Unravelling the secrets of success


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Unravelling the secrets of success

  2. 2. INSIGHT1. Stay ahead of the gameThe digital revolution has made it What if you could harness the powerpossible to find information on pretty of information to deliver knowledgemuch any subject. But it’s also made and insight? Step up a gear and turnit possible for anyone and everyone to your marketing department into apublish their opinion and thought. business generating machine.Can you really base business Media Coverage Analyser fromdecisions on this alone? Nexis gives you the power.
  3. 3. KNOWING2. Tracking competitor activityFeeling under pressure to get results?Keep an eye on your competition tostay ahead of the game. DemonstrateROI to key stakeholders. Measureyour results against your competitors.With Media Coverage Analyser youcan present your results in easy tounderstand graphics that revealthe true story.
  4. 4. TRENDING3. Identifying market risks and opportunitiesGet under the skin of your prospect Drive business development byand look at everything from their keeping one step ahead of changingperspective. Identify and pre-qualify needs, financial situations,potential clients. Prepare on-point marketplace trends, and competitorspresentations and reports before through a full range of informationmeeting with prospects. Compare across news and business coverage.and contrast financials within anindustry to create benchmarksand evaluate risk.
  5. 5. MEASURING4. Improving campaign efficiencyBecome your own PR machine.Keep you finger on the pulse of yourlatest campaign and press activity.Create charts and graphs with impactthat show how effective yourmessaging has been. Breakdownby region, product, brand, sector.Media Coverage Analyser reviewsmore than 30,000 sources to keepyou in the picture.
  6. 6. ACTIONING5. Safeguarding your identityBe better prepared to exploit Combine traditional and socialopportunities and mitigate reputation media content in MCA to discoverrisks. Media Coverage Analyser who is damaging – or championing –focuses on the loudest voices and your reputation.the most influential people. Identifyissues and recognize the trends thatmatter so that you can stay aheadof the game.
  7. 7. Only MCAfrom Nexis givesyou all this…Access an unmatched collection of Get the insight you need tothe world’s most reputable sources. generate better results. Get straightUncover new opportunities, work to the information without wastingmore efficiently, and safeguard your hours trawling websites.business assets.
  8. 8. Get in touch020 7400 2809nexisinfo@lexisnexis.co.ukwww.nexis.co.uk