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Georgia Product Guide

  1. 1. Expand your Georgia library. Expand your opportunities. Georgia Collection of Legal ResourcesLexisNexis® offers authoritative legal resources for Georgia attorneysto help you conduct current and comprehensive research. Official Code of Georgia Annotated The single most trusted source for annotated Georgia primary law, this is the fundamental reference resource for Georgia primary law research. LexisNexis® annotates to the Official Rules and Regulations of the State of Georgia—ensuring your research is in line with statewide standards. The 48 volumes of the Code include: • The official state statutes, fully annotated • A comprehensive index, replaced annually • Fully annotated cumulative supplements published annually within 90 days of receipt of all acts from the legislature • Annotations based on: – All decisions of the Supreme Court of Georgia and the Court of Appeals of Georgia and all federal cases arising in Georgia – Select law reviews To Order, Contact Me: – ALR® CJS and Am Jur® series – Attorney General Opinions <enter name here> • All case citations Shepardized™ for accuracy LexisNexis also publishes a Georgia Advance Annotation Service 800.XXX.XXX ext. XXX (AAS) and an Advance Legislative Service (ALS) at an affordable price. The AAS is published three times a year, providing annotations to the most current case law. The ALS gives you the latest session laws as they are passed, along with handy tables showing you what sections of the code are affected. $401* 48 volumes, hardbound, with current supplement, Pub. #41805, ISBN 9780327110743 Estimated renewal cost: $232
  2. 2. georgia LEGAL RESOURCESGeorgia Rules of Court Annotated, Georgia Corporation and Limited2012 Edition Liability Company Laws, 2011 EditionContains complete case annotations, plus a comprehensive A concise, compact compilation of selected Georgiaindex to each rule set. It’s the only annotated single volume statutes pertaining to business entities.where you’ll find: $36• Rules of the Supreme Court of Georgia and Georgia 1 volume, softbound, Pub. #23008, ISBN 9781422496213, eISBN 9780327169291 Court of Appeals Previous edition cost: $35• Uniform Rules for the Superior Courts, State Courts, Juvenile Courts, Probate Courts, and Magistrate Courts of Georgia• Alternative Dispute Resolution Rules Georgia School Laws with CD-ROM,• Rules of the United States Court of Appeals for 2010 Edition the 11th District Provides fingertip access to the statutes that schools,• Local Rules of the United States District Courts for the education professionals and education Northern, Middle, and Southern Districts of Georgia law attorneys need$76* most often.1 volume, softbound, updated semiannually, replaced annually,Pub. #42072, ISBN 9780769848242, eISBN 9781579113384 $68Previous edition cost: $71 1 volume, softbound, with companion CD-ROM, Pub. #23073, ISBN 9781422497807, eISBN 9780327170044Georgia Workers’ Compensation Previous edition cost: $65Laws, Rules & Regulations Annotatedwith CD-ROM, 2011 EditionContains the verbatim text of Title 34, Chapter 9(Workers’ Compensation) of the Official Code ofGeorgia Annotated, as well as authoritative case notesand annotations prepared by a LexisNexis staff ofattorney-editors.$441 volume, softbound with CD-ROM, replaced annually,Pub. #23082, ISBN 9780769845661, eISBN 9780327169734Previous edition cost: $42 Order Today! Call 800.223.1940 (mention code JCM153165) or go to
  3. 3. Optimize your research and preparation with dependable guides and references for GeorgiaCivil Practice & Procedure Criminal Law & ProcedureGeorgia Civil Procedure Forms Georgia Civil Practice, Eleventh Circuit CriminalA. Felton Jenkins, Jr., Ralph A. Pitts , Robert R. Ambler, Jr. Third Edition Handbook, 2011 EditionArranged in the same sequence as the rules Hardy Gregory, Jr. Donald F. Samuelappear in the Georgia Civil Procedure Act, Georgia A comprehensive Georgia reference for civil This comprehensive handbook is the productCivil Procedure Forms provides forms and actions covering both the Georgia Civil Practice of years of analysis and practical applicationexplanatory notes for quick reference, locating Act and the Uniform Superior Court Rules. of Eleventh Circuit criminal decisions. Nearlypertinent Georgia court decisions in informative Georgia Civil Practice, Third Edition has been an every topic in the Eleventh Circuit’s criminalfootnotes throughout the manual. Each section