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Corporation Service Company® and LexisNexis® have teamed up to bring you the highest-quality compliance and business entity law publications available. To purchase, visit or call 800.223.1940.

State Titles: CSC® publishes annotated statute collections for twelve jurisdictions: California, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Maryland & District of Columbia, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia. (Listed below in CSC® State Titles tab).

Handbooks: CSC® offers corporate governance and compliance handbooks for directors of public companies and for businesses who need to understand how to conduct business in states outside their state of incorporation.

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  1. 1. Did youknow thatCorporationServiceCompanyhasafulllibraryof statehandbooks,businessentitylawpublications,andlegalguides? The CSC® Library of Publications provides legal and business professionals with the annotated business entity statutes that they require in order to advise clients and conduct business. Publications are available for 12 jurisdictions including Delaware, which is used by legal and business professionals across the country. Featured in each handbook • Companion CD-ROM The CD-ROM contains PDF forms for all entity types for incorporation and formation, qualification, mergers, dissolution and name reservation, giving you easy access to the tools you need to execute transactions. • Important Statutory Updates The Table of Sections Affected lets you quickly identify legislative changes. • New Case Annotations The Table of New Annotations and change bars highlight the most recently added material and let you quickly identify key cases. • Current Fees Readers of the New York and Delaware publications can quickly calculate the fees assessed by the state for their business entities. TheCSC® PublishingLibraryofLegalPublicationsandComplianceResources State Business Entities titles are available for these jurisdictions: California Delaware Florida Illinois Maryland & District of Columbia Massachusetts Nevada New Jersey New York Pennsylvania Virginia The Business Entities Handbooks for Delaware and New York are updated twice yearly, in the spring and fall! Theinformationyourcustomersneedtodobusinessright
  2. 2. CSC® The Directors’ Handbook Thomas J. Dougherty This is the resource you need to successfully lead your company in a post-Sarbanes- Oxley environment. One of today’s leading guides to corporate governance, this publication provides directors of public companies with a comprehensive primer that captures the latest developments they face froma legalandpracticalperspective.Itisanideal resourceforthesituationsthatarisewhendirectingcompanies: executive compensation, hostile takeover attempts; proxy battles; staggered boards; restatement crises; corporate governance abroad; corporate secretarial practice. Expert author Tom Dougherty, a top-rated attorney for securities defense,providesanall-newForewordexaminingthecurrent trends and issues of corporate governance, for each new edition. Theappendicesinclude a sample audit committee charter and discussion of fair disclosure realities, and the companionCD-ROMcontainsawealthofreferencematerials, including relevant statutes, full-text cases, and sourcesand materialsforboardminutesanddirectors’notes. Realize savings now on your eBook purchase! The CSC collection of eBooks can be part of your digital library. All CSC publications are now available in eBook format. Same trusted content, increased portability. Our eBooks are compatible with most dedicated e-reader devices or personal computers, tablet devices, and some smartphones that use e-reader software or applications. BetterComplianceBeginswithCSC CSC has two go-to resources for corporate governance and compliance. Guide to Doing Business Outside of Your State The CSC® 50-State Qualification Handbook This publication can help you make the important decisions about qualifying in any state where you plan to conduct business. Chapter materials offer a comprehensive overview of qualification: history; what does and does not require qualification; qualification and Internet activity; how to qualify; consequences for not qualifying; and qualification for non-profit organizations. Statutory material includes annotated qualification statutes for all jurisdictions with a comprehensive resource for legal professionals. The companion CD-ROM provides state qualification forms for all jurisdictions. ORDER TODAY! ▼ ONLINE AT CALL 800.533.1637 LexisNexis and the Knowledge Burst logo are registered trademarks of Reed Elsevier Properties Inc., used under license. CSC is a registered trademark of Corporation Service Company. Other products or services may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. © 2014 LexisNexis. All rights reserved. OFF03082-0 0514