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Lexis Diligence for Anti-bribery and Corruption_brochure


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Lexis Diligence for Anti-bribery and Corruption_brochure

  1. 1. Lexis® DiligenceConduct due diligence on your suppliers and protect yourbusiness. Vet existing and prospective third party partnersto help comply with anti-corruption legislation. For Anti-Bribery & Corruption Compliance
  2. 2. Cost-effective Due DiligenceProtect your corporate reputation and avoid penalties with Ensure you comply with the Bribery Act 2010 by introducingcomprehensive corporate due diligence. Companies found the processes and procedures required to prevent corruptionguilty of failing to prevent bribery are at risk of unlimited in your organisation. Our online third party due diligencefines, directors can be disqualified and individuals could be solution Lexis Diligence provides access to all the intelligenceimprisoned for up to 10 years. you need to protect your organisation and its corporate reputation, through a series of simple steps.Simple steps to vetting and complianceSelect Perform a Check against Search for Check the Assess Confirm asprospective company sanctions negative news litigation history country risk partner/third party or person & politically supplier/ check exposed distributor persons dataLexis Diligence provides access to the data Biographiesyou need to make better decisions and Truly understand an individual’s background. Draw on over 500 biographical sources and executive profiles from Who’s Whoprotect the integrity of your organisation: to Debrett’s.Company information Country informationVerify a corporate entity and find out more about its business Identify high risk issues by accessing on the ground mediaand management structure. Access over 150 databases of reports and indepth country risk analysis reports from thepremium business information and millions of public and private Economist Intelligence profiles covering developed and emerging markets.Sanctions, politically exposed persons (PEP) & watch listsEnsure your organisation doesn’t work with a blacklistedcompany and put you at risk of costly fines. BenefitsScreen against all the key international sanctions and watchlists including OFAC, HM Treasury, FBI and over 800,000 PEPs. Save time Our solution brings together all the intelligenceGlobal news archive you need in one placeMinimise reputational risk to your business by checking againstover 23,000 news sources from international, national Save moneyregional newspapers, blogs and newswires. It’s simple to use, reducing your investment inWith an archive going back over 35 years, ensure you don’t training ITmiss valuable information not available on the web. Safeguard your corporateLegal history reputationThe international cases data helps users to determine how Ensure your organisation is not associated withlitigious an individual or company may be. Coverage includes bribery, fraud, corruption or improper behaviourdata from the UK, EU, US and selected Asian jurisdictions. via a third partyFor example from the UK this includes; All England LawReports, ICLR Law Reports and reported cases from Demonstrate regulatoryEngland, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. compliance All searches are time and date stamped, providing an audit trail and proving you have carried out appropriate due diligence
  3. 3. How it works • Perform a search on a company or an individual according • Simply view the results and decide which items you want to your risk-based approach to save, print or add to the Report Builder, including any • Lexis Diligence searches across multiple databases searches that generated no results for your audit delivering accurate and relevant matches immediately • Reports can be customised by prioritising the information against news and business information, sanctions and PEPs as required • You can also add your own annotation to the report summarising key points An example of a Due Diligence report through Lexis Diligence Lexis® DiligenceTime and date Report Created:stamp for the Friday, October 08, 2010 13:04:regulatory audit 16 by Risk Analy st Notes: Due diligence re search conducte potential reputa d. Please refer to tional risks. articles 4 and 7 which indicate Research Inform ation: This document contains invest igations on: Priva Ability to add te Client 4496KL L8 annotation to the report if requiredAny resultsthat indicate a Negative newsconcern can beprioritised forthe reviewer Company report s Directors Shar eholders Biographies Sanctions Wat chlists Examples of different types of PEPs content retrieved
  4. 4. Ongoing screening monitoring Trust LexisNexis to protect your businessTrack high risk third-parties to ensure you are alerted LexisNexis has a world-class reputation for providingto any changes. professional firms with critical business tools. For over 30 yearsOur sanctions screening and media monitoring tools along we have been pioneers in risk management and intelligence.with Lexis Diligence provide the complete third party due Our solutions are used internationally by over 75,000diligence solution. organisations. These include financial services, law enforcement, government, legal and accountancy firms andBridger Insight blue chip multinational companies, including the world’s topScreen as many third-parties as you need to in bulk against 5 banks. Our solutions help customers to reduce the cost ofsanctions, ID verification data, PEPs and your own internal compliance, fulfil regulatory requirements, enhance businesswatch lists to continue to safeguard your corporate reputation. decision making and protect their businesses.Our superior fuzzy-name matching algorithm ensures bettermatches, saving you valuable time and money.LexisNexis AnalyticsMonitor news across all key media on your high risk suppliersor partners through your own early warning system, set up byour analysts. Automated monitoring enables you to anticipateand mitigate any financial and reputational risks to protectyour organisation.Instant ID InternationalConfirm the identity of UK, US and international individualsusing the most up to date ID verification information available.Sources include electoral roll and passport data. LexisNexis actually delivered more information and at a fraction of the cost of working with an outside agency. Corporate Security team, GSKGet in touchTo find out more about Lexis Diligence and how LexisNexis can help your business:+44 (0) 20 7400 2984 | |