essential resource for Georgia civil practitioners law jurisprudence is covered, including generalcontains the full text of current procedure rules, since its publication. principles, specific offenses and defenses,variations to show how forms can be tailored to arrests, searches, confessions, grand jury,meet the needs of theindividual clients, specific $197 1 volume, loose-leaf, updated annually, indictments, pretrial proceedings, guilty pleas,comments on these forms, and individual forms Pub. #62590, ISBN 9780327163084, eISBN 9781579113926 the Federal Rules of Evidence, jury instructions,to comply with the rule requirements. Estimated upkeep cost: $83 death penalty issues, and countless other$366 criminal topics.2 volumes, loose-leaf, updated annually, with companion forms,Pub. #80912, ISBN 9780327124184 LexisNexis® Practice Guide: $203Estimated upkeep cost: $266Also available on CD-ROM. Georgia Pretrial Civil Procedure 1 volume, softbound, replaced annually, Pub. #60515, ISBN 9781422496374, eISBN 9781579111816 Robert R. Ambler, Jr. Previous edition cost: $193 $149 1 volume, softbound, replaced annually, Pub. #01629, ISBN 9781422478622, eISBN 9781579119959 LexisNexis® Practice Guide: Previous edition cost: n/a Georgia Criminal Forms Donald F. Samuel, Brian Steel LexisNexis Practice Guide: ® $149 Georgia Civil Trial Procedure 1 volume, softbound, replaced annually, Pub. #01628, ISBN 9781422478615 , eISBN 9780327171157 $149 Previous edition cost: n/a 1 volume, softbound, replaced annually, Pub. #01623, ISBN 9781422478561, eISBN 9781579119935 Previous edition cost: n/a Georgia Criminal Case Law Finder, 2010 Edition LexisNexis® Practice Guide: Donald F. Samuel Georgia Evidence Offering more than 6,500 annotations, Georgia Criminal Law Case Finder helps you find $119 1 volume, softbound, replaced annually, authorities to support your case. Whether your Pub. #01624, ISBN 9781422478578, eISBN 9781579119942 interest is procedural or substantive, Georgia Previous edition cost: n/a Criminal Law Case Finder gets you straight to the case summary you need without having to wade through a long and confusing index. $182 2 volumes, softbound, replaced annually, Pub. #66851, ISBN 9781422488874, eISBN 9781579111199 Previous edition cost: $193 Legal Expertise ... On Demand! Make optimal use of your research time with Georgia Criminal and Traffic LexisNexis publications for state jurisdictions, Law Manual with CD-ROM, like Georgia, and national practice areas in portable eBook format. Access our extensive 2011 – 2012 Edition list of titles from leading attorneys and expert $47 authors—on your schedule and on the device 1 volume, softbound, replaced annually, with CD-ROM, Pub. #23002, ISBN 9781422496220, eISBN 9780327169307 of your choice. For the latest listing of available Previous edition cost: $46 titles, go to and learn more about these titles at
  4. 4. Estate Planning LawGeorgia DUI Law: A Resource Georgia Estate Planning, Will Draftingfor Lawyers and Judges and Estate Administration FormsGeorge A. Stein Bertram L. Levy, Benjamin T. WhiteBy providing in-depth analysis of a series This publication contains insightful commentaryof representative cases, Georgia DUI Law introducing major principles involved in tax, estate, andhighlights the seemingly minor factual trust law as they affect estate planning and administration.variations that can affect the court’s reasoning Hundreds of time-tested forms, alternate clauses,and ultimate holding. This publication will help checklists, sample letters, and tax return schedules willyou rebut statutory inferences, confront the help you handle your clients’ affairs with confidence.accuracy and efficiency of the Intoxilyzer® 5000,and identify lapses and inconsistencies on the $460 2 volumes, loose-leaf, updated annually, with companion forms,part of the state. Additionally, Georgia DUI Law Pub. #80951, ISBN 9780327103387, eISBN 9780327168508includes numerous references to the Official Estimated upkeep cost: $256Code of Georgia.