 1 volume, softbound, updated annually, Pub. #00855, 154 Corporate Counsel solutions: intellectual Property isbn 9781422498170 $ ns PRINT  • 1 volume, hardbound, with supplement, Pub. #01536, isbn 9783406545306 Prior year’s cost: $154 management strategies and tactics Previous edition cost: $104 Lackenbach Siegel LLP, Faisal Shah 227 $ ns PRINT  • 1 volume, loose-leaf, updated annually, Pub. #01450, new york intellectual Property isbn 9781422498576 Previous edition cost: $195 Licensing 155 $ ns PRINT  • 1 volume, softbound, updated annually, Pub. #00904, eBOOK  • eisbn 9781579112981 isbn 9780769848402 Previous edition cost: $148 milgrim on licensing Patent licensing licensing of intellectual Roger M. Milgrim, Eric E. Bensen transactions Property and other International Law A complete guide to the intellectual Harold Einhorn; Thomas J. Parker, information assets: selected revisions author property licensing transaction. The set federal statutory sections covers licensing in all substantive areas Turn to this publication for authoritative Relevant to licensing international Pharmaceutical law and Practice of intellectual property and provides coverage of royalty bases and rates, of information Adrian Zahl, General Editor practical guidance on drafting individual domestic and foreign patent licensing, Raymond T. Nimmer clauses and complete agreements. assignments, territorial limitations and A country-by-country guide to the patent and trademark laws, international treaties and government policies duration, biotech licensing, government $136 ns    PRINT  • 1 volume, hardbound, Pub. #03202, governing the pharmaceutical regimes of all of the major industrial countries. Covers key pharmaceutical law $806 s    PRINT  • 4 volumes, loose-leaf, and university licensing, and more. isbn 9781422417652 updated twice per year, Pub. #00743, Previous year’s cost: $129 topics and includes detailed discussions regarding treaties and international law principles affecting patents, isbn 9780820517438 Contains over 300 pages of useful forms. trademarks and other rights relating to pharmaceutical manufacture and sale; new drug approval processes; estimated renewal cost: $279 government price controls and government drug-payment plans; and obtaining an approval for a generic version eBOOK  • eisbn 9780327168539 $1,020 s    PRINT  • 3 volumes, loose-leaf, also available on Cd-Rom. updated twice per year, Pub. #00531, of a drug. Countries include: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Europe, France, India, isbn 9780820515311 Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Poland, South Africa, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom, and United States. estimated renewal cost: $835 eBOOK  • eisbn 9781422480106 433 $ ns PRINT  • 1 volume, loose-leaf, updated annually, Pub. #01327, isbn 9780820557823 also available at lexis.com. Previous year’s cost: $418 eBOOK  • eisbn 9781579114725 intellectual Property Protection in asia, second edition Patent Law Arthur Wineburg, Editor Analysis of the patent, trademark and copyright laws in Asian countries including India, China, Singapore, Taiwan and others. Chisum on Patents 232 $ ns PRINT  • 1 volume, loose-leaf, updated annually, Pub. #81186, isbn 9780327049654 Donald S. Chisum Previous edition cost: $209 eBOOK  • eisbn 9781579115050 Written by the leading expert on patent law and frequently cited by courts in all jurisdictions, Chisum on Patents covers all aspects of patent law and related issues. Thorough coverage of the substantive law—principles, doctrines, rules, and cases— gives you the convenience of international intellectual Property law and Policy one-stop research. This publication: Graeme Dinwoodie, William O. Hennessey, Shira Perlmutter • Analyzes the substantive law of patents in the U.S.: patentability, validity, infringement, application This publication addresses the exponential growth of international intellectual property law with respect to: patents, copyright and related procedure, and perfecting rights to an invention rights, trademark and unfair competition, trade secrets or confidential information, and industrial designs. Coverage includes: • Examines all significant precedents, case law, statutes, and international treaties, with discussions • A basic overview of intellectual property as well as a comparison of approaches taken in national regional systems of individual cases • A discussion of international public law, including treaties, and the international intellectual property obligations flowing therefrom • Discusses the effect of the AIPA on U.S. patent practice. Includes the text of patent statutes, • Treatment of international mechanisms for the acquisition and enforcement of rights, including international industrial property PTO rules, CAFC rules, legislative history, table of cases, bibliography, and index. registration agreements and regional industrial agreements • Provides abstracts of all published decisions of the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in a • An explanation of dispute resolution proceedings before the WTO topically arranged outline along with a chronological case table • A discussion of emerging issues and developments in the field Recognized as the foremost authority on U.S. patent law, Chisum on Patents now has expanded coverage of double patenting. 158 $ ns    PRINT  • 1 volume, hardbound, Pub. #03068, isbn 9780820570280 $4,479 s    PRINT  • 28 volumes, loose-leaf, updated 5 times per year, Pub. #00525, isbn 9780820515250 Previous year’s cost: $149 estimated renewal cost: $3,764 also available at lexis.com.6 Read more about any title at www.lexisnexis.com/IP_Catalog To order, call 800.223.1940 or visit www.lexisnexis.com/IP_Catalog 7