$1971 volume, softbound, with current supplement, Georgia Probate and Related Laws and Rules Annotated, 2007 EditionPub. #60050, ISBN 9780327162964, eISBN 9781579118594Previous edition cost: n/a Fully annotated and indexed, this is the publication used by the Georgia Probate Judge’s Council, attorneys and estate planners throughout Georgia. $51 1 volume, softbound, Pub. #23087, ISBN 9781422442852 Previous year’s cost: $51 Family Law Georgia Domestic Relations Georgia Domestic Relations Case Finder, Fourth Edition Forms Kathy L. Portnoy, Charla E. Strawser Edward E. Bates, Jr. This publication includes summaries of This practice manual contains an exhaustive set significant Georgia domestic relations cases and of practice forms for family law litigators, with sets out statutes where pertinent. Additionally, explanatory text to help you understand the Georgia Domestic Relations Case Finder arranges factual circumstances for which the forms are summaries of Georgia domestic relations cases appropriate. The commentary also points you under the relevant topical area in a format to statutes, rules and cases to consider beforeFederal Rules of Evidence similar to a trial notebook. drafting or customizing the sample forms.Manual, Tenth Edition $162 $360Stephen A. Saltzburg, Michael M. Martin, Daniel J. Capra 1 volume, hardbound, with current supplement, 1 volume, loose-leaf, updated twice per year, with companion forms, Pub. #60761, ISBN 9781422496800, eISBN 9780327168201 Pub. #80940, ISBN 9780327103370, eISBN 9780327169444Cited widely by courts and consulted regularly Previous edition’s cost: $160 Estimated upkeep cost: $384by thousands of attorneys across the nation,the Federal Rules of Evidence Manual is themost concise and authoritative referenceinterpreting the Federal Rules of Evidence.This manual provides the following for eachRule: the complete, current text; a currentexplanation by experts on federal evidencerules; comprehensive descriptions of salientcases; and the relevant legislative history.$8306 volumes, hardbound, with current supplement,Pub. #66538, ISBN 9781422494493, eISBN 9780327171195Previous edition’s cost: $753
  5. 5. georgia LEGAL RESOURCESForms Labor & Employment LawGeorgia Civil Procedure Forms Southeast Transaction Guide Labor and Employment inA. Felton Jenkins, Jr., Ralph A. Pitts Byron L. Sparber, Carl H. Cofer and Thomas A. Ritchie Georgia: A Guide to Employment$366 This multi-volume set is broken down into five Laws, Regulations and Practices2 volumes, loose-leaf, updated annually, with companion forms, parts: business entities, estate planning,Pub. #80912, ISBN 9780327124184 Find the answers to all your employment law commercial transactions, real estate transactions,Estimated upkeep cost: $266 questions with this guide’s easy-to-understand and personal transactions. The set contains format, everyday language and practical a strong federal tax analysis with citations and examples.Georgia Real Estate Forms practice notes applicable to the individual states. Most of the chapters are organized as $147Russell S. Grove, Jr., Deborah E. Glass 1 volume, loose-leaf, updated annually, follows: Part I—Research Guide; Part II—Legal Pub. #80964, ISBN 9780327009740Be prepared for all eventualities of real estate Background; Part III—Practice Guide; and Estimated upkeep cost: $135law with detailed, point-by-point treatment Part IV—Forms.of agreements relating to transfers of realproperty; deeds, leases, and other instruments Southeast Transaction Guide has three general The Southern Employer®, of conveyance; financing of real property; and editors: Byron Sparber, who reviews Florida law; 2013 – 2013 Edition with CD-ROMmiscellaneous forms concerning real property. Carl Cofer, who reviews Georgia law; and Thomas Littler Mendelson, P.C.With this set, you’ll have access to brokerage Ritchie, who reviews Alabama law. Each generalagreements and documents relating to sales, editor provides invaluable expertise regarding Provides human resources professionals,leases, easements, financing, partnerships, the laws of their respective states. corporate counsel and other in-house attorneysmultiple ownership, and a host of other matters. a practical and extensive guide to state $2,536 employment and labor laws in Georgia, Florida,$631 20 volumes, loose-leaf, updated twice a year, Pub. #00632, ISBN 9780820516325 North Carolina, Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky,3 volumes, loose-leaf, updated annually, with companion forms,Pub. #80961, ISBN 9780327130970 Estimated renewal cost: $1,963 Louisiana and South Carolina.Estimated upkeep cost: $261 $85 LexisNexis Practice Guide: ® 1 volume, softbound, with CD-ROM, replaced annually, Pub. #25880, ISBN 9780769849263Georgia Corporate Forms Georgia Criminal Forms Previous edition cost: $79David Jon Fischer, G. William Speer, Ronald D. Stallings, Donald F. Samuel, Brian SteelWalter G. Moeling IV $149 Georgia Employment SecurityWritten for both the business law specialist and 1 volume, softbound, replaced annually, Law, 2010 Editionthe general practitioner, Georgia Corporate Pub. #01628, ISBN 9781422478615, eISBN 9780327171157Forms includes a mixture of official state agency Previous edition cost: n/a This fully annotated and indexed compilation ofand government forms, as well as author-written Georgia laws governing employment security isforms covering a wide range of topics. This a must-have guide for every Georgia businesspublication includes forms to help you manage Georgia Domestic Relations owner and business attorney.your trademarks, financial statements, nonprofits, Forms $26religious corporations, registration rights, limited Edward E. Bates, Jr. 1 volume, softbound, replaced annually, Pub. #23057, ISBN 9781422452721liability partnerships and foreign entities. In $360 Previous edition cost: $23addition to illustrative forms, Georgia Corporate 1 volume, loose-leaf, updated twice per year,Forms provides text discussion of applicable with companion forms,statutory and judicial principles and practice. Pub. #80940, ISBN 9780327103370, eISBN 9780327169444 Estimated upkeep cost: $384 Kissiah’s Georgia Workers’ $457 Compensation Law2 volumes, loose-leaf, with updates and companion forms, Richard C. KissiahPub. #80928, ISBN 9781422482964, eISBN 9781579113834Previous edition cost: $345 Written by one of the state’s leading experts, Kissiah’s Georgia Workers’ Compensation Law analyzes exhaustively the statutes, regulatory provisions, and case-law decisions governing workers’ compensation law in Georgia. $182 2 volumes, hardbound, with current supplement, Pub. #66853, ISBN 9780327162056, eISBN 9781422486245 Previous year’s cost: $175 Order Today! Call 800.223.1940 (mention code JCM153165) or go to
  6. 6. georgia LEGAL RESOURCESLexisNexis® Georgia Practice GuidesOur Practice Guides offer concise, how-to guidance including tips and warningswith quick-reference symbols, and a thorough offering of forms and checklists.Georgia Pretrial Civil Procedure Georgia EvidenceRobert R. Ambler, Jr. A complete resource on evidence, withCombines lucid legal analysis of Georgia law targeted and practical coverage to ensureand procedure with step-by-step guidance to adherence to the diverse requirementshelp practitioners effectively manage each step governing evidence in Georgia.of the pretrial civil litigation process. $119$149 1 volume, softbound, replaced annually, Pub. #01624, ISBN 9781422478578, eISBN 97815791199421 volume, softbound, replaced annually, Previous edition cost: n/aPub. #01629, ISBN 9781422478622, eISBN 9781579119959Previous edition cost: n/aGeorgia Civil Trial Procedure Georgia Personal Injury Georgia Criminal FormsIntegrates how-to practice guidance, William V. Custer, IV Donald F. Samuel, Brian Steeltask-oriented checklists, downloadable forms, Provides the nuts-and-bolts information you Offers hundreds of expert-drafted, timesaving,and references to sources with in-depth need to put together a winning personal injury practical forms for criminal practitioners inexplanations to help litigators manage all areas case or build a strong personal injury defense Georgia, complete with practical commentaryof trial practice. with commentary from some of the state’s and references to relevant authorities.$149 top PI litigators. $1491 volume, softbound, replaced annually,Pub. #01623, ISBN 9781422478561, eISBN 9781579119935 $149 1 volume, softbound, replaced annually, 1 volume, softbound, replaced annually, Pub. #01628, ISBN 9781422478615, eISBN 9780327171157Previous edition cost: n/a Pub. #01678, ISBN 9781422484098, eISBN 9780327168010 Previous edition cost: n/a Previous edition cost: n/a To Order, Contact Me: <enter name here>Prices do not reflect sales tax, shipping and handling. Prices subject to changewithout notice. Sales to federal government customers may be subject tospecific contract pricing. 800.XXX.XXX ext. XXX*Prices outside Georgia slightly higher, where noted. first.lastname@lexisnexis.comLexisNexis eBooks are available in epub format for use on devices like theApple® iPad® and mobi format for use on devices like the Amazon® Kindle®.LexisNexis and the Knowledge Burst logo are registered trademarks and Shepardized is a trademark of Reed Elsevier Properties Inc., used under license.ALR and Am Jur are registered trademarks of West Publishing Corporation. Other products or services may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.© 2012 LexisNexis. All rights reserved. OFF02354-0 0512