  6. 6. intellectual Property Catalog of legal Resources intellectual Property Catalog of legal Resources Patent Law (continued) Court of appeals for the federal Circuit: Patent litigation: Client handbook Practice and Procedure With comprehensive patent content in single Donald R. Dunner, Charles L. Gholz; revisions by Donald R. Dunner, Charles L. Gholz, volume, Patent litigation: Client handbook can J. Michael Jakes, George E. Hutchinson Patent law digest, federal Circuit Patent law Perspectives be used by both attorneys and business people not This authoritative set provides procedure for patent and trademark cases on review 25th anniversary edition Martin J. Adelman in the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit from the U.S. Patent and Trademark familiar with patent laws litigation. Patent litigation Donald S. Chisum has become an important part of the business of Analysis of developments in patent law and the effects of these Office and the U.S. District Courts. It also includes pertinent practice forms. many companies. Yet it is still difficult for clients to This 25th anniversary edition covers more than 2,000 precedential, developments on current and future practice. Coverage includes follow and understand this litigation; without such patent-related decisions of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the validity, infringement, remedies relating to patent infringement, $605 s    PRINT  • 2 volumes, loose-leaf, updated annually, Pub. #00261, isbn 9780820512617 estimated renewal cost: $399 an understanding, clients will not be able to fully Federal Circuit and the U.S. Supreme Court for the 25-year period court procedures, and arbitration. eBOOK  • eisbn 9781579112806 participate in the strategy of the case and in the since the establishment of the Federal Circuit in October 1982 $2,682 s    PRINT  • 9 volumes, loose-leaf, updated annually, Pub. #00532, settlement efforts. through the end of 2007. It features a topically arranged outline of isbn 9780820515328 abstracts and explanations of published decisions and gives you estimated renewal cost: $2,067 also available at lexis.com. sinnott, world Patent law and Practice: Patent $ 105 ns    PRINT  • 1 volume, softbound, Pub. #01523, isbn 9780769849201 rapid access to new Federal Circuit patent decisions. statutes, Regulations and treaties, volumes 2b–2P Previous edition cost: $99 John P. Sinnott (1974 – 1979); William Joseph Cotreau, Jessica M. Sinnott eBOOK  • eisbn 9781579114824 299 $ ns    PRINT  • 3 volumes, hardbound, updated annually, Pub. #00922, isbn 9781422426173 Previous edition cost: n/a Provides access to current, complete and accurately translated texts of also available as volumes 11 – 16 of Chisum on Patents. patent treaties for more than 200 countries. In addition to the regional patent Patent Case management organization agreements, collection of national laws, and European Patent Office eBOOK  • eisbn 97815791113315 of Appeals Decisions, you’ll also be able to: Judicial guide 146 $ ns    PRINT  • yearly edition, standalone, 1 volume, softbound, updated annually, Provides comprehensive patent litigation • isbn 9781422499849 Determine the specific wording of a statute or regulation relevant to a eBOOK  • eisbn 9781579111892 content in a single volume. Covers early case particular problem with a patent management, preliminary injunctions, discovery, • Identify the client’s rights under applicable patent treatise claim construction, pretrial case management, trial Patent office Rules and Practice • Keep abreast of changes in the European Patent Office and post-trial procedures. Glossaries include local Lester Horwitz • Keep informed about the most current treaties, conventions and European patent rules and model patent jury instructions. The cornerstone of a thriving patent law practice, this essential reference provides patent Intellectual Property Decisions including CAFTA and the Act to Provide the This product was originally distributed to federal prosecutors with practice guidelines and commentary on the proper procedures for filing Protection of Layout Designs for Integrated Circuits in New Zealand judges through the Federal Judicial Center. patent applications and securing patent rights with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office LexisNexis is now the exclusive commercial print $2,783 s    PRINT  • 16 volumes, loose-leaf, updated 3 times per year, Pub. #00622, isbn 9780820516226 (USPTO). You’ll find: estimated renewal cost: $2,278 publisher to the larger legal market. • Hundreds of practice-proven forms covering virtually every aspect of practice, before the $99 ns    PRINT  • 1 volume, softbound, replaced annually, Pub. #01570, isbn 9781422475058 PTO and conceivable situations attorneys’ dictionary of Patent Claims Previous edition cost: n/a • The text of the rules contained in Title 37 of the Code of Federal Regulations, interpretations Irwin M. Aisenberg eBOOK  • eisbn 9781422480069 of their meanings and explanations of their effect on practice with citations to relevant case law This handy dictionary for patent drafters provides • The text of the sections of various United States Code titles relating to patent law • The full text of the Patent Cooperation Treaty, accompanying regulations and administrative invaluable assistance in preparing patent applications. Patent law and Policy: Cases A lexicon of the language of modern patent claims, instructions and related forms it includes terms from all patent arts, culled from and materials • The full text of the Manual of Patent Examining Procedure thousands of claims accepted by the USPTO. Provides numerous diagrams and figures, concise • The text of notices, directives, clarifications, and “helpful hints” issued by the USPTO $1,068 s    PRINT  • 3 volumes, loose-leaf, updated annually, explanations of relevant legal principles, and to the extent possible, cases involving relatively simple The publication also contains over 350 forms for use in the course of patent prosecutions. Pub. #00546, isbn 9780820515465 estimated renewal cost: $901 technologies. This edition includes additional 3,568 $ s PRINT  • 13 volumes, loose-leaf and softbound, updated 4 times per year, Pub. #00605, isbn 9780820516059 international materials, new statutory provisions, estimated renewal cost: $2,961 and a host of recent decisions. also available at lexis.com. new! Patent Commentaries analyzing the america invents act $147 ns    PRINT  • 1 volume, softbound, Pub. #03090, isbn 9781422480304 Patent litigation: Procedure and tactics european Patent law and Practice Will help corporate and outside counsel understand the impact of the Previous edition cost: n/a Lester Horwitz, Ethan Horwitz William Joseph Cotreau, Jessica M. Sinnott Leahy-Smith America Invents Act (AIA). The Act, signed by President Obama This invaluable resource discusses all stages of patent litigation, Includes expert examinations, interpretations and clarifications on September 16, 2011, is regarded as the most significant patent reform act Understanding Patent law with in-depth coverage of claim construction, sample jury of patent laws and statutes in Europe, detailed legal commentary since 1952 and it is going to have a tremendous impact on patent practitioners Amy L . Landers instructions, issues checklist, and litigation forms. regarding the European Intellectual Property Decisions, as well as and patent-intensive corporations. It shifts the U.S. from a “First to Invent” system to a “First Inventor to File” system in March 2013, effectively harmonizing U.S patent $43 ns    PRINT  • 1 volume, softbound, Pub. #03236, the official text of these international treaties. Includes content isbn 9781422406687 597 $ s    PRINT  • 3 volumes, loose-leaf, updated twice per year, Pub. #00813, law with international patent practice. The product provides analysis on the rolling Previous year’s cost: $41 isbn 9780820518138 from Baxter, World Patent Law and Practice. estimated renewal cost: $489 effective dates of different provisions and guidance if companies should file eBOOK  • eisbn 9780327169383 $529 s    PRINT  • 2 volumes, loose-leaf, Pub. #01576, isbn 9781422475485 patent applications while the old law is still in effect. estimated Renewal Cost: $371 also available on Cd-Rom at lexis.com. eBOOK  • eisbn 9781579114848 $89 ns    PRINT  • 1 volume, softbound, Pub. #01722, isbn 9781422499818 also available at lexis.com.8 Read more about any title at www.lexisnexis.com/IP_Catalog To order, call 800.223.1940 or visit www.lexisnexis.com/IP_Catalog 9
  7. 7. intellectual Property Catalog of legal Resources intellectual Property Catalog of legal Resources Patent Law (continued) Trademark Law mealey’s™ litigation Report: Patents gilson on trademarks® Anne Gilson LaLonde; Jerome Gilson, original author 1974–2005 Covers the highly specialized area of patent litigation, from the district courts to the Federal Circuit to the U.S. Supreme Court. Topics include infringement, claim interpretation, biotechnology issues, affirmative defenses, jurisdiction, discovery, and insurance coverage. Includes case With complete analysis of trademark law practice, this definitive work features: summaries with attorney listings, expert commentary articles, full-text court documents, plus email bulletins of breaking news. • Comprehensive coverage of the law of trademarks $1,271 s    PRINT  • newsletter, 24 issues per year, Pub. #07001, issn 1070-4043 • More than 450 trademark practice forms, complete with drafting guides and USPTO filing requirements Previous year’s cost: $1,199 eBOOK  • eisbn 9781579119805 • Step-by-step instructions for registering a new trademark or enforcing it in a federal trademark also available at lexis.com. infringement action • Internet trademark law issues • Analysis of domain name registration issues mealey